Rise Of Skywalker: JJ Abrams Sabotaged by Disney Drama | RANT

Rise Of Skywalker: JJ Abrams Sabotaged by Disney Drama | RANT

all right I am officially pissed I’m
definitely ready to rant and I might be going to the dark side what’s up
everybody today I’m here to talk about rise of Skywalker and something that
came to my attention that really pissed me off so this will be kind of a rant
video and also because this brings some clarity to what was going on behind the
scenes and he makes me understand a little bit more why this movie was such
a mess if you saw my review you probably know I wasn’t pleased with the film the
movie was all over the place you know they were jumping from one thing to the
other wipe really quickly and then before you even process one scene okay
move on to the next one we have mark we have more I was like this is disjointed
mess and the movie is so deceiving you know so deceiving with nostalgia and
beautiful visuals and you’re just like wow that is so cool
I love 2PO oh there’s some scenes are so nice but when you really think about
the story they took a piss all over Anakin Skywalker sacrificed they took a
piss all over Luke Skywalker and a party at the end that’s why I cannot like this
movie you know there is no way that this is called the rise of skywalk edition
I’ve been called the fall of Skywalker and that’s why I don’t like this film
and that’s why I don’t accept this film and no one is going to change my mind
that said I learn about this I’m getting a little agitated see how these things
take me to the dark side I first heard about this last night shout out to
Jeremy geeks and gamers was doing a stream about this but it was very late
and I was like I’ll catch up with this tomorrow I don’t know what’s going on so
today I finally had time to read to this thread and I was like this makes total
sense now I understand I mean we all knew there were problems behind the
scenes you know when you have actors speaking up when you hear about reshoots
things are going on you know and not only that there are articles
everywhere mentioning the release JJ cut so apparently the
movie that we saw was not the movie that JJ had originally designed and that is
because executive people from Lucasfilm you know were the ones making these
decisions and mostly changing it in the editing room now if you know anything
about filmmaking is that there’s two types of directing there is own set
directing and there’s the editing room directing when you’re editing a film
that is the second time where you’re actually directing a movie again because
you can change things you can organize things in a way that will either make
more sense or not make sense at all and when I left the rise of Skywalker I was
like my god this movie looks like there’s chunks of it missing you know
there’s so many things that does not they asked there’s so many things that
doesn’t make any sense one thing for instance thin right says
there’s something I need to tell ray I was gonna call her Rose whatever but
that doesn’t pay off at the end and people were thinking including myself
that it what he had to tell ray is that the fact that oh I’m in love with you
you know and she was going to friends on him but now according to John boyega and
JJ Abrams he was going to tell her he she he was forced sensitive how amazed
it would have been to see that you know this is something that has been planted
on the first awakens never paid off so I don’t understand why they didn’t pay
that off it’s just it’s stupid to me another thing it doesn’t make any sense
you know Lando at the very end talking to that girl I thought he was hitting on
her I was like that is so weird the way he’s talking with us it’s so weird
apparently she was she’s supposed to be his daughter
you know the lost daughter that we’d never even heard this story I was like
what I just it really pisses me off when these executive people know because they
don’t care about you they don’t care about these franchises they don’t care
about what these characters mean to you or what Entertainment means to people
they care about money and money they’re getting their money right it’s making
almost a billion dollars because people are watching the movie so of course it’s
making money I don’t really care if makes money it’s irrelevant to me but it
does piss me off that
no they took a piss all over what George Lucas created and people think that this
is a good movie I don’t get it anyways now before I get to these I also wanted
to say that John boyega has been throwing some shade at Disney
we heard that a little before the movie came out so this is what he said right
the first awakens I think was the beginning of something quite solid the
last Jedi if I’m being honest I’d say there was a bit iffy for me I didn’t
necessarily agree with a lot of the choices in that and that’s something
that spoke to Mark Hamill a lot about and we had conversations about it and it
was hard for us all because we were separated then he also throw shade that
the reloj thing okay Star Wars romance where with a huge spoiler the movie has
been out for like a week and a half and look at the spoiler over here where kylo
dies and you basically throwing shade at the romance over here because if you
really think about it this romance is wrong I know he gets redeemed at the end
but you know it’s just not the right message you know I the only thing that
was enjoyable for me in this new trilogy was Adam driver because I think he’s a
great actor and I enjoy kylo Ren I thought he was the only interesting
character and Finn was an interesting character until they destroyed him but I
still enjoyed Tyler Ann and I didn’t want him to die because I didn’t want
