Total Drama World Tour  – Complete | Full HD (1080p)

Total Drama World Tour – Complete | Full HD (1080p)

Season three of total drama folks! The world is gonna be mine sea to shining sea. Sadly, I’m forced to share my world with a three-ring traveling teen freak show. They’ll be competing all around the globe for another million dollars. So, let’s meet our players Courtney, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Leshawna Ugh! Are there reserved seats? i.e, can I have one not behind Heather’s “pony hair” ponytail? Um, my extensions are human hair! You learn something new every day Lindsay, Owen, DJ and Harold Guys? Sweet strawberry preserves, no! He’s afraid of flying, remember? Aerophobia from the latin as opposed to aero nausia phobia the fear of air sickness Keep up the fascinating facts, and I’m going to be aero nauseas all over you. CHRIS: and returning favorites; Noah, Cody, and Yo, yo, yo, this year’s winner is in the house Bus, I mean runwayyyy! Where’s your plane, eh? I know, right? Let’s fly! Wooo! Watch out! Yep Izzy’s back! Also returning this season, Tyler! And the co-host of Total Drama Aftermath: Bridgette. Yo, Chris, you forgot to introduce me! [sigh] and Ezekiel. And now to mix things up and keep it all fresh, We’re adding two new competitors. He’s an honorable student with a diplomat for a dad, and an amazing ability to charm the pants off most species: Alejandro! Perhaps I can assist Wowee! I… I… I have a boyfriend! And amigos, please allow me Wow, eh! I like girls! And she’s a sugar addicted superfan with 16 total drama blogs: Sierra! Oh my gosh, I love you guys! And this is the greatest moment of my life and- [heavy breathing] Anybody have a paper bag I can breathe into? Oh my gosh, Cody! I’ve dreamt of this moment! Only you weren’t wearing a shirt! Excuse me, I’d like to express some concern about the safety of our plane? relax. It’s perfectly safe No boarding No! I can’t ride in that. call the United Nations call a cab. Call my mom. No, I’m not doing this. I’m out This is an ethical Mummy! Anybody else got a problem with it? No! Love it! dibs on the window seat! No boarding on a voyage to a million big ones We’re saving you a first-class seat for all the action right here on total drama world Seriously Singing? Really? I thought Chris was joking about that. Well, I don’t have a problem with it. Yeah, ’cause you like singing well.
I don’t. girl sing little birdie sing. ha ha Duncan’s do not sing think. I’ll get to beatbox? now beat you if you try. Why are you doing this to us? Singing reality shows are huge and the worst the singing the higher the ratings which is why on this show there will be no vocal coaches or rehearsals or warning Anyhow! This is the dining area where you’ll enjoy in-flight meals not Berloni Prepare to lose to the Zeke! Okay, so not trying to be mean here But you do know you got voted out first last time right? word and I spent every minute since making sure that don’t happen again I’m stronger! faster! Smarter! chattier! flabbier! can’t shut up here! now zip it Let me finish the tour so we can get this bird in flight Is there a ladies room? just through there. good ’cause I gotta make a deposit There’s a camera in the potty again Ah! can a sister get a little privacy on this program? Losing teams will enjoy luxurious Economy class accommodations between destinations. Okay, but where our beds? Owen care to demonstrate? Plane, no! That does not look comfortable No comfort for losers safety harnesses and an emergency exit but no comfort here here or here! Ah ah ah ah! O.M.G. Chris I am just L.O.L. ah ah ah! We should hit the winners compartment a ’cause I ain’t never gonna sit back here, huh? Never! is never your policy on mouthwash to home-school This is the first-class cabin the domain of each week’s winners! now This is the kind of accommodation ladies deserve. There are ladies in first class too? Oh! Me? you meant me? that guys the smooth is Mama’s grave. Lyndsey supposed to like me Nobody can compete with gravy. Lyndsey, They can do a handspring. Oh Oh my gosh! poor… i’m pointing on his name Oh, oh, I Know. Alejandro That’s my name and what a nice name, Alejandro. I could say it all day! please do I can see right through that guy You know, this extra confessional is a thousand times nicer than talking in the toilet. maybe for you! I’m trying to prep for a flight. Hello Banting Shh Anyway, new guy is so transparent so fake So, deliciously seductor? is exactly the opposite of what I was trying to say! pretty good-looking guy the boo I’m just saying. Forget this Whoa, where are we now? a grand piano? Wood-burning pizza oven or person hot tub with LED lights show and dancing waters. How do I win this? my fair Leshawna loves a hot tub. easy Tiger. these are my quarters and they’re off limits! clear? crystal, oh Chris, I heart your limits! Anyway with bath on Lindsey it and I’ll a whatever looking like a real threat My only strategic option is to make friends with the new girl But pretending to like that is gonna be hard. I do not heart the new girl. and that’s pretty much it I skipped the cargo hold and galley, but I’m sure you’ll find those exciting destinations later when I Accidentally lock you in them Senorita, are you okay? is the earth moving? Nope, we are One more thing. I’m sure you remember a little something called the elimination ceremony takes place Right in there my friends. If you don’t receive a barf bag full of airline issue peanuts I got a peanut allergy yo or orally good sensitivity. You will be forced