Audience Reactions | Endgame in a double bill with Rough for Theatre II

– Brilliant, amazing, strange, hilarious, sad. – Funny and engaging. – Wonderful, baffling but constantly absorbing. – Someone who was interviewing us referred to it as ‘Morecambe and Wise in hell’ and I think that is like the ideal; it should be like this crazy double act. – I think the way that Richard has directed it as […]

Hold Tight feat. ASM, Youthstar & Illaman (Music Video) – Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew, Baja…

Groove Sessions Volume 5 Reaching new heights when the booth’s mic-ed Watch shit break out like a food fight Still living that crew life Chinese Man Scratch Bandits Crew Baja Frequencia Youthstar ASM Set it off, Illaman Straight shot dead em, headtop missing, 6 foot grizzle, pop like pistol, this ones sick, this one like missle, launch em […]

K-Drama My Id Is GangNam Beauty (Episode 13) Full Subtitle Indonesia/English

Subscribe Now 🙏 Just do what your heart tells you, Mi Rae So don’t cry. Okay? You don’t to walk me home. Go inside this time. Don’t come back out. Okay. – Goodnight. – Bye. – You’re here? – Yeah. – I’m going to throw out the garbage. – Okay. Huh? Why are you back? You have soju, […]

The Only Sex Tip You’ll Ever Need – Chris Thayer – Stand-Up Featuring

So I recently just moved here to Los Angeles from Arizona, and I moved because I didn’t like the way I felt in Arizona, and then I got here to Los Angeles, and I felt the same way. And then I was like “oh shit!” (laughs) It was me all along, so, that’s been refreshing. I do have […]

When Your Wife Asks You to Speak Spanish During Sex – Chris Garcia – Stand-Up Featuring

– Today a lady at Albertsons told me I looked like Peter Dinklage. Working with that all day. What am I supposed say to that, in what role? What are you supposed to say to that? I’m doing good though. My wife and I just celebrated our three year anniversary. (audience cheers) Thank you. We celebrated, we went […]

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