Tucker: Debate stage descends into chaos

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  • Wow. How does anyone listen to any of these people?? Warren and her lies, about pregnancy and being fired. Heifa, we know that is a lie. Bernie is a commie psycho. Biden is nuts. Buttigieg is an idiot. Bloomberg did nothing good for NYC, and is just not a good candidate. They're all nuts!

  • Tucker is literal garbage. His desire to perpetuate the drug war is the most braindead 1930s hogwash I've ever heard. If you have any respect for this man, you are simply an idiot.

  • 21'st Century Digital Boy says:

    China has a population of over a billion. How is it that we have more people in prison? Forgetting the fact that they are a police state, ask yourself what that makes us? The FOR PROFIT, PRIVATE prison system in this country is the most corrupt system on earth! Did you know that in order for companies to take them over stated mush promise to keep the prisons full, and that it costs our states over $50,000 a year per prisoner?? That's more than any individual on any form of government assistance or a combination of all benefits one could receive if disabled and unable to work!

  • I'm genuinely confused why the Democrats hate Russia and Vladimir Putin so much. Don't get me wrong, Putin is a monster who wants nothing more than to resurrect the Soviet Union and whoose DNA is spelled "K-G-B", but considering how much the Democrats love both dictators and communism, you'd think they'd be on his side. Remember, it wasn't even thirty years ago, when there was a hammer and sickle still flying over that frigid sh!thole that the Democrats adored Russia.

    So who are the globalists giving the Democrats their marching orders to demonize Putin? Which bankers stand to make trillions of dollars in World War III by getting the United States to declare war on Russia? Or do the Illuminati believe that Russia is where Lucifer crashed through the Earth as he was cast out from heaven and into hell, and they're trying to dig up their evil master or some other Alex Jonesian cockamamie conspiracy?

    I don't know what the angle is, or whose it is, but that sometime has an angle is more clear than getting skewered in the eye by a ninja star made out of protractors.

  • Did you watch Donald
    Trump on the debate stage? The only
    thing I could compare it to was a fifth grade food fight. At least they Democrat’s are arguing over the best way to lead the country, and if they seemed fired up, it’s because this is most pivotal and consequential election of our entire life time. Donald Trump has wasted all this time getting NOTHING done or nothing achieved, other than getting IMPEACHED in his first term.

  • "Telling the same stories with exactly the same pauses, inflections, and hand gestures" hmmm Tucker I think you had a moment of personal clarity

  • God the Scriptures are right. "In the last days you will have CHILDREN ruling over you. Amen to that and AMEN to the Democrats. They should concede en mass the 2020 election right now. Save us all the agony of phony reasons ala Hillary why they LOST.

  • lol how is that not racist? Let's the minorities sell drugs!
    Let the Irish run the bars… if said back in the old days would be offensive as hell. If Donald said any of that they'd jump on him for being racist. Double standards are real.

  • Thank you for pointing out Biden didnt have an answer so he pretended to have some superior manners.GIVE ME A BREAK BLUBBERING FOOL…NEVER VOTE DEMOCRATE NOT EVEN FOR LOCAL PTA

  • So mind-blowing how so many of you live in this alternate-fact FOX world. Donald Trump has:
    -told 16k + lies,
    -allies in prison
    -hiding his taxes
    -shady bank loans
    -6 bankruptcies
    -fake university
    -charity fraud
    -Fake hair/fake skin (Lol)
    -paid off a pornstar
    -buddy-buddy with Epstein
    -Putins' puppet
    -attacks dead heroes, purple heart recipient, and career diplomats
    -Withheld military aide for an investigation into Biden
    **His biggest accomplishments (stock market, unemployment) are just following an 8 year trend under Obama.

    I really could go on for quite a while… You guys are all very very pathetic and in a few years won't be able to admit publicly you supported this corrupt moron or you'll be laughed at. Go back to school. Get a grip!

  • LOL Trump is going to win hands down don't think he even needs to TRY after seeing this debacle. A stage of children on a playground "Mommy he's being mean to me" Whata flippin JOKE and these ppl want to run the country LMAO. They can barley manage themselves in a phuckin debate. TRUMP 2020!!

