“Treasure Chamber” Scene | NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN at The Logos Theatre

[Peter] The door that leads to the treasure chamber! [Edmund] By jove! C’mon! Get these vines out of the way… [Peter] I can’t see anything. If only we had a torch. [Edmund] I have the birthday gift I got last week. My torch. [Peter] Perfect. [Edmund] Can’t believe it… It’s our treasure chamber. [Lucy] Oh Susan, look! [Susan] It’s our coronation rings! [Edmund] I say, Peter, isn’t this the armor that you
wore in the great tournament at the Lone Islands? [Peter] Yes. Do you remember the dwarf making this for me? [Edmund] How could I forget? [Laughter] [Peter] Well, it’s getting late… We’d better take the things we have. And our special things. Our tools given to us by Father Christmas. And then be on our way. [Lucy] My diamond bottle! It’s still half full with the healing cordial. [Susab] And look… I found my bow. [Edmund] But where’s your horn? [Susan] Bother! Bother! I remember now. I took it with me the last day of all. The day we went hunting for the white stag.

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