100 thoughts on “Sam Heughan: Expect Lots Of Drama In The New Season Of “Outlander””

  • Sassenach?? Obviously Colbert has never watched even one episode of Outlander, maybe why it was all a bit of a hopeless effort on his part.

  • That was easily Stephen's poorest interview, and seemed a bit hostile towards the guest. It was a mess at a minimum and the way Stephen treated his Scotch was absolutely rude and insulting. I would not be surprised if Sam's agent refuses to let him come back in the future. Stephen didn't just botch the interview, he actually wronged Sam by how poor form it was. I'm very disappointed in Stephen on this one. We hold you to a higher standard Mr. Colbert.

  • This guy is so extremely sexy in outlander. His character is portraying the perfect man. I don’t give a fuck about the story, just hearing him talk with his Scottish accent is enough for me.

  • Tamsin Mc Cormick says:

    This is shameful ! that Sam Heughan does not know what a Sassenach or in Irish Gaelic Sassanach means. It does not mean an outsider or an Outlander !! Let me explain – A sassenach in an English Person – just as An Albanach is a Scottish person and not an Inlander !!
    a Nach is a person male or female as in my passport Eireannach – Irish person

  • Jacqueline McQuade says:

    I don’t usually have the energy to be offended on someone else’s behalf but seeing Stephen pour that soda into the Scotch like that activated my defence system.

  • Barbara Jungbauer says:

    Lots of people didn't get how well Sam came off in this. Funny stuff and it got to show how Sam rolls with the punches.

    Steven's interviews are always like this. Did you NOT see his interview w/Jonathan Groff doing the King George III walk? It wasn't in the slightest bit disrespectful nor did he insult the whisky.

  • What a waste of a great guest. First you insult his whiskey by drowning it in soda, then you reduce his best and multifaceted character to a mere sex symbol and force him to say the most stereotypical Scottish lines ever. Sam is an amazing actor and really nice guy. Shame on you Stephen!

  • That was the strangest interview. It was so completely all over the place, rushed to do so many bits, and oh gracious, THE FRESCA. They shouldn’t have let it even air.

  • Second time this week I am unimpressed with Colbert. It's as though, now that he doesn't have enough to snark over the the guy in the WH about, he's snarking anywhere else he can. Stephen, maybe you're not as funny as you think you are. Judging from comments on this clip, an attitude adjustment might be in order.

  • I generally love Colbert but I found him to be extremely rude and ungrateful with Sam. Sam brought him a gift and Colbert totally insulted him. You could tell by Sam's reaction he wasn't happy with the behavior but Sam being polite and easy going handled it with class. I always like Colbert but I found this unacceptable. I understand Colbert has his own whiskey but that is no reason to not taste another whiskey with respect. Actually I think he owes Sam an apology. I hope Colbert's head isn't getting too big. That has wreck a lot of people on TV.

  • My goodness! I cringed, and it appears by all the comments I was not alone. This is not the Stephen we have come to know. Seemed like Stephen had some beef with him and Stephen was forced to do the interview. Not cool.

  • Stephen looked like the Donald Trump of late night hosts with this one. Amateur time. Too bad he didn't do his prep on Sam. Stephen you looked like an ass.

  • OK Stephen, now you’re really taking it too far.I took a personal offense the first time I watched an episode of that series. My ancestry is as mixed as most baby boomer children. My father died in September 2018 and one of my fondest memories with him was doing our ancestry DNA. Together, spitting in vials and laughing I knew a lot of his Italian background but my mother always said they were “English”. But by the time I was born they were re-named “Hillbillies”. So when I watched that program it kind of upset me because I don’t like what we did, The world is still doing it if you want it take it. I’m serious first night I watched it with my girlfriend I had to move 20 feet away from the television and wonder why she and her cousin thought that was such a wonderful program. Like acceptable pornography that you could talk about at work. It is a good thing that I am on the other side of the mountain and
    Someone else is going to have to clean up the mess… sorry sons, I did my best.

  • I have to agree with everyone ! Stephen was rude, dismissive and underwhelming. With this kind of behavior, I have to reconsider watching the show in the future. I doubt that Jimmy or Seth would be such a poor host.

  • Why'd you have to do that, Colbert?! WHY? You simply do not pour any extra frizzy drink into good quality whisky, man, you just don't. On the rocks was bad enough to start with. Ugh.

  • First, Colbert pours the Scottish Whisky over ice! If you know anything about drinking Whisky you know to pour in water to open the bouquet of the Whisky. Then he pours sweet soda into the glass. He just destroys the Whisky and the interview. How rude!

  • To all those who have noticed Steven Colbert was way off his usual gracious host duties, even rude to Sam, I think Steven may have have been intoxicated during this interview.

