SRW Z2.2 Stage 58 Event Subbed, Getter Team & Uther’s resolution

SRW Z2.2 Stage 58 Event Subbed, Getter Team & Uther’s resolution

Evolution… Now that a new era is about to begin, we cannot let it’s buds be weeped out! This man… He seems to be leading the new progress of humanity. In that case, this place shall be his grave! I cannot lose here! For the sake of the unseen humanity’s future! The biosensor is..! All right! The spirits of people are gathering…! In that case! GO!! Don’t even think this is the end! Our kind is eternal! What!? What an earth is moving them to this extent!? You wouldn’t be able to understand! Go’s conciousness is being transmitted… Memory…? Reminiscence? This is Go’s origin of energy! Source for evolution! And it’s not just him. Eh… Memories and reminiscence… Those thoughts become power For the past to be connected with the future we have to live in the present! That’s what being a human being is! I undestand…! The thing lacking from Gaul and Braih who were supposed to be for the purpose of activating Shin Dragon along with Go. And the goal and purpose of professor Satome, what was entrusted to us…! The power needed for cutting through the future without having to rely on the getter rays! The will to advance forward! Nonsense! If that’s the case, embrace the getter rays and die! The others Invaders exploded! Koen and Stinger are trying to take in all that energy!? Koen! Stinger! What are you up to!? They are trying to become markers by themselves and by that attempting to call even more Invaders! Like I’d let them to! All units! Attack the giant Invader! Stop them at once! Resitance is useless! Before us who have achieved extreme evolution that kind of offensive is meaningless! In that case…! Sorry, Go but… To deliver them the finishing blow is our duty! Ryoma! Lets plunge into their insides and make the reactor of Shin Getter go out of control! Doing that, that monster will go rampage and their scheme is done to naught! But, dad! To entrust future to one’s children is parent’s duty. Fu.. In moments like this you should listen to your elders. Ryoma! Please wait! We will also come together…! No need. Ryoma Nagare! So even in this dimension you’re going to be our hindrance!? Did you get your brains full of getter rays, saying incomprehensible bullshit like that!? Ryoma! Ryoma! Ryoma! Farewell, my friends. Uoooooooooogghhhhh!!! This place is…! I’ve waited for you, Getter-team. Is that so…! We are..! To fight for all eternity in this loophole… Being selected to be in the Getter-team… However, now is not the time yet. …So it seems Don’t even think this is the end of it! Out kind is eternal! Aaaaaagghhh!!! The end of the starving demon of destruction it seems… All of the Invader responses around the whole area of Mars have disappeared. The earth was saved? But Ryoma and the others were… They’re fine! Shin Getter! We’re back, Kei. Boss! Ryoma! Hayato! Fuh.. It seems we still have things left to do in this world. In this world you say…? Don’t mind, just talk between ourselves… right, Go? Right… Well I suppose this isn’t a happy end just quite yet… The menance of the starving demon of destruction has gone away I see. Your highness… Are you still going to desire for battle?? A traitor such as yourself should not expect to have to have qualification to speak him me. Prince! Marguerite is just…! Be silent, little brat! I do not hold a tongue to speak with you. What!!?? ZEXIS! Do not expect to have a chance against ArkSaber having to struggle so hard to live through a fight of this degree. Well aren’t you confident, oh mighty prince! Your forces should also be quite exhausted by now fighting all those Invaders! Even so, do you still think you’re going to win!? …Do you think you will stand a chance against 500,000,000 soldiers? Hey hey, he wouldn’t mean…!? You’re planning to turn all the people of Insalaum into artificial DAMON!?? The artificial revive cell has been completed. Do not expect same kinds of failed products such as that little brat over there was. Your highness! You are…! Did you not hear me before, traitor. You do not have the right to speak with me. I shall wait you at the ZONE on Mars. The last zone and the last ArkSabers shall strike you down! Prince!!! Uther Insalaum… I shall no longer hesitate. Marguerite.. For the sake of Insalaum..! For the sake of peace of these two worlds! By this hand I shall defeat you!!

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  • Once Lelouch gets stabbed by Zero (Suzaku), Heero tells whole ZEXIS everything and how he knew it was going to become like this since he used the Zero system for the first time. Lelouch gets brought back to Ptolemios and saved. He gets pretty upset when he finds out he's still alive but gets shocked when he notices where he is. He gets told his sins aren't so cheap he can just die and repay for them and he should be zero for the rest of his life to pay them back.

  • I appreciate you pointing out if there's stuff wrong but I don't really care for someone nitpicking every tiny bit of detail _especially when both of those names can be romanized the way I've done_. I used the same romanization wikipedia does. If you really want to change names how you like I suggest you go to wikipedia and edit every single name you don't like. Have fun

  • Stop upvoting your own comments. Stop deleting my comments by deleting the messages I reply into. Stop making pointless arguments whether it's Ryoma/Ryouma, Karen/Kallen, Koen/Korwen, Go/Gou etc etc. Noone gives a damn. English language sucks when it comes to romanizing names from Japanese, you'll just have to deal with it.

    You've now been posting for days everyday nitpicking about the smallest things that make absolutely no difference. I appreciate you pointing out my mistakes but ffs…

  • The IF route version was ridiculously awesome compared to this version. They realy went all out on that stage.

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