New Diorama Theatre’s DOWN & OUT IN PARIS AND LONDON Trailer (2016)

GEORGE My name is George Orwell and I am a terrible writer POLLY As a journalist I’ve lived a very comfortable life… POLLY …but this was already a different city. GEORGE I hadn’t washed in three weeks… GEORGE …and was spending days without food. POLLY I’d travelled all across London and still was jobless. GEORGE I can’t see […]

Secret Life of Humans – London Theatre Trailer 2018

Here captured in a hardened volcanic dust are the earliest known set of human footprints. As they walk together hand in hand suddenly something causes them to freeze and turn and look… What made them stop? What did they see? And where are they heading? The journey of human history is a great escape. A great escape from […]

European Theatre Arts (Training the Contemporary Performer) BA (Hons)

I wanted something more than just actor training. There was no other course like it. I stumbled upon it! [Laughs] I came in thinking performing was one thing and came out with a completely different idea. ETA is a course for people who want to create. ETA for me is a course that prepares an artist for anything. […]