  • Six minutes of Sam is never enough. He's done some other movies besides the Outlander tv show. Stephen went for funny instead of nice. Ouch!

  • Yeesh… little cold to Sam about his whiskey. Damn, and mixing it? Jeez, rude. I don’t drink but if I was having a guest on a talk show I would’ve at least tried the pure product. Sam is always so polite, but damn Steve wasn’t polite at all.

  • Big fan of Colbert, but this was weird. I admire Sam for keeping his cool in the face the highly disrespectful treatment he received. Did we just get a glimpse of the real Colbert…or can he explain his behaviour.?

  • How could the writers not have known what Sassenach means ? It is literally one of the first things he says in the show. Maybe they did it to make him explain it but it would have been so much nicer to make him feel included if they would have done that easy research.

  • Ok I’m not even going to finish this interview, the disrespect in it is so fucking strong I can’t continue. First you didn’t ask if he wanted it in the rocks, a lot prefer it that way but some don’t, be a lil more considerate, second that was a huge slap when he poured that soda (whatever the fuck that was) into the scotch. Wtf is wrong w/ you?! Is there a beef I don’t know about? I’ve seen you act better than this and you’ve been doing this for a while enough for you to have better manners and know how to properly host

  • Sam, as always, gives his due to the writer and his fans and was a perfect gentleman. Stephen Colbert – you were a very poor excuse for a host during this interview. Let's be frank, Mr. Colbert – you were pretty much a horse's ass. Sam is beloved by his fans, and he deserved a much better interview than the one you conducted. Your curt rudeness wasn't funny – at all. Boo Hiss to you, Mr. Colbert.

  • I think if John Stewart showed up with scotch, it could be funny to dilute it with fresca… Not actual guests who are trying to promote their pride and joy products.

  • Big fan of the show. I follow it on YouTube from across the world, but Colbert's behavior there was bang out of order! So petty. I'm gonna borrow a Trump expression: Sad!

  • createlovetravel says:

    This was the worst interview ever on television. Sam did not deserve this at all. He was presented as a pretty boy by Stephen, why? His character is deep, courageous, smart loving respectful I can go on and on. And jeeees don’t even get me started on what he did to his whiskey 🥃!!! WTF was that for? There was such an animosity in this haphazard interview!

  • The disrespect is unbearable. Sam is a class act. Why invite him if you're going to mistreat him on air like this?
    He deserves a lot of praise for putting up with this crap.

  • I was also so disappointed with Stephen Colbert's behavior. Bravo for keeping your cool under pressure!
    Ps. Can't wait for The Sassanach to come to the EU! 🙂

  • Man Stephen, this was a weak interview! Didn't asked him about the show, just have him as a sexy prop and disrespected his Whiskey like that? And Sam is such a beautiful person, ever so charming and composed very professional of him to carry on in such a calm way.

  • So after an offensive interview by Stephen, now STILL 4 days later your description says "Sixth Season" when it's the Fifth. Where is your decency?

  • About the Whiskey. Sassenach is the Scottish Gaelic word for an Englishman. It comes from the Gaelic pronunciation of Saxon and the Gaelic word for man. If you wanted to say Scotsman in Gaelic, you would say Albanach! Historically Gaelic speaking highlanders would use it to refer to not only Englishman but the English speaking lowland Scots! Heughan is a lowlander born close to the border with England so I think the name might refer to him. The word Whiskey comes from the Gaelic word for water, and originally whiskey was called uisce beatha, “the water of life”.

  • lilacsandjasmine says:

    Stephen is too intelligent and aware for me to assume anything other than that his interview was intentionally rude. He must believe the show is simply soft core porn and Sam is a male “playgirl” bunny. He treated him as such, and disrespected the show and Diana Gabaldon as well by showing no interest in the plot or storyline, and forcing Sam to say that stupid line. This from a man who quotes lines from the Lord of The Rings! I won’t believe he “goofed” on this interview until I hear it from his mouth. I agree with the response shared earlier – don’t interview the guy if you’re feeling that way about the show and story – and at least give your guest the honor of watching a few of the shows or reading parts of the books if you are planning to do so. He treated Trump better when he interviewed him than he treated Sam – and we all know he hates Trump. Come on Stephen, fess up, admit you made a mistake here. As you know, a sincere confession is good for the soul!!!

  • Sam is such a gracious guest… Someone on Colbert's staff should have consulted with experts on how to properly taste whiskey. At least taste it at its base first before adding "rocks" and mixers!

  • I watched Outlander with my 17 y/o son. I warned him about those scenes. He was upset that I would give something away even though I only told him there would be disturbing scenes coming. I left the room during them, I'd already seen them and read the books. He understood then why I cautioned him. It was lovely to watch w/ him because it's a wonderful, inspirational love story. We are from CA. He goes to Uni in Scotland now, at age 21 and has a terrific girlfriend. He is a fabulous boyfriend.