the Skywalker lineage to die you know even though I know he deserved but it
was just oh my god they eliminated that they did everything that they wanted
they eliminated all the original characters and they eliminated the
Skywalker’s at the very end No thank you very much this movie is not part of Star
Wars for me I don’t consider the Star Wars and if I have kids they’re never
gonna see this anyways that said also JJ said that the criticism you know it is
fair is right people are right to be criticizing he said that as well because
he also said we knew that we’re not going to be able to please anyone else
oh and on top of that we also have Mark Hamill talking about the disability how
he was displeased with the way Luke Skywalker has been portray over this
trilogy correct so he’s being very open about it even said it’s not the same
thing without George and he’s just oh my god this really really gets me gets on
my nerve but anyways so taking the fact that the actors has been have been
speaking up taking the fact that we heard about reshoots this thing over
here to me have some validity because even the leaks were true right if the
leaks were true perhaps the person that is doing this is the same person that
leaked everything and it perhaps this person who really has some insight of
what was going on there was definitely problems behind the scenes so let’s get
to it so first it’s saying here the leak is
from the rise of Skywalker I had an agenda and I tied to Disney directly so
according to them they worked in this production
my source confessed that they have an agenda as well as in that struggle with
ignoring what’s being happening to someone who they think doesn’t deserve
it of course they’re talking about JJ here and then they’re saying that JJ
treat everyone and on and off set with respect some of my sources agenda is
that what Disney has done to JJ and how much they screwed him over should be
something people are at least aware of whether you like him as a filmmaker or
not now I’m going to sing this okay I never had a problem with JJ as a
filmmaker you know I’ve always enjoyed his film and I think that at least is
able to make a coherent story and that’s another reason why I didn’t understand
rise of Skywalker because it does not feel like a coherent story it does not
feel like the end of a saga and it does not feel that it pays off the things
that was set up at the very beginning it just doesn’t why is this called the rise
of Skywalker if you kill all the Skywalker’s why did Ben solo have to die
after he redeemed himself why did Leia have to sacrifice her life
so her son was going to die anyways how does that make any sense it would have
been way more from a filmmaking stance for a point right if she sacrificed
herself so her son could live that is something that is way more
understandable in a better arc in my opinion okay I was completely pissed off
that they killed him off for the reason that by killing him off he was the last
Skywalker for real okay in the end 14 wings man this okay back to this
repeating over this top really pisses me off
alright so I’m not gonna read the whole thing because it’s accessible to
everyone but I’m going to get to the most important point so according to
this over here right da was sabotaging the JJ Abrams because JJ Abrams has B
there’s a rumor that he will be moving on to Warner Bros to relaunch the DC
universes specifically making a Superman film I hope not
and I don’t know if I want him to make a Superman film I’m not sure I think he’s
capable but I don’t know I’m just please Superman is another of my top characters
he’s just I don’t know anyways but the rumor is that he’s supposed to go to
Warner Bros to launch a DC Universe and the DC if it’s done well you know you
have Batman you have Superman you have Wonder Woman these characters that have
been established for so many years people understand and know the symbols
you know you don’t even need to do anything if you show someone the s
people know what that means okay people if you show the Batman symbol people
understand that these characters are being more than established what we need
right now are good movies to create a universe so according to this Disney
thinks that if the DC Universe has a very strong and established universe it
could potentially be a great competition or a bigger competition to Marvel
especially now that the great the era of Marvel is ended you know Thanos is gone
Ironman is gone Captain America’s gone so all their classic characters are kind
of sidelined and now it’s kind of a new era so unless they bring these
characters back I don’t know is Marvel going to continue to have the same sort
of appeal now the Iron Man is not in the picture I don’t know are we gonna have
another snap moment you know so if they have a Superman movie you know and we
like great Justice League stablished it could potentially be great competition
okay so according to this leaks over here
this thing was actually sabotaging JJ so he wouldn’t get higher so the diss
universe will continue to struggle I don’t know if that’s completely true
because JJ even in my opinion is not the only personal person capable of doing
that you know I think there’s many talented people out there all you need
is someone that understands comic and actually have love for the source
material that’s what you need and I’m pretty sure there are people out there
JJ Abrams is not the only person so I’m not sure this is the reason so but some
of the things that are written here completely makes sense and I believe it
may be true but anyways that’s what they’re saying here right so Warner Bros
wants JJ for some DC project my source said that this generation Star Wars is
