Selena Gomez Chose Justin Bieber Over Her Mom – Jelena Drama

Whats good trendy fabulous sexy people, you’ve just tuned in to IO trends. My name is charlotte, and that is my cohost llama the drama correspondent. We’ve got a lot of trending topics to talk about today so lets just jump right in shall we. As you probably know by now, Justin bieber and selena gomez are back […]

Sterling K. Brown Snort-Laughs At Karen Gillan’s Awkward Teen Dance Video

– You actually just recently released a video, whenever you were a teenager, you were dancing? – [Sterling] Oh. – [Kelly] And I think, I mean, can we see that? – I can’t believe this is on TV. – What do we got, here we go, let me see. – [Kelly] Yes, we like to embarrass people. – […]

Adam Driver on The “Incredibly High Stakes” of Shooting Every Scene in ‘Marriage Story’ | Close Up

(upbeat music) – Adam, “Marriage Story’s” semi-autobiographical. Were you playing your director? – I may have, like all of these things, Noah’s wrote a script, he did that hat trick that people, I think try to do, of writing something that’s incredibly specific but reaches a broader audience. I mean, like anything, like “Meyerowitz”, you know “The Squid […]

Chrissy Metz Doesn’t Want Kids After Playing A Mom On ‘This Is Us’

(crowd cheers) (crowd applauds) – Your character on This Is Us, you’re a mom now, so does this make you more eager or less eager to have children in real life? – Less. (laughs) – I was gonna say. – Here’s the thing, he’s not my human, right? (sighs) – That’s more pressure. – Exactly. – Yeah. – […]

Why Shia LaBeouf Told His Father Mel Gibson Was Set to Portray Him in ‘Honey Boy’ | Close Up

(rhythmic music) – Have any of you had a dream project where you’ve taken to a director or another actor and said like, you must do this? “Honey Boy” is your project, you wrote it. – Yeah. – But if you haven’t seen it, it’s terrific. – It’s unbelievable. – [Shia] Thank you. – And the man is […]

[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] | (part.1) 🕴💃DANCE BATTLE : Do the perfect Choreography🕴💃(ENG SUB)

(Only the last round remains!) Let me announce the members who will play the last game. – The last game? – There will be a twist this time. – So far, the top 1 has won. – You must invest in the top 1. How many members will play? YooA is in first place? – I get it. […]

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