Top 7 Best Ancient Chinese Dramas (So Far) First Quarter 2020

Top 7 Best Ancient Chinese Dramas (So Far) First Quarter 2020

Hey guys it’s Anton. The first quarter of
2020 has premiered some really good C-dramas and in this video I would like to
go over some of the very best costume series that have been released so far. A
few of these were highly anticipated dramas for quite some time now that
finally aired, while others were somewhat dark horses that completely turned out
to be pleasantly unexpected surprises. Ancient dramas from mainland China are
always my absolute favorite and the ones that have been released so far this year
are great watches if you have been looking for a drama to pick up. Anyhow
grab a seat, get comfortable, and today I will be going over the top 7 best
ancient Chinese dramas that have been released so far in this first quarter of
2020. Before I go on though, please remember to hit that like button if you
like content like this, and if you’re new to the channel do subscribe if you’d
like to see more videos like this in the future. Just a reminder, the dramas on
this list appear in no particular order, so just because something appears
earlier or later doesn’t mean that it is any better or worse than the previous
show. Just had to get that out there. Okay everybody let’s begin. Number one, Miss
Truth. Miss Truth is a historical crime investigation drama that follows the
story of a skilled forensic examiner as she teams up with a local judicial
official to help solve murder cases. She comes from a noble family but has a
passion and talent for forensic autopsies and finding clues. Her ultimate
goal is to find the cause behind her mother’s mysterious death and along the
way ends up meeting both the strong-willed official from the Ministry
of Criminal Affairs as well as a misunderstood but caring assassin. Pinky
Zhou and Toby Lee star as the main leads. We have been doing an explained
series for the first few episodes of this drama which you can check out in
the link down in the video description below, and I have to say this was one of
the best unexpected surprises for the first quarter of 2020, so don’t miss it.
Anyhow, moving on. Number two, The Love Lasts Two Minds. This drama just started airing
yesterday and is already shaping up to be a great series. This is the first
collaboration between Yukee Chen and Alan Yu as main leads. Alan is a prince who
goes undercover after being ambushed by conspirators of the Royal Court.
Yukee plays a girl who lost her memories and becomes a constable. At the very
beginning she also plays his childhood friend who happens
to look exactly like the other girl, but due to certain circumstances they had to
part ways. The show is rife for some interesting plot twists, so stay tuned.
The costumes and set in this drama look top-notch so far. I think that The
Love Lasts Two Minds is definitely a drama you will want to check out. Number three, Handsome Siblings. Handsome Siblings is based on the Legendary Siblings novel which had already had other remakes in the past, but none
within the last 15 years. The story of two brothers who were separated at birth
because of a revenge plot against their parents, each brother was raised and grew up in different environments. One is raised among a group of somewhat
villainous but ultimately scrupulous eccentrics, the other is raised by a
powerful sect whose leader was the one responsible for their parents death. The
plot was to get the twins to fight each other in order to fulfill the sect
leader’s grudge against their dad. The show stars Chen Zhe Yuan and Hu Yi Tian as the main brothers and features some good-looking visuals. Number four,
Guardians of the Ancient Oath. The story follows three siblings from the royal
family after their country collapses as part of inter-kingdom conflicts following disputes between nations. It is a historical costume drama that has some magical mythology type elements. The show has some really good production value
and a great cast. Lareina Song and Leo Wu have good
chemistry in this and Wang Jun Kai has been interesting to watch so far. Even
though they are young, I find the acting to be well done and not too particularly
distracting. I especially like the cinematography from Guardians of the
Ancient Oath, it has a really good old-school Nirvana In Fire type of vibe.
This drama has not been talked about much, but so far I found it to be a
charming series. Number 5, Eternal Love of Dream. What top list would be complete
without The Pillow Book. A sequel to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, but really, is
more like a reboot since certain key events have been changed to be more
accurate to the novel. Eternal Love of Dream has been a pleasure to watch so
far. The show follows a young nine tailed fox who is the future queen of the Fox
clan and her romance and struggles with the
former Emperor of Heaven. Dilraba and Vengo Gao play the respective main
leads and I’ve got to admit these two have got some absolutely adorable
moments in The Pillow Book. I think Vengo is hilarious and
unexpectedly is quite suited for comedy. When I first started this drama
when it initially premiered I found it going a little slow but the more later
episodes have really stepped it up. Eternal Love of Dream is quite simply
one of the best dramas to watch right now in 2020. Number six, Under The Power. I have been thinking about whether or not to include Under
The Power on this list because there are several others that debatably could
appear in its place so let me just quickly go over the honorable mentions.
Doctor Cutie, Ever Night Season 2, and I’ve Fallen For You were all contenders that
I considered. Ever Night Season 2 especially because I had such high hopes
going into it because of the original Ever Night, but ultimately I chose to
pick Under The Power in this slot because I felt it just did a few things better,
especially the storyline. Allen Ren and Seven Tan play the main lead pair, and the
chemistry between the couple was actually pretty good. The female lead is
sassy and smart and the male lead is just plain good at what he does. Now, this
drama is more of a slow burner especially if you were looking for
something with heavier romance, but in all, Under The Power is an interesting
crime drama if you were looking for something in that genre. Number seven, The Great Ruler. Last but not least, this drama has some seriously high production value. It even has Steven Hammell, a notable
Hollywood producer as part of its production team. Visually and
cinematically, it stands among some of the very best. But of course a drama
isn’t all about visuals alone. The series is the third in a novel trilogy that
included Fights Break Sphere as its first volume, its plot taking place after the
events of Fights Break Sphere. The Great Ruler has not been getting the best
reviews online, which is a shame because I actually don’t find this show all too
bad. Many people dismiss the show because of the younger actors. Roy wang and Ouyang Nana lead The Great Ruler and although their acting can be described
as ever so slightly flat, it doesn’t mean this drama cannot be enjoyable. I would say it’s akin to an ancient teen drama and I feel
that the main pair have been definitely doing better that certain other idol
dramas by older actors. The Great Ruler is not a bad one to check out. And there
you have it guys the Top 7 Best Ancient Chinese dramas that have been released
so far in the first quarter of 2020. if you see a drama that you like on this
list make sure to hit the like button and if you feel something is missing
then let me know down in the comment section below. Like I mentioned before, Dr. Cutie, Ever Night Season 2, and I’ve Fallen For You are all
honorable mentions that are great runner- ups. Which of these dramas have you
already started to watch or have completed? 2020 is shaping up to be an
exciting year already, I absolutely cannot wait to see what else we have in
store for us for the rest of this year. Anyhow that’s all I have for you guys
today thank you for joining me. Remember to subscribe to the channel for more
content like this in the future. As always, my name is Anton, this is Asian
Drama News, thanks for checking in, I will see you guys in the next episode. Bye