the MCU and war Marvel’s biggest threat is a well operational DC just like I
said so blah blah blah okay and their goal is to make JJ look bad to potential
investors and shareholders okay all right so let’s continue to my source
make sure this shortly after the premiere the rise of Skywalker we saw
last night was not the rise of Skywalker we thought we worked on JJ was
devastated and blindsided by this now I like I said I don’t hate JJ Abrams I
think he’s a talented person I never did I even enjoy the first weeks I don’t
agree with what he did to Luke and I don’t like the fact that he didn’t give
us a reunion but I also I am a hundred percent sure that he couldn’t do
everything he wanted you know he doesn’t have that kind of freedom when you’re
working with Studios George Lucas said that many times and that’s the reason
why he wanted to stay away from Studios that’s why he wanted to do his own thing
with Lucasfilm that’s why he created Lucasfilm so he didn’t have to you know
abide by the white slavers remember when he said that he sold it to the white
slavers anyways so I don’t even know if I can blame JJ for the mess that his
Star Wars because I don’t know how much of us say he hasn’t created his stories
according to this and I totally believe all these executive people have been
behind all time you know apparently because of the force awakens success is
where Ryan Jones had freedom because it was they made so much
money right and then ryan johnson comes in and basically screw it up I hate that
movie lasted I it’s just I knew it killed Star Wars and you know now it now
we are in this mess alright let’s continue he’s been feeling down over the
last six months because of some of the ridiculous demand Disney had that
changed his movie story while the scenes were shot a lot of the changes were made
in post-production in the editing room right so that’s the second time where
you’re directing the movie and the audio was recorded and altered my source said
that they’ve never seen anything like this happened before he’s the director
and he wasn’t he wasn’t in the know about what they were doing behind his
back which is very very insane because no the director should be the one that
has the say over the final cut now this is not unheard of this kind of stuff
happened all the way back to her the original Superman this movie over here
Richard Donner and on the second film you know there was a problem with
between studios and all of that and you know that’s why we had later all years
later we had the Richard Donner cut because that movie it wasn’t completely
going to be it was not his vision the same thing happened with Justice League
you know that’s why we have the hashtag released the Snyder cut apparently it’s
way longer and he at least makes more sense because you know Warner Bros was
so desperate to be Marvel that they they didn’t even finish their own story they
messed it up they changed the tone and he just oh my god and they gave the
Superman with the worst CGI who could possibly you could totally see these are
people that are not involved in creative process these are executive people that
don’t understand it I don’t care they think that the customers they will
consume whatever you know and they are partially right because right so
Skywalker is indeed making money I don’t know if it’s going to make the same
money that the others did but it’s still making money but whatever let’s continue
here so apparently JJ felt threatened over months leading up to the premiere
Ryan was never meant to do episode 9 and despite some rumors that he was JJ was
brought back by Eiger not Catalan Kathleen Kennedy didn’t insist
more fanservice less controversy okay fanservice I am NOT against fanservice
when fanservice work on the story and when it’s subtle I
think Finn’s surface is something that it’s that little moment that should make
the audience cope and that’s about it but when the movies just fanservice it’s
just using that because it doesn’t have a coherent story that’s where the the
problem is and that was a lot of that in the rise of Skywalker
JJ’s original agreement when he signed on was indicating he would have way more
creative control than what he did in the first awaken so see this is what I mean
by I cannot blame him for everything to happen in the force awakens because I
don’t know how much control he had over it he became evident this wasn’t the
case only a couple of weeks into shooting when he when the trouble with
meddling started JJ wanted to do some scenes he thought were important but
Disney shut it down signing budgetary reasons of course that’s what they
always do that probably Kathleen Kennedy here right
always putting her finger on it you know Kathleen Kane is also the biggest reason
when Star Wars is dying right now you know I think she had an agenda against
George that’s what I think he was and that’s why she got Brian Jones to come
and destroy the stuff oh my god okay let’s continue May 29 2011 the other
scenes his sister was approved at first he did reshoots an additional
photography in July and we heard about that remember the reshoots were
happening the new scene was shot in a shot at PR in October what’s PR bad
robot I guess the ending that will blow your mind
was part of this now this is what pisses me off big time because if this is
supposed to be part of the movie and Disney cut it out man this is okay so
older actors were included Hayden you and Sam well and anyone who wasn’t
animated the first ghosts weren’t meant to be voices because they were shot that
footage on camera can you imagine if we find out that these are these leaks are
actually true you know can you imagine if JJ after his contract is done really
say yes a JJ cut can imagine can you imagine
