Sacred Heart University Theatre Arts Program

(gentle music) – Being part of the theater
arts program has kind of shaped my entire experience. And that’s just kind of
where I grew as a person and as a student so it’s
only propelled me forward since being involved. If I didn’t get involved
in theater I wouldn’t know what I wanna do in the future honestly. I just randomly interviewed
for a tech position here and I ended up loving it. And now this is what I wanna do. – Everyone in the theater
arts program has a love for what they’re doing. They have a love for one
another and they have a love for what the other people
in the program are doing. (gentle music) – All of the shows we do
here send a really powerful and important message and
it’s something that the whole school talks about. – I’ve definitely never been
in a theater program like this. The people in it, the shows that we do, it’s incredible.
(dramatic music)

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