Ever After | Action Movie | Thriller | Drama | HD | English | Free Film

– Drop the briefcase. – Mario will never miss it. – Well that’s not the point, now is it? Listen carefully. You’re gonna take 10 steps forward and then you’re gonna disappear. Do you understand? (dramatic music) (gun firing) (slow bluesy music) ♪ Yeah ♪ Ha ♪ I don’t right wrongs ♪ I write rhymes ♪ Call it […]

THE BOOK OF HENRY Trailer (2017) Maddie Ziegler, Naomi Watts, Drama Movie HD

HENRY: Our legacy isn’t how many commas we have in our bank account. It’s who we’re looking up to have in our lives. And what we can lead them with. Henry! Remind me again why we can’t put you on a gifted school. ‘Cause it’s better for my Psycho Social Development, for me to interact with the peer […]

Thick | Free Crime Movie | Romance | Drama | HD | Full Length Film

(cellphone rings) – Yeah. Got it. (bass filled, rhythmic music) (chattering) (elevator bell rings) (electronic whirling) – You enjoy the party? – Yes, ma’am, Ms. James. It was crazy. – Good. I’m happy to hear that. I wanted to talk to you about our future together. Is that okay? – Of course it is. – Now, all I […]

If You Only Knew | Free to Watch | Drama Film | HD | Full Length Movie

(smoke detector beeping) – Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! – God, you scared me, please. – Scared you? There’s an alarm going, there’s almost a fire in the kitchen. – What? – Are you cooking something? – No, I’m not, I just came in here and laid down. – Honey, you gotta be more […]

Silent Hill (Movie) | Wasted Plotential

Hello and welcome to Wasted Plotential, where we discuss the wasted potential of our favourite plotlines. Have you guys seen those articles going around about how people are apparently demanding that Santa Claus, of all fucking people, be made female or gender-neutral? First of all, he’s based on a real person, Saint Nicholas, so this is disrespectful to […]

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