Rural Outcasts | 웬 아이를 보았네 [2019 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2019.11.15]

(Oh Dongja) Poopy! Poopy! Poopy! Why are you home already? If you are going to play hooky, do it after lunch! You rude brat! I can’t neither die nor live because of that brat. Geez. Next up is a song that suits this mysterious night that gives you the chills. This is my house! Oh, my radio… (Rural […]


Momy, when I grow up I want to be a Youtuber. Honey, I don’t really like the idea. But, You are a Youtuber ! Yes, but I’ve started ten years ago, in 2013 It’s an oversubscribed sector now. And you are 6 years old today. Too old to start a Youtube career. Really ? You should have think […]

Created Equal | 2017 Drama Thriller | Lou Diamond Phillips | Aaron Tveit

[relaxing mystical music] [church bell chiming] [children laughing and shouting] [unintelligible] [Sister Jean] Careful Samantha. You nearly knocked me down. Samantha, what do you say? Excuse me, Sister Jean. I’m sorry. -Aw. -Sister Alejandra. My doofy brother says girls can’t do what boys can do, -because we’re weak. [Alejandra] Nonsense. You can do and be anything you want […]

Two days with the RSC! Movement and choreography in Shakespearean theatre

The students have been great, they’ve been absolutely joyous and completely up for having an adventure and a good time so I’ve been challenging them to do character work and kind of acting choices through physicality but also we’ve been dancing and we’ve been creating as well. The great thing about this week is the students have been […]

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