Working In The Theatre: Reimagining Shakespeare

[Unintelligible Speaking] Alright, you guys ready? “Come, bring us. Bring us where he is.”>Yeah. >Is that perfect? Do you want to test it? We were curious if we could do the things we cared about if we could approach character in a rhythmic way if we could create a complete world where design and acting style and physicality […]

Social Media for Actors – What to post for your acting career

In honor of Earth Day, I’m going to show you how you can reduce, reuse and recycle your content so you can get even bigger results on social media. Let’s start with reduce. If you’re not getting good engagement, stop posting on multiple platforms every day just to check it off your to do list. You don’t need […]

Creating Daniel Plainview [2/2]: Method Acting, Direction, and False Starts | There Will Be Blood

This video is brought to you by MUBI, a curated online cinema streaming exceptional films from around the globe. Get one month free at MUBI dot com, slash Cinema Tyler. So, with the preparation for Plainview finished, all that was left was to see how the character interacts with others. Daniel Day Lewis said that you can work […]

Is It Necessary For Actors Study Acting? Part Two: “Yes”

I don’t think it’s 100% necessary. I think it helps. Understanding the craft of acting helps prepare actors for new environments, new experiences. It gives you a toolkit. When you don’t have inspiration or you’re not inspired by something at least you have a craft that you can fall back on. I think it’s good to study. I […]

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