that and we find out that Anakin Skywalker was indeed supposed to be
there that would have been a way more satisfying film because that way the
Skywalker’s are involved in the fall of Palpatine it would make more sense but
nah the actors wearing costumes Rey was supposed to be surrounded by force
ghosts to serve as a sort of bar a barrier between her and the sith
surrounding them this sounds a lot like the Harry Potter remember when his mum
and dad and I think uncle come to help him it sounds like that but whatever if
you were supposed to make sense I hated those thing with the voices that I that
is not enough for me that is not enough they just want a rate to shine all alone
by herself to destroy because she so whatever man I am NOT gonna read the
whole thing but I want to get to the reloj part because I want this video to
be too long but you can read this it’s very interesting there’s a lot of stuff
over there and that’s where it talks about the the Lando daughter when I said
it earlier but let’s talk about the reloj JJ was against the rail locusts or
railroad in general this was Disney attempt to please both sides of the
fandom so the people that love the love story you know I think love story is
always a good thing and always a great addition but I cannot see a love story
between kylo Ren and and Rey because he wasn’t set up properly especially
because he was torturing her it’s weird it’s not a good message especially on a
Disney film you know so that’s my problem with that and I don’t even even
care about the kiss because by that point I was so over the movie and I was
even more pissed that he died seconds later I was like are you kidding me so
that’s how the said that’s how the Skywalker’s ended right that well
brilliant choice it was man you can tell I don’t understand why would Disney buy
Star Wars if they wanted to destroy the Skywalker’s you would think that if they
treated these characters with respect they would make more money but go figure
I still don’t get it JJ was not happy with the last Jedi
we’re the last Jedi to story the final result is a mix of that
story and the story told by Disney and whoever they tried to impress certainly
not the fence that is true JJ’s gutted over this final result Star
Wars meant a lot to him he had to sacrifice large chunks of the story in
the first awakens but he was promised more creative control the rise of
skywalker and instead the leash they had him on was only tighten as time went by
a source said that this is the one franchise the one piece of his work he
didn’t want to mess up and instead it turned into the worst nightmare when he
found out that he was blindsided with the cut they presented he said what the
f when kylo was fighting the night was not Knights of Ren which did nothing in
this movie by the way at the end the Williams music that was used for it was
not what he wanted at all he seemed to think it was out of place the JJ cut
exists and will always exist we most likely will never see it unless someone
accidentally leaks it please hate someone leaks this please can imagine
the rage of Star Wars fans if we find out Hayden Ayane ki Skywalker that was
that a very beginning was there to end the whole thing man I that’s going to
piss me off there’s something else in here that I wanted to read for you I
just want to find which it was JJ went into the apparently he was really pissed
so he went into the meeting and said why don’t you guys write directed by Lucas
Films and executive people instead of directed by JJ Abrams it’s here
somewhere you’ll find it will when you see it I can also put the link to this
on the description below this is what’s going on guys this really shines light
on what’s on the mess that was this trilogy all along you know this really I
hope that people understand because I you know I am I go to film school and I
understand how it is when you get someone that wants to pay for a movie
for you that person usually wants control over a lot of things they want
you know merchandise to put be put in there and unfortunately it became this
thing where it is under these control and because Disney is funding it
of course they are not gonna allow JJ Abel’s to do whatever they want so I
totally believe that it might not be every single thing here true but I
believe that at least most of it over here makes sense it makes sense with the
criticism from John boyega he makes sense with the criticism for Mark Hamill
it’s just it just makes sense and it pisses me off and it just makes me sad
and it is what it is I mean what can you say this franchise is dead and over you
know I don’t know what are their planes going forward I don’t know what’s gonna
happen to the rise of Skywalker how much more money we’ll continue to make man
whatever with this but I am very excited to see the storyline unfold because just
like with the Snyder cut you know now we have Snyder himself saying yes there is
a cut and he’s always throwing these images can you imagine if the same thing
happens with JJ Abrams that would be amazing especially if we really find out
at the very end you know you were McGregor and you know Hayden was
supposed to be there to actually help and Palpatine man that would have been a
whole different film you know I’m not sure if was going to be a perfect film
but way better than what we got anyways guys that is it I think I’m going to end
this video right now drop your comments down below sorry for getting a little
bit like annoyed but yes this is my true feelings when it comes to these things
Star Wars keeps breaking my heart I mean more specifically these people in charge
of Star Wars again thanks for watching and don’t forget to hit that thumbs up
subscribe for more see you next time bye