  • I don't watch Outlander, had never heard of Heughan, and don't drink scotch, but Colbert just dropped several notches in my esteem of him. Badly done, Stephen.

  • My regard for Stephen Colbert has plummeted after watching this interview. Outlander is a terrific show and Sam is a fantastic actor, not just a sex symbol. I’m almost finished watching the fourth season of outlander and Jamie has his clothes on almost all of the time, so for Colbert to have made that remark about having trouble finding a shot of him with his shirt on was just ridiculous. There were so many questions he could have asked about the show, the actor’s previous history, his addition to the production team, etc. , but no, all we get is disrespect and rude behavior. Was Stephen jealous or something? That was awful!

  • Oh god, this hurt my soul. The ice cube was a punch in the gut, but the soda was a knife in the heart. RIP that lovely dram of The Sassenach. I feel like this is akin to burning a book written by one of his other guests in front of them.

  • Lady Lovely Lox & Bagels says:

    Did it occur to anyone that the rudeness was a gimmick for publicity and Sam is in on it? (God I hope so, otherwise DAMN, COLBERT, ice cold – pun intended).

  • ouch, that was so stereotypical, ignorant American. Colbert insulted his whiskey! I realise partly, he did this on purpose but he could have asked and be polite!

  • This was unprofessional and petty. No idea what Stephen's problem is (aside from a lack of manners), but that was cringy. How disappointing.

  • ThePentadactyl Man says:

    I always really like Stephen Colbert and his show – but THIS was THE most worst interview, rude and without any respect to the guest. Very embarrasing. Why invite such a great actor if you have absolutely no interest in that person, his "baby" the own whisky (and one can be VERY proud on that!), his movies etc.? I would have understand if Sam just left the show after a minute or so…. And…: If I have my own scotch Whisky and someone would put ICE in that I would punch him on his nose 🙂 Ice brings the temperature down and you are loosing all of the aroma, the taste, the flavour. A tumbler is terrible enough – use nosing glasses for god sake, but ice in whisky is disgusting. Keep your ice in your whiskey, but never in scotch whisky

  • Usually I love your show and your check on reality, but you were so rude and obnoxious to Sam Heughan, one fo the most humble and likaeable guys in Hollywood. . Very disappointing Stephen. Shame on you.

  • Woooow….. Sam deserved a much better interviewer with class, respect and quality questions about the show, fans, charity work Sam does and more..

  • Oh Stephen…😆 he doesn’t drink his whisky 🥃 on ice 🧊 or with fizzy pop 🥤….I think Sam drinks his as is.👏🥳🥃 Good thing yur’ a braw lad! Lots of love from 💗The Sassenach 👏🤣 cause I’m yur’ Bonnie lass! 😂👌🥃🥃👊😝 Made me laugh 🤭!💕

  • How do you have someone from Outlander on the show and not even know what a Sassanach is… Poorly researched. I’m disappointed that you didn’t put in the effort to know Sam or Outlander before the interview. Also why did you have to destroy the whiskey like that?

  • I've always thought Colbert is kind of an ass and this interview proves it! He's somewhat ok masking it with some guests but with others he just can't help himself, can he?

  • takingbacksunday913 says:

    I felt Steven came off rude in this interview and knew nothing about Sam. Pouring mountain dew in the whiskey was also rude.

  • I don't think I've ever commented on anything on Youtube.. that's your honor, Stephen. You are awful as an interviewer and I hope never to watch your show again

  • I do hope that this feedback about S Colbert’s interview style, in this particular interview, gets back to him _in as much detail as possible!!_.

    We, the majority, are aghast, appalled and frankly expected so much better by the very standards that you have set by and demonstrated yourself, Mr Colbert!

  • Sunflower Watermelon Sugar High says:

    Sam is such an amazing actor! Theatre trained, they could have talked about that, as Colbert seems to know a lot about theatre . Sam is also a gentleman and a wonderful person who works a lot for charity (MPC, Blodwise) that could have been mentioned too. And why on earth did Colbert disrespect the scotch like that? 🥃 I don't drink alcohol, but I found that very weird.

  • Colbert POS I love it when he said about the women squealing for Sam and Sam said under his breath I’m waiting for you to squeal loved it !!!!

  • Sam was great and once again showed his human, kind and respectful side even in the situation when the show host was acting disrespectully toward him! With his rude attitude, Stephen Colbert lowered himself below “0” in my eyes 👎

  • What an insulting rude person! No wonder I never watch this show, only because Sam was on. He is wonderful and a talented great actor.

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