to take the drop of shame. Okay, I just told li… like this Hey, good joke now slow down and let my brain back in All eliminations are final bro! Every second. We’re getting closer to adventure and further from mom Cody Emmett. Jamison Anderson. I also happen to know that your birthday is April 1st You’re my very own April Fool Ever you hear that friendly little Bell. It’s musical number time So let’s hear it. But what are we supposed to sing? You have to make it up as you go wouldn’t be challenging. Otherwise, no would Just sing prom cakes! and put on your belts, we are preparing to land on egyptian soil (translation from Italian) Musical numbers, worst idea Chris is such an idiot Hey why is the intercom light still on? Would be right back You guys ready for a little fun, huh Wow. It’s a sport. You’re out here, huh? I I call today’s challenge pyramid over Under. an 11 hour flight, chef’s in fly cuisine, a forced musical number now We’ve got a challenge? don’t you love this game? It’s like we’re being cooked in a giant oven It might help if you weren’t dressed like a giant baked potato. aluminum foil means the aliens can’t read your brains It’s a real problem in this area Man, that’s satisfying All right pyramid over under means you choose how you’ll get to the finish line either Over or under the pyramid got it? ready? Set… wait up. Yo guys I told you I wasn’t gonna lose this time Hey, didn’t we leave you in like Halifax or Whitehorse or whatever? It’s called landing gear, homie I climbed it and hit with the cargo Impressive, but you’re still out. No way. I’m in it to win it! hey, It’s your funeral set… go! Oh Great our friendly neighborhood host dude failed to mention there were different paths. Hey Sierra, which way do you think we should go? Me? How do we know which ways right I know okay I saw this in a spy movie once you lick your finger and hold it up to find the airflow The sand really crunches in your teeth fun. Okay, DJ. Give me your hand. Don’t do it DJ you might catch a case the crazy. Come on Harold Oh, let’s take a scary mummy door Is it too late to go under instead Alejandro’s doing okay? Wait, I can be a go. May I be of assistance? Lindsay I am a goat! Brock cloning was the team-building challenge when I was a CIT and if Tiffany prism uski hadn’t been such a lousy partner I’d have won. I always said TIFF He was overrated mock all you like Duncan, but my superior ballet skills are going to assure our victory take one Are you going over to? It I think one could use a hand fine but only because a three-person delay is stronger. Oh Look we’re in the nurse’s office. It’s a pyramid not a high school pasta party Lindsay Oh Honest mistake did it happen to anybody? And your forum is appalling gee. Thanks Courtney. I was just wondering about that You know, you’re only here because I’m feeling nice today. Wow, this is you being nice my Sympathies. Are you hearing this Duncan? You’re not gonna let her get away with that TJ we do not have time to cry over a stuffed dog. Hey there little buddy. We should had a biscuit to give you What did I do? What did I do? Is he busy Dude, she’s lost. We’ve got to go Oh poor is Poor is she kept insisting we go in circles because she smelled something lucky. I think I might have been my fault Airplane food guys anybody an intercom what the shizzle Yoplait? sing God It’s too steep for me to carry you down there must be an easier way I’m a surfer me too Good work guys, the batter’s go stand behind. The number one in Egyptian. It’s why he Just I go with room inside a Brick house, I found your girl. Yes Sir, you do make a cute mummy. All right, you got a kiss paroled Ladies after you Not so fast this season three teams Bridget and Lindsay round out team one Alejandra you’re the first member of team to in Egyptian. It’s eight name if it’s any consolation you do get Pilar is it. Yep, and you also get Congratulations, that’s wonderful Katie. Oh the incompetent they Are just so happy. I’m so happy I could scream And hugs over Sierra get behind the number to Heather and Cody you’ll be on Team 3 in Egyptian No one cares Harold Where’s Gwen and then not like I care? Just curious. I’m telling you we need to Use achill refrain you said one song per episode You know what no Three hours of these two squawking on this stupid pyramid in his stupid heat and you want me to sing Forget it dude. You have a contract eat it McClane If you need me, I’ll be in the plane waiting for a ride home because I’m out son. I quit Hi looks like we’re teammates Girls on the rebound are the best They cry and then you get to buy them a pop and listen and then well, they still won’t go out with you But you get to buy them a pop You’re carrying the undead fight me and I can be your undead friend like Frankenstein Help your knobs Izzie go join team tall ha ha or three. Come on guy after all this you’ve got Let me back in the game fine. But only cuz we’re down a man thanks to duncanm acquittee pants. Go ahead and join team 100k James talk amongst yourselves and determine a team name. You have three minutes. Well, I enjoyed this ice cream cone Chris is really really really really hot. What? All right best team name ever And here are your rewards team Amazon you win a camel Team. Chris is really really really really really hot. I think there were only four realese you win a cup And team victory. Here you go So the guys who come in last get a camel and we get a stick all will be explained if I feel like you Hi right here on total

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