PAPA JAKE’S HOUSE TOUR!! Gaming Setup, Movie Theatre, Pool & More!

box for bowling alley sweet yoga no space here and to like it’s two lanes yeah Lane one – oh yeah this is the kitchen guys let’s go ahead and check out upstairs before we head outside and the downstairs I’ll show you guys a little bit of that oh hey what’s going on guys didn’t see you […]

Our monthly picks: Theatre shows to see this February 2020

It’s February Love is in the air It’s my favourite month, it’s Pancake Day and we’ve got some flipping good theatre for you. Hello, it’s Bryony Rose and this is February’s monthly picks. The classic DreamWorks animated film, The Prince Of Egypt springs to life at the Dominion Theatre as an exciting new musical this month. The show […]

Top 7 Best Ancient Chinese Dramas (So Far) First Quarter 2020

Hey guys it’s Anton. The first quarter of 2020 has premiered some really good C-dramas and in this video I would like to go over some of the very best costume series that have been released so far. A few of these were highly anticipated dramas for quite some time now that finally aired, while others were somewhat […]

Rishtay Biktay Hain | Episode 3 | 25th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Here. Have this. Take this home for your kids. Why did you have to bring all this? We have everything already. Where are you sons? Affan seems to be very busy. He hasn’t even talked to me ever since you people have moved here. He’s been very busy. I have no words to explain how busy he is […]

The Toughest Stage Of The Giro d’Italia (It’s Snow Joke) | Stage 16 Preview

(dramatic music) (singers vocalizing) – Whoo! (laughs) (upbeat pop music) Not all Grand Tour stages are created equal. Some are little more than a gentle spin down some pristine roads, and others are monsters. – And this is a monster. Stage 16 of the Giro starts here on the shores of Lake Iseo, and it’s 226 kilometers long […]

SRW Z2.2 Stage 58 Event Subbed, Getter Team & Uther’s resolution

Evolution… Now that a new era is about to begin, we cannot let it’s buds be weeped out! This man… He seems to be leading the new progress of humanity. In that case, this place shall be his grave! I cannot lose here! For the sake of the unseen humanity’s future! The biosensor is..! All right! The spirits […]

Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 11 | 26th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

what bad has my daughter done to you? you wed off my daughter with an old man, you’ve destroyed my delicate daughter what sort of a brother you’re Javed? how did you let this happen? you are being angry… be quiet! all is the plan of both of you there isn’t anything like that you’re being upset, as […]

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