Time Travel Movies 8 Fantasy Films Worth Checking Out!

If You Like Fantasy Time Travel – Check these 8 Movies Out Where Time travel is a widely-recognized concept in science fiction, that doesn�t necessarily mean that it has to be science fiction. Where I feel sometimes that when a movie is not scientific it can concentrate more on the characters and their motivation, rather than worrying about […]

Created Equal | 2017 Drama Thriller | Lou Diamond Phillips | Aaron Tveit

[relaxing mystical music] [church bell chiming] [children laughing and shouting] [unintelligible] [Sister Jean] Careful Samantha. You nearly knocked me down. Samantha, what do you say? Excuse me, Sister Jean. I’m sorry. -Aw. -Sister Alejandra. My doofy brother says girls can’t do what boys can do, -because we’re weak. [Alejandra] Nonsense. You can do and be anything you want […]

Wakey Wakey | Drama | HD | Full Length | Free Movie | Thriller | English

Hello. Please record your message after the beep. Are you there? Samantha? Josie? I’m just wondering how my girls are going. We’ve been so busy, haven’t we? Your mum and I? It looks like we’ll be slaving away like this all summer. Which is no good, is it. But girls, I’ve got a bit of a surprise for […]

Milan – Sunil Dutt, Nutan, Jamuna, Pran, Surendranath, Deven Varma – Classic Bollywood Movie

Death is inevitable, certain We believe that if the desires remain unfulfilled, then man is reborn But remembering events of the previous birth… happens to one in millions This story is about one such young man… who had complete knowledge ofhis previous birth Attention ! l’m happy and honoured to say that two of our intelligent students… Gopinath […]

Ever After | Action Movie | Thriller | Drama | HD | English | Free Film

– Drop the briefcase. – Mario will never miss it. – Well that’s not the point, now is it? Listen carefully. You’re gonna take 10 steps forward and then you’re gonna disappear. Do you understand? (dramatic music) (gun firing) (slow bluesy music) ♪ Yeah ♪ Ha ♪ I don’t right wrongs ♪ I write rhymes ♪ Call it […]

Top 5 Edinburgh Ghost Adventures – Haunted House, Movie Theatre, Towers, Dancehall and Dungeons

Hello friends and welcome to this, your guide to the most haunted, horrifying and downright hellish places on earth. In these videos we talk you through some of the spookiest tales and urban legends from towns and cities across the world, and today we’re going to be exploring 6 of the most horrifying haunts in the Big Smoke, […]

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