Western Stars – Official Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

♪♪♪Change.How do you change yourself?We’ve got a hundred year old barnfilled with the best kind of ghosts and spirits.We got to play for a few friends.You never know what’s going to happenwith new music.♪♪♪Its easy to lose yourself or never find yourself.The older you getthe heavier that baggage becomesthat you haven’t sorted through,so you run.I’ve done a lot […]

Destiny Rogers Explains How She Learned To Play Guitar & Performs “Tomboy” Live | Acura x Genius

I want to be that artist that gives the fans the best show of their life and that they’ve ever seen. What’s up, Genius? My name is Destiny Rogers. We’re going to sing a song if that’s cool. I get to do shows, I get to travel. I get to show people that don’t know who I am, […]


Are you guys dating? Then why don’t you open your mouth? You guys are dating, right? Me, right? You and… How long have you guys been dating for? For a year. A year. Why are you quiet, man? Has he kidnapped you? It’s okay. It’s been a year. How did you guys meet? Travelling. Travelling. Are you guys […]

The Rose play “Guess the song”; who will face the punishment?

“Don’t wait for me, tell it first baby~” Ah! I couldn’t think of the melody. I honestly couldn’t think about it either. I flipped the situation!!!! Hello, we are The Rose! Do you all know that we will go to Europe to meet Black Roses in November? Of course! Yes~ Thanks to our fans, we’re going on a […]

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