Why It’s HARDER To Succeed Today Than Ever Before! Julien & Tyler Reveal The SECRET To Their Success

60 thoughts on “Why It’s HARDER To Succeed Today Than Ever Before! Julien & Tyler Reveal The SECRET To Their Success”

  • JulienHimself says:

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  • Michael Dennis says:

    "You always hear people talking about
    'Free your mind, free your body, free your soul'
    But they really don't know what that means
    They don't really know how to do it"

    – Chris Lake, Solardo😂🔥

  • Alex Carpenter says:

    Real success is life eternal and riches stored up in heaven ,, false earthly success is easy to obtain and holds no real true lasting value.

  • You can meditate for an hour, take your cold shower, do your affirmations, write down things you're grateful for,… But in the meantime you haven't done shit.

  • Mainstream self-help is similar to fast food. It feel good for about a hour and then you realized it was for nothing. The process of fixing your problems and getting ahead in life should not feel good but most people don't want to hear that.

  • Julian Richard says:

    Most people on their morning commute look miserable, soulless. You certainly have a point here Julien, but what are we to do about it? Showing them their purpose and inject some fire under their ass?

  • Trevor Kamstra says:

    I’ve been butting heads with a local committee in my community. They are smug, arrogant and “educated”. Then some kid from rock bottom starts doing a better job and challenging their ego. They become machiavellian. I see the resentment in their eyes. I’ve been nothing but kind and reasonable to the point I can’t deny their selfishness. Idk whether to feel sad or laugh. Hopefully they wake up eventually. Rsd has literally helped me transform my town. Thank you so much. My people thank you.

  • "Self-help is the new TV show"

    I haven't been able to put it into words but this is exactly it!

    See something that makes sense? TRY IT OUT. OBSERVE. REFLECT.

  • there will always be a time when destiny strikes, one can get cancer, you can lose the love of your life, you can get a disease, . I saw a video of reframing from Julien yesterday very interesting. Your body is like a temple you need to exercise it, eat healthy and train the mind to do what you want it to do.

  • What you said at 18 minute is so true , every time i push myself for a little bit i start to say to my self" everyone of my friends is not taking action so i guess i just be normal like them" so hard to push out of it

  • O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me says:

    If you are indecisive, you will drown or get lost in digital world.
    If you are focused, your life will become easier thanks to all tools that technology provides.

  • I agree with u, some months back then i would be so hooked on fitness advice on youtube and not doing the exercises they told me to do that but instead i watched them do that, i just liked the way they were presenting their technique and form. So watching them became a reason for my procrastination. But im proud in some level atleast i didn't watched a dumb video, at least i know the form and exercises so i can teach my friends nd apply later.

  • Victor Gutierrez says:

    This is fucking GOLD! You are verbally expressing what I feel internally. I hadn't known how to put it into words before now. THANK YOU. 🙏

  • “There no such thing as self help. There’s just help. If I could help myself I wouldn’t need help.” George Carlin

  • Fuck. I go out and I learn, but this is definitely an important part of me and I’m not sure if I’m ready to drop it

  • salomão memória says:

    Love u guys, waiting for u to come to Brazil some day. Huge power just by following your advices on videos, so i would be like the guy with one minute of life with u in one of your classes.

  • "self help is a tv show" This is the reason I stopped following self help guru's on social media, because I felt I was getting entertained and distracted instead of taking action.

  • Beginning point about the Charities is so true. Everyone gets hyped as hell by the idea but it’s a much smaller group that is interested at all in the work it will take. Ran our first fundraiser (nonprofit) this past Christmas. WILL do it again and go even bigger. A definite mistake of mine was expecting my inner circle would be even half as excited as I was. No shame on them. You’ve gotta be prepared to do the work alone, if you aren’t that prepared to begin with, you won’t value help as you should anyway.

  • I am from Romania-Europe,and I Hope I will Get to one of your events, I cant belive you still do it for free.If not I will get the money to get there.RSD changed the way I view my lile.I wached you for 3 years, and seen your evolution . PS: I first read The Game, and I was skeptical towarsd Tyler, but seeing his videos I changed my view.

  • The Mind Holiday says:

    I listen to this shit while I clean my house and whatnot. The rest of the time I'm out there living my dreams. Life is a trip baby. Just apply yourself, be humble and enjoy what comes up. 🙂 peace and love

  • I'm only 23 and know 5 friends how already die.
    Kobe Bryant
    Rich piana
    Gregg plitt
    Michael Jackson

    All.my role.models gone

  • Umm absolutely fucking epic speeches this is the crown jewel, if you watch this and dont take action you have a serious situation i mean that..honestly

  • "I know of someone who visits cemeteries around the world when he travels. I thought this was odd at first, but now I realize that this habit keeps his own mortality front and center."

    -Essentialism Mckeown, Greg

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