Ever After | Action Movie | Thriller | Drama | HD | English | Free Film

– Drop the briefcase. – Mario will never miss it. – Well that’s not the point, now is it? Listen carefully. You’re gonna take 10 steps forward and then you’re gonna disappear. Do you understand? (dramatic music) (gun firing) (slow bluesy music) ♪ Yeah ♪ Ha ♪ I don’t right wrongs ♪ I write rhymes ♪ Call it […]

Top 5 Edinburgh Ghost Adventures – Haunted House, Movie Theatre, Towers, Dancehall and Dungeons

Hello friends and welcome to this, your guide to the most haunted, horrifying and downright hellish places on earth. In these videos we talk you through some of the spookiest tales and urban legends from towns and cities across the world, and today we’re going to be exploring 6 of the most horrifying haunts in the Big Smoke, […]

Clarity | 2015 Drama | Dina Meyer | Nadine Velazquez

[dramatic music] [soft piano music] [chattering] – You know what? Just one second. – Hey. Can’t you be excited for your sister? – I won’t ruin Princess Maggie’s day. – What did she ever do to you? – I took my earphones off alright? Leave me alone. – Maggie’s home. – Alright shh! Wait wait. Shhh. [door creaks] […]

Thick | Free Crime Movie | Romance | Drama | HD | Full Length Film

(cellphone rings) – Yeah. Got it. (bass filled, rhythmic music) (chattering) (elevator bell rings) (electronic whirling) – You enjoy the party? – Yes, ma’am, Ms. James. It was crazy. – Good. I’m happy to hear that. I wanted to talk to you about our future together. Is that okay? – Of course it is. – Now, all I […]

If You Only Knew | Free to Watch | Drama Film | HD | Full Length Movie

(smoke detector beeping) – Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! – God, you scared me, please. – Scared you? There’s an alarm going, there’s almost a fire in the kitchen. – What? – Are you cooking something? – No, I’m not, I just came in here and laid down. – Honey, you gotta be more […]

Frankenstein: How Death shapes the Human Condition | Cinema Cartography

There is no easy way to approach Death, at least from a philosophical perspective. We all begin to think about Death from a position of incomprehension, perhaps even curiosity, but always ignorance. And although the eminent presence of possible Death is an essential pillar of the human condition, Death is an empty canvas to us. The idea of […]

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