100 thoughts on “Rise Of Skywalker: JJ Abrams Sabotaged by Disney Drama | RANT”

  • Fozzi Bear Endor says:

    In my opinion there is to much creativity freedom with establish franchises. The cannon isn't respected by the executive's , directors and writers. The other issue is comprising story groups with little knowledge of cannon.

  • There were some things that I did not like about Return of the Jedi. I thought the Ewoks and their antics were to cutesy for my taste. But in Return of the Jedi, Palpatine is thrown down a shaft where there is energy at the bottom and he blows up and is atomized. Then not too long after the Death Star is blown up. It isn't just blown up, though, it is atomized as well. There aren't big chunks of it left. Palpatine was never supposed to come back and George Lucas said so. So when I see large chunks of the Death Star on Endor I instantly call bullshit. Same for Palpatine being back. For me, Star Wars ended at Return of the Jedi. That is the real ending to the franchise. Disney Star Wars is crap.

  • I mentioned TROS to my son. He said that he is never going to see it, nor TLJ.
    I have all the Star Wars audiobooks and comics. As far as I'm concerned, these are still canon, which Disney have failed to replace.
    The Mouse can kiss my @$$!

  • As a fellow female fan i really love all your analysis and commentary. It's hard to explain why "yes I like romance" but "Kylo and Rey kissing was stupid".

