Dame Maggie Smith wins Best Actress Award at Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2019

Welcome to the stage the unstoppable force that is Damian Lewis. The Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress, of course, goes to Dame Maggie Smith. I’m really very pleased to get this award because it’s just so long ago that I got one when I started. So – and I got it because they couldn’t think of anybody […]

BA(Hons) Musical Theatre Prospectus Video – LASALLE College of the Arts

Our Musical Theatre programme is very much based on the traditions of Western musical theatre practice. Musical Theatre continues to be a relevant medium. We see its popularity in TV, film, stage… It’s continuing to grow. The Musical Theatre programme is an intense three-year training programme. Students undergo dance training, looking at different dance styles. Singing-wise, they’re looking […]

Glass Handel | Box Burners

[ Handel’s “Amadigi di Gaula: Pena Tiranna” playing ]♪♪♪♪[ Singing in Italian ]♪♪The reason that opera is so powerfulis that the human voice is very primal.And if you think aboutthe sound from one human body traveling through airand entering another human body,that is so intimate.[ Continues singing in Italian ]♪♪The freak nature of being a boy who sings […]

Remembering Opera Singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

bjbj”9″9 JEFFREY BROWN: Finally tonight, remembering world-renowned singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. He was a master of opera and leader in the classical German art song, a prolific performer and recording artist who became one of the leading musicians of the 20th century. He died Friday at the age of 86. Here’s a clip of Fischer-Dieskau singing a section of […]

MEN IN HEELS Dance INCREDIBLE SPICE GIRLS Tribute on Britain’s Got Talent!

don’t forget to like and Subscribe to AGT! Enjoy the video!! and we are from Paris , France but i am half British tell me something interesting about you guys well..we dance in heels oh!! Hello You know, I get this question a lot, which is WHY DO WE DANCE IN HEELS AND THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS WHY […]

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