100 thoughts on “Top 7 Best Ancient Chinese Dramas (So Far) First Quarter 2020”

  • So far i have watched “Under the Power” it was very funny and interesting. The plot and subtle love story between the two main leads wont disappoint u??

  • I'm currently watching Dr.Cutie, historical, romantic comedy
    Light and something to watch to de-stress your weekend.
    Not too serious and no need to analyze ?

    I'm interested with Ms.Truth

  • Handsome siblings
    Under the power
    The great ruler
    I love these dramas these are really amazing dramas i suggest to watch these dramas another i have't watch yet

  • Love and destiny is so amazing and underrated!! ? It was the best drama of 2019 at least for me. I just finished it a few weeks ago even though it’s been out for some months. I had to wait for English subs lol

  • يوسف الملكي says:

    I wanna start watching Eternal love of dream but I didn’t watch Ten miles of beach blossom it is necessary to watch it before starting eternal love of dream

  • I am watching all of them, and my favorite is ever night 2 , I guess because I like the fighting more than anything else lol ….

  • Can I ask where everyone is watching all of these new dramas? I already watched Handsome Siblings and am currently watching Eternal Love of Dream. I see Dr. Cutie on Netflix, but the rest not sure where to watch them. Thanks… ?

  • I bet that the rise in crime investigation duos was inspired by the success of The Untamed, because that genre represents three of Anton's picks for the quarter! I've gotta say that I prefer less mystery-based scenarios, but as long as the romance/emotional development are not shortchanged, these should be fun to watch.