  • Is this such a surprise?? And you really think RJ had 100% free reign by Disney? I don’t think so… no matter what you think of TLJ i think Disney wanted this because they thought it would be a great idea and it backfired with half of the fans…

    What i dislike about Boyega’s comments is that he at first was talking way different on social media and now he makes a 180…

    Don’t praise JJ to much… he’s not made a great movie since Star Trek 09 if you don’t count his remakes and rehashes over the last 10 years…

  • Walter("F**k it lets go bowling") says:

    This Disney sequel trilogy will be forever known as a lesson in what not to do with a much beloved space fantasy story series!
    Disney and the Kathleen Kennedy regime at Lucasfilm have shown complete disrespect to George Lucas and all the Star Wars fans!
    Release the George Lucas cut of The Rise Of Skywalker!

    According to Lord Doomcock sources, there is a Lucas version!
    What are you going to do Mr Bob Iger?

  • Can i jus say something about Finn being Force sensitive, when ray dies, you see Finn stumble,with a look of horror on his face. it's very subtle, but it's there in the cut i watched on 123 movies,which i think is the cut from Singapore.

  • Ronald Sprowal says:

    If I did episode 9. I would have should how lonely Kylo Ren As supreme leader 1st order Won. 5 year's later go by Rey training those Jedi kids. So she found out Husk plot with Knights of Ren to kill Kylo So Rey. Fin and Peo save Kylo Ren So Kylo Ren Becomes a Good ReLo and First order becomes the Good order …..(something like a . Beauty and the Beast situation) Viv I know u did not like Reylo But I did

  • Disney created a crap movie and sheep will continue to flock into theaters to see this mess. They will laugh all the way to the bank. If you look on IMDB, Rian Johnson is already assigned to a new Star Wars untitled trilogy.. unbelievable! lol There's more of this trash coming folks… GET READY FOR IT!!!

  • I agree with you that this Disney Trilogy is not Canon to me.  Disney tries to control every effort of that.  They are screwing up Star Wars in every aspect, (trading cards, action figures, movies, books, comics, everything).  I really don't think JJ himself could have pulled it off even without Disney interference.  The big difference with DC is that they do not really have CANON.  Every movie is different, or just a reboot, just like with Marvel Spiderman.  Star Wars Canon I feel is a lot difference, but I see your point with JJ messing with DC like he did with Star Trek and Star Wars.I think this is a PR stunt by JJ to endear himself to Star Wars fans!  If he had in a contract that he would have more control then he could have used that to walk away or shut it down.  There was a video that showed him talking to older ladies about the Reylo thing.  It feels like him doing it.Palpatine should have never been brought back!

  • Gerardo Rodriguez says:

    Disney ruined Marvel comics and now they have done the same to Star Wars. They are the McDonald's of movie franchises, they will never be good enough to make a Joker or a Dark Knight.

  • screaming in digital says:

    JJ didn't know they changed it until he saw the movie in the premier they sabotaged it on purpose. Remember how Mark Hamill looked at the premier standing next to RJ finding out he died .This is why JJ tweeted that he was worried about this movie at the premier when he saw they changed it on him .KK and Bob Iger are both at fault.
    The star wars website had the character kylo ren and stimpy (I call him that) at 90% for people wanting to see him everyone else was at 3% even REY was at 3% interest rose tico was at 1 % .Lucasfilm knew in advance from its own poll that 90% of the audience wanted to see Kylo .

  • screaming in digital says:

