Voice Teacher Reacts to Vitas – Opera #2

Voice Teacher Reacts to Vitas – Opera #2

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode by request from several of you. I’m going to be reacting to Vitas
from Latvia as he sings “Opera 2”. Of course I have reacted to this song when
Dimash sang it on The Singer. So I’m excited to hear the original singer
perform it. So let’s jump right in. I like this. He’s just kind of setting this up
with some medium volume singing here. A bit of a thinner sound just almost a bit
of quirkiness in his voice right now. I love it! It’s so cool. Wow! Wide open and tall mouth here for this. It takes a lot of breath support to get
up there into that register and control those long held notes like that.
I’m loving the accordion too. That is very cool. Look at him. He’s almost coy. I like that flip into his head voice there. He’s almost flirting with the audience
with these lyrics here. You can see him peering out the sides of his eyes. He is
just a fun performer. I enjoy this. here we go again what a range Very cool. Look at him having fun. so cool What a cool performance by him. As I said
a little bit quirky. I love the chorus behind him, the instrumentalists. They
were all involved in the costuming and sort of the theatrics of this
performance. So cool. And his voice, I mean very impressive. The range, tremendous
range, great breath support obviously to get up there and to hold that long held
sustain phrase like he does at almost a straight tone. Meaning no vibrato allowed
in there. That is hard to do. A lot of control and his voice there. Such a fun
number. Wow! Thanks to you all that suggested this one. I hope you enjoyed
this reaction. If you did, please click like and hit subscribe, leave me a
comment down below, share this on social media if you enjoy it and otherwise just
have a great day.

70 thoughts on “Voice Teacher Reacts to Vitas – Opera #2”

  • Wait, curious about the date of this and why he and his lawyers told Dimash, he could never perform this again? Haven't read all of the comments yet, but, this feels maddening to me. Vitas is amazing. Why the sour stuff? Vitas is amazing. Shouldn't he be flattered?

  • I don't know if I like it anymore, I used to, but now I think is one of those things you used to like when you were little but not so much anymore…

  • Vitas is a performer, as much as a singer. That's what too many Dears miss. I'm a Dear, but I like Vitas' performance of his own song. It's the song he's best known for, so I can understand his desire to interpret as he wants, and protect his livelihood. If he loses the song he is best known for, because someone else sings it better, he may even lose his career. Dears, we got to see and enjoy Dimash sing it. He's moved on to bigger songs. Can we also please move on from the "Vitas bashing"/dislike, simply because he was protecting his own career. This performance (discovered many years ago, led me more recently to Dimash, then Hua Chenyu, Diana Ankudinova, KZ, the girls on Coming One iii, and Super Vocal, along with experimenting with K-Pop and other non US/UK/European artists. I'm in my 60s but I've discovered music I wouldn't have heard, (and rediscovered my love of music lost in boredom of western artists) … if I hadn't been initially sucked in by Vitas, I probably wouldn't have become captivated by "YouTube surfing". Enjoy, don't hate. 👍 🌹 And understand a song can underpin someone's livelihood, which if lost to a "better" singer, can destroy your own career. Dears need to get over this dislike of Vitas, and either accept his decision, or never view him again. Keyboard moaning is distinctly "naff". Great reaction, Andy. 🌹

  • I had no idea about any conflict with Vitas and Dimash as I just learned of Dimash less than three months ago and had never heard of Vitas until reacting to that song. This was a request by several subscribers. However, I just read this article that mentions Vitas took legal action against the show about use of the song. It appears Sony also sued The Singer about using Queen songs as has Chinese folk rock singer Li Zhi. https://www.sixthtone.com/news/1003809/hunan-tv-show-accused-of-illegally-airing-queen-songs

    Copyright issues are something that even I deal with a lot here on YouTube. This very video has a copyright claim on it already. I have disputed it. But, that happens with many of my videos, including some of my reactions to Dimash and several others.

