Remembering Opera Singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

bjbj”9″9 JEFFREY BROWN: Finally tonight, remembering world-renowned singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. He was a master of opera and leader in the classical German art song, a prolific performer and recording artist who became one of the leading musicians of the 20th century. He died Friday at the age of 86. Here’s a clip of Fischer-Dieskau singing a section of […]

MEN IN HEELS Dance INCREDIBLE SPICE GIRLS Tribute on Britain’s Got Talent!

don’t forget to like and Subscribe to AGT! Enjoy the video!! and we are from Paris , France but i am half British tell me something interesting about you guys well..we dance in heels oh!! Hello You know, I get this question a lot, which is WHY DO WE DANCE IN HEELS AND THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS WHY […]

(Weekly Idol EP.320) WEKI MEKI X GOLDEN CHILD Cover Dance Competition no.1 [위키미키X골든차일드 커버댄스 대결1]

( “Red Flavor” – Red Velvet) (The youngest who is wearing red is chosen to dance for “Red Flavor”) (The famous dance vending machine It is here) (The dance floor is officially open) (She’s dancing lightly to start off) (They’re dancing to different parts of the same song) (He dances to “Red Flavor” wearing red) ( “Gashina” – […]

Sketch Group The Valleyfolk Performs in the Comedy Clash Round – Bring The Funny (Comedy Clash)

[soft music] – Dial 118 please. Please dial 1-1-8. – Mrs. Tompkins? – Oh, yes. – Hi, yeah. Thank you for your patience. In just a moment, the doctor will be here, to go over your husband’s current condition. – Please, sir, is he all right? – We’re doing everything we can. I’m also legally obligated to remind […]

Sir Ian McKellen: ‘actors must tour to save theatre’ | Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2019

audiences of old relished live theatre, in part because they were introduced to it through drama in state schools primary and secondary, and now less and less if at all. The privilege boys of each have three theaters of their own and they present in them 20 Drama shows each year. What is going on? What could be […]

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