45 thoughts on “Scott Bakula Nearly Killed Theatre-Goer With A Sword”

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett says:


    but James is breaking rules is only supposed to say something hw it became do something ?

    is like bottle gay M


    b u t y l o c h CA

    nurse Ratchet?

    Bu l o ch CA

    Late stages[edit]

    Difficulties with chewing and swallowing make eating very difficult and increase the risk of choking or of aspirating food into the lungs. In later stages of the disorder, aspiration pneumonia can develop, and maintaining a healthy weight can become a significant problem that may require the insertion of a feeding tube. As the diaphragm and intercostal muscles of the rib cage that support breathing weaken, measures of lung function such as vital capacity and inspiratory pressure diminish. In respiratory-onset ALS, this may occur before significant limb weakness is apparent. Most people with ALS die of respiratory failure or pneumonia.[3]

    Although respiratory support can ease problems with breathing and prolong survival, it does not affect the progression of ALS. Most people with ALS die between two and four years after the diagnosis.[5] Around half of people with ALS die within 30 months of their symptoms beginning, and about 20% of people with ALS live between five and 10 years after symptoms begin.[3] Guitarist Jason Becker has lived since 1989 with the disorder, while cosmologist Stephen Hawking lived for 55 more years following his diagnosis, but they are considered unusual cases.[45]

    Most people with ALS die in their own home, with their breath stopping while they sleep



    VER y Im p ortat

    So they wan to persecute Mquire and they say Acquire wha was actually standing up for president they pressure him now to make testimony against president to sy there was Russian interference ad president is covering that up. But Mcquire was made cry by Shift questioning and bullying and he said there wasn't anything wrong 

    so now they twist this?



    any other healthier recipes 


    hU wa N t s to look like Pa r is

    something quick? so people actually cook eat and that is the right food combination 

    N o g a a s?

     h a S h t A  e g g


    hu nou s what is in z meet


    seem p l 

    not expensive

    lot of green

    salads veggie

    some b r ea d r ye no yeast

    see as an people skinny but get sick 2


    it is not twitter that need to be canceled with president trump but some videos are really not good an cheat president owns up to like pardoning?

    why president get elected as someone who fires everyone now it is like he pardons thermal


    more dangerous to be in school outside than prison

    2 g ar d U 8


    it  is not good economy because of new policies implemented in calofornia especially allowing 7 percent rent increase

    just cause exempt condo single family house and duplex

    what is left? 

    so just cause not available to residential ? only commercial??

    o u see a problem so this is only business

    relation between business and housing

    first 4 min 54 sec

  • Did anyone else notice it took literally 2 seconds for this woman to become visibly pissed off that they were not going to talking about her for 3 minutes?

  • Scott Bakula is by far one of my all time fav actors! he made the series he was in… him and rockwell… amazing. I am going to make a point of seeing everything else he's done that i might have missed… (yes that includes the tv series Chuck)

  • Scott Bakula is a friend of a family friend. He came over to my house a couple times when I was a kid and I asked for his autograph on a piece of notebook paper. I was so shy, but he signed it and then mailed me his headshot about a month later with a note thanking me for looking after his young kids at the time. He's the nicest and most down to earth guy.
    Anyways, thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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