More or less… How was it? Did you like it? It was good in a certain way, but you should have played the other page… Could they recognize it, what do you think? Let’s play something by memory That one? That one, yes Not a single soul will understand us. Our generation
don’t have the same extraordinary requirements towards music as… Listening to music became a banal, ordinary thing There is nothing special in listening to music Today you can hear music everywhere No escape from music Music became a background of all things This is a disaster, a catastrophe! A disaster of music! The era of total music has come! Music dictatorship People are suffering from addictive music consummation Consummation of music will be increased by the industry,
until the human race
perish completely Human waste will devastate everything Music is going to devastate much more Your organ of hearing This unceasing music is the most brutal… It is quite a miracle there is no music here The last thing we need! What’s up? Don’t we play then? Can you hear the difference? I can hear it. This is the difference. It is a real art to hear properly. It is quite an art really to be able to hear. And that we can hear the difference. We don’t even need a woman If I say crescendo, it is crescendo, if I say decrescendo, then it is decrescendo. Now I say CRESCENDO! THE DEVASTATOR OF ARTS IS AT THE PIANO! THE ONE WHO IS GOING TO DESTROY ALL ARTS! ART WILL BE DESTROYED! If I say decrescendo, it is decrescendo, if I say crescendo, it is crescendo, but now I say DECRESCENDO! We often ask ourselves… … who is more insane: we… … or the world. All who live have already accepted, accepted the… Accepted existence!!! All who live have accepted life itself. We have been playing the same thing for years! And you still keep forgetting the text. And always at the most crucial points At the most crucial points If we are honest… If we are honest… … we are not able to make theatre… … and if we are honest… … honest? We cannot write a play
neither can we play it,
the play, if we are honest
If we are honest
there is nothing else to do… but to commit suicide To commit suicide!

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