Working In The Theatre: Reimagining Shakespeare

[Unintelligible Speaking] Alright, you guys ready? “Come, bring us. Bring us where he is.”>Yeah. >Is that perfect? Do you want to test it? We were curious if we could do the things we cared about if we could approach character in a rhythmic way if we could create a complete world where design and acting style and physicality […]

Far Cry 5: Meet Greg Bryk | Joseph Seed Actor | Ubisoft [NA]

This whole journey towards becoming the Father was quite extraordinary and I think that, right from the first monologue I read of the character that something resonated really deeply in me. The truth of a person who has been stripped of love once in his life, finds love again and then is stripped of it again; Absolute devastation, […]

10 Crazy Actors Nobody Wants To Work With

It’s said that actors are a fickle, sensitive bunch. Some with varying levels of devotion to their craft. Because they’re constantly trying on new personalities, it’s not unusual for the person underneath to get a little weird over time. Wether it’s because of method acting, self-righteousness, or just plain old bad manners, here are Screen Rant’s 10 Actors […]

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