    In my opinion I love how the saga ended because I'm using obi wan Kenobi from a certain point of view in how it ended .Everyone always asks the difference between star trek and star wars and since I was a kid I have always said SW seems more plausible to how we are as a society .
    1.Episode 4-6 we lived already .
    2.1-3 were not appreciated for what they were .
    3.7-9 we are seeing how horrible it has become and we are left alienated dissilusioned with the brand .
    Where am I going with this ?well George Lucas having gone through a divorce lost his edge but the back lash hurt him just as the divorce did so he sold it .
    Here comes how SW is plausible and star trek isn't .KK became VADER while GL was probably Qui gon who intrusted Anakin (KK) with SW .Once sold we see ALL rhe Politics that went on behind the scenes .
    Now we realize that Bob Iger was Palpatine pulling the strings the whole time and is even going to get rid of KK(Vader) like in the actual movie !
    I can literally see KK shouting to GL using the ROTS line "you turned them against me,you did that yourself ,I hate you! ".Lets just wait and see who Palpatine (bob iger) replaces KK with .
    I hate the new SW I won't even watch the mandolorian or ever will I'm done besides wait until next year the series will probably suck .
    The fact that obi wan using the from a certain point of view gave me more than anything Disney ever could have and that's see SW actually play out in real life ! This is more than money could have ever produced they made it reality and it was free !
    The force lives with the OT fans like me and I knew the whole time they wanted to replace us and did replace us .

  • Fin was comedy relief..the black guy is comedy relief in Kennedy eyes..for him to have force sensitive or having a romance is not how Kennedy perceives him..period

  • The reason they are heavy on fan service is because execs think that's what made avengers endgame 2 billion .it wasn't..it was the coherent story making sense & acting..the fan service was icing on the cake..people like Kennedy will never see that..never..just Dollar signs..amusement parks & you sales..she has no respect for the audience iq..NONE

  • From empire strikes back..force ghosts aren't supposed to be able to get involved when obi wan told Luke he had to face Vader alone..they totally screwed up the rules to fit their agenda of getting Rey over as "God"

  • HBO watchmen is a perfect example of a show paying respect to the original characters & introducing new heroes..star wars is perfect example under Disney on how "not" to pay respect & introduce new characters

  • FA Revolution Production says:

    Hello viv. Would you like to do a video chat talking about Star Wars and future films. I interviewed Damien Valentine. He is working on the animation of Heir To The Empire. https://youtu.be/GZFwsLYDzBs

  • marcio cardoso says:

    Hey Viv,whenever you get a chance clink on the link below and check this video out,you'll might hate TROS even more.

  • I love your Rant! Especially when you get into a detail that you don’t agree with that makes no sense. Whatever, man! And you roll your eyes!

    Thank god you’re a sensible woman and you obviously care about the original movies and characters but they don’t ! That’s exactly the problem with it!

    It is the Demise of Skywalker and not the Rise. They even lie in the title and that is disgusting and devious!

    Why did they buy stars wars? To wring out some big bucks from a popular franchise!
    All three movies made money 💵 right? That’s all that matters to them. Bottom line thinkers but they killed the golden goose that lays the golden eggs by getting rid of all the original characters setting the stage for the next phase which is going to be horrendous😤!

    I’m not watching future SJW Rey the goddess films. She defeats everyone and is perfect! How interesting is that? Boring!

    I’m going to watch the Mandelorian only and I feel Favreau and Miloni hit the Bullseye 🎯! They are brilliant! And I’m getting my Baby Yoda figure soon and Mandelorian figure!
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    Forget the JJ, RJ and KK tragedy trilogy! I’d burn or erase all three films! Complete garbage. I hope they make the Mandelorian on DVD because I will buy it!
    Take care!

  • Also sabotaged by his style of film making.. his style is entirely at odds with what Star Wars needs (needed).
    A heavily action based, 'space bebattled episode'.. then yes, his style. But if you want story thread continuity in plot, & a steady evolution from film to film in the story arc.. He is not the guy for the job. He's someone you bring in for a stand-alone Rogue One type of action fest, with no major intricacy of story. And it'd be a fantastic film.

  • JJ Is not a innocent ! Why should Disney sabotage there own franchise ?
    But maybe the People behind Disney are blinded by their power. The Fans will consume every shit of us anyway.

    I don´t TRUST JJ and i don´t TRUST Disney. Thats all rumors nothing more !

  • Always happy to hear your thoughts on things.
    Even if the third disney trilogy movie was good. It would not save that three cart train wreck.
    It's not canon. Can never be, It's that simple.

