Watchpoint presents MasterPath Theatre: The San Francisco Shock

Watchpoint presents MasterPath Theatre: The San Francisco Shock

Hello again, old friend. I am Mitch Leslie. Tonight, you are going to hear
a story of youthful promise and potential realized. It’s a coming-of-age tale about patience
and humble beginnings, about a slow rise
from the doldrums of normality to the precipice of greatness. And if we’re lucky, you may just feel the flutter of joy in your cold, lifeless heart. This is the journey
of the San Francisco Shock. Our story begins in the ancient annals of the Overwatch League’s
inaugural season, when a young Shock team
patiently awaited the birthdays of two of its biggest stars. But super and sinatraa’s accession
into the team had little impact in 2018, and they putted along to a sub-500 record. For whatever reason,
when push comes to shove, the Shock tend to collapse. Never underestimate the power
of San Francisco Shock to lose a game. But then a new season was born, and with it came a fresh wave of optimism for the boys from San Fran. You can’t say “San Fran.” People from
there get mad about it for some reason. -What about Frisco?
-Even worse. -SF?
-Just say San Francisco. I have to say the whole thing every time? OK. Anyway, San Francisco’s hopes for success
were through the roof as the 2019 season began. San Francisco, man, if you’re not a fan,
get on board for Season 2, because this team gets better and better. I am stunned. The only thing better than dreaming
big dreams is realizing those dreams. After an inconspicuous first stage, the Shock reached the Stage 1 finals to face the powerful Vancouver Titans. Who’s going to do it tomorrow, hex?
This is going to be so big. An unstoppable force
versus an unstoppable force. This may be the Pacific Division rivalry that we all should be looking towards
as this season goes on. What would ensue between the Shock
and Titans will long be touted as one of the greatest matches
the League has ever seen. Just one more map. Just finish it. In the end, though, the Shock fell short, and headed back to
the drawing board for Stage 2. When they revealed their masterpiece, it was perfection. The San Francisco Shock looking
about as dominant as you can. That’s just a stomp. -What do you say about that?
-Yeah. San Francisco lost not 1 single map en route to a golden perfect stage, and avenged their loss to Vancouver to claim the Stage 2 crown. And the Shock have done it! They are your Stage 2 champions! The sweet moves of their MVP sinatraa and the boastful – but still distinctly
boyish – voice of their main tank super led the team to win 19 of their final 21
regular-season matches. Even with the birth
of a new meta in Stage 4, like moths to a flame, the Shock continued to swarm
every opponent, mercilessly beating them to a pulp. Dormant star players re-emerged
from their ingeniously crafted bench, and the Shock stood tall as the only top team not to struggle when the roles became locked. They enter the postseason
as the third seed, but only cosmetically, as these young men are currently
the most feared team in the land. Will the Shock’s versatility and composure
catapult them to Grand Finals champions? Or will they **** the bed somehow? The throne awaits,
young kings of San Francisco, but you must claim it for yourself.

14 thoughts on “Watchpoint presents MasterPath Theatre: The San Francisco Shock”

  • I would like to thank the director off screen for stopping Uber from saying San Fran or Frisco. As a local SF native please keep it to SF or San Francisco thank you 😀

  • This was beautiful!!
    Ive been with my Shock boys since the pre season of 2018 and its been one heck of a ride seeing them grow into such a power house

    Looking forward to seeing how far we go in 2019

  • When the teams were revealed Season 1, I was a Dallas fan until around Stage 2 when it became clear that organization was a dumpster fire. I was then an Outlaws fan since that was the other team with familiar NA talent, but always my eyes were on Shock, waiting for Super/Sinatraa to become eligible. I saw what the Shock organization was doing: they were the development team, sacrificing Season 1 for a monster presence in future years. I always loved fantasy drafts in sports games because they allowed me to build a weak, but young roster that just becomes unstoppable once all the players reach their full potential.

    With the signing of Architect, considered possibly best Genji in the world at the time, and coach Crusty, who led a mediocre Uprising to a 14-0 streak, I decided to abandon Outlaws.

    The acquisitions of Striker, Viol2t & Rascal during the offseason were mouthwatering. It was clear we were going to be one of the most stacked rosters in the league, led by the man many were calling the best coach in all of Overwatch.

    Shock played in all 3 Stage Finals, winning one, and ended with the highest map differential for the season. Sinatraa got Season 2 MVP. Whatever happens these playoffs, this team was hugely successful.

  • Lord Sairight / Denny says:

    The cockroaches of OWL 🐛

    (with Sinatraa being the only SFS player I respect)

    They're maybe successful now, but nothing last for forever. Competition will grow and tactics that made them unstoppable will slowly get old and overlooked (if they manage to adapt above themselves tho)

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