The Phenomenal Angela Bassett Wins Outstanding Actress In A Drama Series | NAACP Image Awards

Oh wow. (cheering and applause) Thank you so much. (chuckles) Thank you. (cheering and applause) Thank you. Thank you so much to the NAACP for being supportive of me
for… from the beginning
for my entire career. And you’ve been there
from the beginning. I… I’m-I’m… (chuckles):
I’m really surprised. My fellow nominees,
I’m so honored. My girl Regina. Rutina, Viola and Simone, we’ve all been at this
for quite a while, and you truly do inspire me. I also want to say thank you
to my husband, Courtney, to Bronwyn and Slater… (cheering and applause) …who give me purpose and joy. -♪ ♪
-And last but not least, of course,
I like to thank the fans, because without you,
there’s no television. There’s no stage. There’s no audience. Thank you so much. (cheering and applause)

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