  • If our country is such a bad shape why didn’t Bernie do something about it the past 24 years and if Biden knows how to fix everything why in the world didn’t he tell Obama how to fix it

  • 1/64’s pregnancy claim has been debunked literally by her. But she sticks to it. They are all a joke. These debates should be a Netflix stand up show.

  • USARMYvietnamVET1969 says:

    To those around the world that have seen this, these people do not represent the United States but only the crazy ultra leftwing socialist Democratic party…..

  • Please, someone, ask Biden to go get a brain scan for TIA"s. Both my mother and sister have had strokes and my sister had an aneurysm like Biden. My mom passed away from her 3rd stroke and she exhibited many of the signs Biden is now exhibiting. His fragmented sentences and confusion are very concerning especially when he confused China and North Korea and asked: "Why am I stopping, no one else stops". Please someone if you have a connection to him, please reach out with medical concerns.

  • Why am I stopping
    Will because Joe you're not saying anything
    it must be that horrible federal investigation of you and your son soaking Ukraine for millions upon millions of dollars nagging at your consciousness and reducing your sleep
    What a shame.
    go to prison Biden that's where you belong

  • Biden's breakdown epitomizes the Democrat party as a whole! It is sad to see any human being suffer what Biden seems to be suffering, but literally the Democrats are going through the same process. As they metamorphose into the communist moth they actually are, the Democrats sound like broken records of incoherent ideas.

  • 5:10 Sorry Tucker, you're wrong. Hillary Clinton still holds the title as the Most Unpleasant Human Being Ever To Run For President. Unless you're confirming that Hillary isn't a human being. 😉

  • The ABC logo in the background, seven of the most useless people, two of which are verifiably senile and would not be able to serve even a part of their first term if elected.Not one of them has ANY coherent plan forward. The only thing we have been subjected to is watching a "maury" show. To the Democratic party please do us ALL a favor finish your cheat show, get your candidate out there ASAP. We are sick of this, WE are sick of you. The only way we will have another DIM President in this century will be at gun point.

  • it's sad, Bernie used to correctly label open borders policy as "a Koch brothers proposal," but after several outlets like Slate, Vice, and Vox wrote hit-pieces on him, he quickly fell in line with the idiocy, knowing full well that it drives wages down for most americans. that moment was all i needed to know about Bernie; he just wants power, like all the rest, and doesn't actually have convictions.

  • As a true republican, with parents and grandparents voting for the GOP, Bernie Sanders is making the most sense out of all these nitwits. At least he has been saying the same message for the last thirty years. Plus, free healthcare would be nice…I'm not rich enough to afford all my kids bills and the rich should be contributing just like all of us in the comment section. Go Bernie.

  • Bloomberg is a struggling billionaire. He is down to his last three luxury yachts. But your $3 per month could make a huge difference to him to buy him 5 extra lifetime holidays, or 20 space-x trips and a life time of caviar. The same as any other high socialist at your expense. Operators are standing by for your call. Ring 555-STUPID as fast as you can, before another socialist raises your taxes so you can't afford to. Thank you.

  • I went to a Bernie rally a few weeks ago and, during the occasional moments when I could see him through the thick clouds of smoke coming from the crowd, half of his speech was about legalizing marijuana. There was litter all over the park when it ended.

  • I love the look on Bidens face when Bernie talks about setting up minority weed sellers. I think the cartels don't need Bernie's help.

  • Audrey Green-hite says:

    Tucker is awesome thank God a tough smart man like this is on our side but then all tough s mart men are on our side luca

  • Tucker is awesome! He killed it right here! I have not laughed this hard for this long in years!!! The Democrats are DONE! TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸

  • Yes Tucker it’s obvious Sanders hates America. I mean his inability or refused to pretend the current health care system does not fall a long way short of every other western country is downright treason or that the criminal justice system is more interested in providing private prison investors a healthy financial return than serving the interests of the country. As usual there is absolutely no details provided explaining in what way Sanders criticism of government policy is invalid.

  • Why everything is about black why can it be different nationalities like Asians, Indians or Spaniards why does everything have to be about black

  • Bloomberg accuses Bolshevik Bernie of being a Russian Agent while he has long established Business tie to Communist China! WOW You just make this stuff up folks! Look it Up for yourselves! Trump 2020. The Dems are not looking very favorable in the public eye this year. Even Obama avoided Gun Control as an election issue where these Bozo's are bragging how they are going to fight the NRA! LOL!

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