  • Hmm not a Vitas fan either to be honest, he has never sung a single song live, we don't even know, if he really is the singer behind these songs or just an actor hired as playback entertainer. Also his personality seems to be bad, the way he and his lawyers treat other artists…. and the other scandals… like for example the hit and run case… he ran into a woman on a bicycle with his car and then tried to escape the scene, but eye witnesses tried to block his way, so he got out of the car with a gun and attacked them… he insulted them and attacked them physically… also his wife got out of the car and threatened the eye witnesses that she would destroy them, if they tols the arriving police what happened… when the police arrived, Vitas attacked a police man, vulgarly insulted him, threatened to kill him and kicked him… he also never apologized to the cyclist he injured as far as I know… and he even sued the police men for putting handcuffs on him… Vitas is not only not a live singer, he also seems to have a bad, immoral and arrogant personality

  • I would like to recommend you a very incredible Chinese song, I hope that after the film can see your analysis and reaction!
    Search: 薩頂頂-左手指月

  • To try and get something singing wise out of the video beyond the negatives.(Which I totally understand the frustration on all sides, sadly when people feel imposed upon be that artistically, financially or just exposed in a vulnerable way they didn't wish to be, then the resulting reactions can be incredibly nasty and that is not something easily forgotten by any involved and also something that can spread and propagate among the support groups of the people involved in the initial nastiness).

    To get that very particular sound at the higher notes would that be a head voice or whistle sound? I know there are questions re technology etc. But ignoring all of that, that particular very thin sound it doesn't sound like whistle or head voice to me specifically. Is it just a very forward head voice or how is that sound made?

  • I do not know what year this is but Vitas did a version that was fair, he heard Dimash and wanted to sue Dimash for the what he moves his arms and ow you cannot sue for the way a person moves their feet, the way he stands, I know there was a law suit for forgetting to get copyright permission to use the song, the last time Dimash sang this publicly was his 2018 Concert in London,
    So, Vitas practiced and has a better version of Opera 2, this could be it, he is 41 and cannot stand Dimash and has his fans blast the KNOW MV that Dimash did in Iceland, I saw the commented in the thread and they were criticizing the tip of Dimash’s nose, his face, etc.
    I think Vitas has a great and strong Falsetto, Whistle Register and his Soprano Register. There are videos of him singing in 2009 and he sounds like a Spinto Soprano, his voice is clear.
    He is 41 and he should know you cannot sue a singer for moving their arms up as most powerful singers do that, stand similar and move Thor feet the same way.
    I am not a fan as he now says he sings 8 or 9 Octaves.
    He has a fan base and I’d more than 15 years older than Dimash who chose not to sing only Opera but other genres of music.
    As a Reactor, you can appreciate his voice, I do, but all the Dears know Vitas is jealous and for no reason.

  • @Googlebox, I have never seen Dears bash Vitas or Hua!
    Vitas already has a thriving career and he loves himself. I do think he feels threatened by some younger singers and you cannot copyright how you move your feet or thousands of singers who sing like Frank Sinatra and others would not be performing and I feel you dislike Dimash greatly as it is your prerogative. Dimash has a more developed lower Register and does not sing in the Whistle Register that much and Vitas has a higher Register than Dimash.
    I have never seen any Dear bash Hua except for you so I feel you have a problem.
    Hua is just as talented and never brags or boasts about his talents of which there are many, like The Ballroom Tango or Broadway dancing like a Gene Kelly, he plays his Boyce like an instrument and his 5 new songs are very deep, philosophical and about serious subjects like Depression. Hua is more of what was called a Performance Artist like I have seen in the 80’s. (Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Lori Anderson..,)
    Again, I am so sorry you dislike Dimash but he is only 25, not 29 or 41 like Vitas who might feel a threat by anyone younger and Dimash shares what he knows, I have never seen Vitas teaching younger people but maybe he does.
    I am a Dear and a Martian either way. I think I lean more towards Hua because he seems more real, like you or me but his performances are amazing,
    I see no reason to bash anyone. This is only my opinion,
    Than you Andy and the disagreement about Dimash and Vitas is on Google.

  • Thanks for the video Andy ! You are one of the sweetest reactors out there. Please don't listen to the negative comments. You react to whoever you want to. Stay positive!

  • Hi!!
    I just discover your channel! ^^
    I hope you can react to "Family Portrait" by Kim Jin Ho (https://vimeo.com/183323488) and "Saldaga" also performed by Kim Jin Ho (https://youtu.be/E8d1gfrumj0?t=4688 1h16), those are really beautiful songs, Kim Jin Ho has such a wonderful voice… You might like it.

  • A few things want to clarify as someone who followed this from the beginning.

    1. Vitas team sent a lawyers letter to hunan TV. No other legal actions other than a lawyers letter.

    2. The letter was sent to hunan TV, not to Dimash or Dimash team.

    3. The performance they claimed properly infringement was not the opera 2 performed on the singer show, but a commercial performance ( meaning Dimash got paid) done on a new year's celebration outside of the singer show on hunan TV. Apparently hunan TV asked Dimash to sing that song but didn't sort out the copy right issue.

