Wheel of Musical Impressions with Keegan-Michael Key

-♪ Impressions ♪ -Now, here’s how it works. We’ll take turns hitting — -I just — I’m holding this? -That’s yours. -Okay, all right. -We’re gonna take turns hitting this button here, which will activate the musical impressions generator. -Yep. Yep. -Okay, now, it’ll land on one random singer that one of us can do an impression of. […]


– [Narrator] Grease is a classic singing movie about greasy teenagers. It begins with a triple X porno scene. Sweetie pie Jorn Travolter and beautiful Oliver Neutered Junk are in love. They are massaging each others mouth holes and pointing at some turds that are floating in the ocean. (funky music) The problem begins on the first day […]

Clarity | 2015 Drama | Dina Meyer | Nadine Velazquez

[dramatic music] [soft piano music] [chattering] – You know what? Just one second. – Hey. Can’t you be excited for your sister? – I won’t ruin Princess Maggie’s day. – What did she ever do to you? – I took my earphones off alright? Leave me alone. – Maggie’s home. – Alright shh! Wait wait. Shhh. [door creaks] […]

🏆TEAMS REACT TO THE UCL GROUP STAGE DRAW 19/20🏆 (Champions League Parody)

TEAMS REACT TO THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE DRAW 19/20 No! Real Madrid? Holy beefburgers! That means… That means you’ll be playing against me when I’ve signed for Real Madrid! Nurse! He’s back again! Look what you’ve done to my hair! It’s an improvement, Demi Lovato! And now Kylian, for some work on your achilles! Nurse! No, PSG! Gareth I […]

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