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[guitar strumming] – We love the Reeves
anyway and it had been this dead weight on
downtown for so long, for two decades, when we heard that this was
potentially available, we began at least dreaming. – Debbie and I had been
talking about a music venue for a few years and we’d
looked at storefronts that came open downtown and nothing really
seemed just right, but that’s what we were after and then when there was a
chance that the Reeves might be sold to become
just a warehouse, we sort of said “We’ve gotta
do something other than that.” – [Deborah] After
purchasing the Reeves, Chris, Debbie, and business
partner Eric DahLager knew there was a tremendous
amount of work to be done before one musical
note was ever played. – Retrofitting things in
a building that was built in 1941 probably was some
of the biggest challenges. The facade was a big challenge, getting all those pieces back. And after a year and
a half of planning and two years, eight
months of construction, we were finally open. – [Deborah] With
Eric’s background in stucco and fresco painting, this visionary team
transformed the property into a magical listening room. – The first person who was in when we decided on construction
was a sound engineer. He came in the very first and
told us what we needed to do to make the sound work right and our goal from the
very start has been a venue that is
musician friendly. – [Deborah] Now some folks
refer to the historic Reeves as a home for music
here in the foothills. So many different genres of
music are performed each week along with an open mic
event every Tuesday night, but once a month don’t miss the popular “Martha
Bassett Show.” – It’s a variety
show, mostly musical and we are hosting national
artists, local artists, and my band. – [Deborah] On this night, Wilkes County’s own Presley
Barker was on stage. ♪ Well it’s a job ♪ ♪ Just a getting by ♪ ♪ With nine kids and a wife ♪ ♪ Oh Lord I been a working man ♪ ♪ Working all my life ♪ ♪ I keep on working ♪ ♪ As long as these old
hands are fit to use ♪ ♪ Hey hey ♪ Yes, it is, historic Elkin
it’s a great little town, I love to be here and just
having the Reeves theater here is just a real great
added part of Elkin. – [Deborah] The primary
objective of restoring this Elkin landmark was to
create a gathering place for locals and visitors alike along with good music,
it was a natural fit to include a farm-to-table cafe. – [Chris] Oh, it’s wonderful. Our chef is terrific,
we love her to death. – Everything here
is baked fresh. Every day we bake bread almost. – Our hope is that the
Reeves is and will be a home for musicians, a space so
inviting and so well-designed that people will come
here to play music, to enjoy music, and to remember
the wonderful time they had when they visited the
Reeves Theater in Elkin. ♪ Sing a little bit about
these working man blues ♪ [crowd cheering]
Thank you folks. Thank you. – [Deborah] The Reeves
Theater and Cafe is at 129 West Main
Street in Elkin. For a list of shows
and more information, give them a call at 336-258-8240 or go online to

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