    4. Vitas, as the author of the song has every right for his claim. I don't see anything wrong in him. He has said Dimash is a very talented singer in an interview and wished him the best.

    5. Singer show never put out the queens melody performance on youtube because they didn't get the copy right from the Queen. Why nobody put the Queen down and saying they are jealous of Dimash? Why only vitas?

  • Great song! Vitas used to be very popular, he composed good songs, it's a pity to see him ruining his career with all those scandals

  • Vitas is pompous and obtuse. Dimash sings and performs Opera 2 better. More artist need to be like Dolly Parton. She shares her songs and feels blessed if it is a success.

  • Natasha Bellekens says:

    please react to 【EN_GE_RU_PINYIN SUBS】 Dimash – Masked singer – Our Love — it is unbelievable how can sing with a mask on. They have to guess who is under the mask. Really recommended

  • Some Dimash "dears" are toxic. Threat Andy will lose 1000 subscribers? For just reacting to another artist you don't like? My goodness, crazy people.

  • A word to all Dears on this thread. I wouldn't blame Andy if he never reacted to Dimash again. Not Dimash's fault. Not Andy's fault. Squarely on Dimash "fans" who have visited a Vitas thread with the intention of berating the SINGER for off stage business decisions. Andy hopefully you see it is the work of a small vocal minority. Meantime Andy, you should look at Super Vocal 1 or the recent Super Vocal 2. My favourites in 1, were Zhou Shen, Gao Tian, Elvis Wang, A Yunga, and Li Qi. You may have seen Sound of Silence, but many wonderful performances. 🌹

  • Azael Gonzalez keys - Topic says:

    Hello andy, I’ve been subscribed to you not that long ago but I admire what you do, I think it’s really cool, thanks for everything you do, keep uploading and just wanted to say you got my subscription 👋🏽

  • Hi Andy, I just wanted to say I'm very sorry for those toxic comments you got. Some people use their anonymity on the Internet to behave like assh*les, while being comfortably installed in their chairs. It's even worse when this toxicity is directed towards people that did absolutely nothing (like in your case), just because the video is about a touchy subject for them.

    But as always, there is a silent majority, and a very vocal minority. Please ignore those stupid toxic comments written by a very few people, you have lots of followers that truly like what you're doing and that support you, me included. I know getting those bad comments is infuriating, and we humans unfortunately tend to focus and remember negative things instead of positive ones.
    It is a good thing if those people leave your channel, you don't need that kind of toxicity in your life, nobody does. And nobody has the right to tell you what you should or shouldn't do with your channel. If you wish to react to Vitas, you react to Vitas, and those who dislike it can simply not watch, end of story!

    I'm looking forward to your next videos, whatever singer or song they may be about! 🙂

  • By the way, I never meant for anyone especially you, Andy, to feel badly on your reactions. Deep apologies if I hurt anyones feelings. I was just taken a back, with the crazy stuff surrounding this song. I respect all comments and your reactions. I think I was a little misunderstood,. Which is highly possible on social media. Again, deep apologies. But, I still think there is something we all need to discuss regarding covers. Best to you and yours, B

  • That performance is definitely not lip-syncing
    many people here comment on it, but all of them are Dimash fans full of jealousy and inferiority
    this is true, he is the original singer of this song
    and is one of the legendary figures who created 'Dimash' today
    pls react to his "smile" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxHs0WD8czA
    You will never be disappointed.

  • Hi Teacher, you could make reaction to “Angeles del Infierno – Si tu no estás aquí”

    I suscribe off course, thanks you, I like your reaction.

  • Comment section here is so toxic… people lying about vitas I don't no why…. and I'm not staying in this channel just because of these toxic subs

  • Please react to Chalino Sanchez another great Mexican singer/song writer. He has very few videos singing but in “Renato Avendano” video you can see what he was all about.

  • I loved your reaction…YOU nailed him and his little nuances…it is what endears him to many fans…I hope you will review a few more of his operatic songs. His videos that are quite professional not stage ones are also amazing. I love Star.

  • Hii please react to Ernie Zakri – Ku Bersuara AJL34 LIVE (from Malaysia)
    Her voice so powerful
    Link : https://youtu.be/kxq3TV4Wyag

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