  • Lakshmi Sireesha says:

    Evernight season 2 should be on the list. It might be a little disappointing in the beginning compared to Season 1, but it picked up later

  • I really enjoyed Handsome Siblings. I loved the fight scenes so much, and the ending was really good that it took me a week to get over the story. ?

  • Allen Ren and Seven Tan performed well love them. Love Under the Power. The story and Lu Yi & Juxia built smoothly and it did not drag. Want Season 2 to see what these 2 characters solving cases and working on their marriage.

  • Under the Power is really a slooooow burn. I think the later parts of the show went crazy with lots of cliches. Male and female leads also take turns getting hurt and female lead seems to need to be saved quite often.. I really like Miss Truth so far though! Will check out your other recommendations 😀

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  • Ever night season 2 should be here
    Every actor in their has done a great job job you will even forget that they changed some actors their l would recommend that drama it has everything

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  • Guys Dr Cutie is killing me with cuteness. I was embarrassed how much I Loved it. ♡ it gets a but weaker towards the end with forcing the plot in order to create 'conflict'. But the cinematography is great and the actors have great chemistry.

  • martial universe was massively dissapointed, then fight break sphere was even worst, at this point there no more hope for the great ruler.

  • Trúc Ngân Nguyễn Thị says:

    Thanks for the list, I will try seeing it. Handsome siblings and Enternal Love of Dream are enjoyable to watch, I hope others can bring same feeling. But I can understand why The Great Ruler is receiving bad comment online, because it drifts too far away from the original book, which it was based on. It's hard to cover everything in the book, but even the character changes, they don't have the characteristic of the origin. That's why many people who is fan of the book don't like it.

  • I'm beginning to trust your judgement ADN. Every time you compare something like "Guardians of the Oath" to "Nirvana in Fire" I get on my computer and visit Viki Dramas to search. "Miss Truth" looks interesting. I don't particularly like the lead in ELoD. She often looks bored and uninterested. I stay from series that feature her.

  • Agreed. The Pillow Book is a little slow at the beginning but the more later episodes have really stepped it up, and I really love watching it. Dilraba's skill of act is wonderful and natural. She is really suitable in playing the role of Fengjui.

  • Was looking forward to the great ruler and guardians of the ancient oath! I have no probably with the acting just the fighting parts are horrible especially the great ruler guardians no to bad but I'm was expecting better

  • Agree, Eternal Love of Dream progressed a bit slow in between but now I cannot wait to watch it anyhow. Guess I should have started it only after it's completion.

  • I just finished handsome siblings and it’s one of the most interesting historical c dramas I’ve watched. Barely any romance but it has such a complex and interesting storyline. It reminds me of the untamed but the main characters are unidentical twin brothers instead of soulmates. They didn’t even find out that they were brothers until the last episode. So cute??

  • de jenney de jose says:

    I'm a fan of great ruler novel. Everything thing is good but the drama is so different from the novel. I was expecting Mu Chen and Lou Li moments since they are couple from the start ( though Lou Li keep hunting and kill Mu Chen when they first met in spiritual road in novel).
    I'm a fan of this novel' author and watched drama/anime adaptation (example: battle through the heavens).
    For the adaptation, I'm on anime side for adaptation of this novel.

  • I'm disappointed with Handsome Siblings. The remake is not as great as the old Hongkong drama. Not to mention, they are twins in the story and they even say they look similar to each other in the drama but the two actors look too different from each other. One has feminine long face, the other has baby round face.

  • I've seen handsome siblings and it's good, I liked it. Also I agree with what you said regarding Ever night, I was really looking forward to it the moment they mentioned another sequel but when the main lead got changed, then and there I knew that it was not going to be the same. I tried to watch it, to give it a chance but I couldn't finish one episode. It felt like a whole new different series, anyways I am going to give eternal love of dream a try, guardians of the ancient oath and Miss truth.

  • Rica Gianne Chua says:

    Thanks for this list. Gonna watch some of your recommendations. Btw, Im a fan of handsome siblings. I finished it already. Its good! I love it!

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