  • The Dawn of Vanlife says:

    A fellow passionate Superman & Star Wars fan….I like your channel more now. Also, yes! Mandolorian uses fan service all the time. That show doesn't use it as a substitute for not having a story!

  • Star wars A new hope was saved in the edit room just watch the documentary "How Star wars was saved by the edit" here on youtube. It will open your eyes. I fully respect George Lucas but I honor his then wife and the editing team (Who won a Oscar by the way) and the brilliant team behind him for giving us Star wars

  • The1matic Film Clips says:

    Anyone who thought this was a good film is not a star wars fan. There is nothing star wars about rise of Skywalker. I think jj is very good, and I couldn't figure out how he put this garbage together, it's not him at all this kind of work. I knew something wasn't right, thank you viv, and great video, I feel your pain 😤😣

  • The1matic Film Clips says:

    I love Superman, and they haven't got that right since Christopher Reeves, but I think jj could get it right as long as his creative direction isn't messed with. Disney did so many things to screw up the trilogy, jj is not the blame. I thought he had full control, but he didn't. The last Jedi ruined star wars period. It took me months to get over last Jedi, it was pure garbage.

  • The1matic Film Clips says:

    If there is a jj cut, which I think there is, man, we will never see it I think. If we do see it, that will make Disney look openly like idiot's.

  • Good video Viv !! Very true. Kathy Kennedy should not even be working at Disney now. She is t he cause of all this rubbish. Bob Iger is an average CEO at best. It's on him that she is still at Disney infecting movies.

  • The1matic Film Clips says:

    It's over viv, sad to say. I've had to really come to terms with this horrible film, the Force awakens was a decent starting point, but you can't blame jj after all this coming out. I feel sorry for jj and the actors and actresses and us the fans. It's all heart breaking😭😭😭😭😭😢😠

  • December 2022
    – Strar Wars opening weekend only 90.000.000 worldwide.
    in the distance…
    "somehow, Palpatine has return"

  • It sounds that someone is trying to clean up the JJ's image and blame Disney for the whole disgrace. I don't believe it was sabotage. Commercialy it doesn't make any sense.

  • Why do people keep saying that Ben Solo is of the Skywalker lineage? Ben Solo is of the SOLO lineage. Im sorry but the lineage of a family passes through the father, its been that way for thousands of years. Saying anything different is feminist/SJW jibberish. Prove me wrong.

  • Sorry but quit complaining about something that you have no control over. The more you complain about it the more people will see it.

  • Actually I thought this was the best sequel not that this is saying much! The trilogy had potential but was misconceived from the start when J.J. made the force awakens to effectively be a remake of episode 4, and returning the galaxy to the state it was in at start of episode 4, it was lazy writing to do that! I intend to make a fan film adapting some stories from the old legends eu post rotj stuff! Jj and Johnson were bad choices for Star Wars, honestly Robert zememekis or Steven speilburg would have been the best option. Given the mismanagement of Kathleen Kennedy this film had no chance to be brilliant. FYI the worst moment in the film was hearing Asoka Tano’s voice implied that she died, an anti climax to an ACTUAL strong female character!

  • Gerardo Rodriguez says:

    You didnt have to treat Luke like trash in order for Rey to shine. I will never forgive Kathleen Kennedy for tearing down Luke for the sake of a feminist agenda.

  • This is nothing. Just wait until Deadpool 3 comes out. Anybody who thinks Disney is going to stick to their word and keep Deadpool r-rated is naive.

    Disney ruined the star wars trilogy.

  • Albert Cabrera Jr says:

    Here something you might want to read… this started coming up in my mind since i hated the same things disney did to star wars…
    AT THE START OF EPISODE 8: title to be determined…

    Episode 8 starts with a recollection… it starts with a scene with Kenobi in tatooine as Ben, before he encounters Luke… Ben has a young teen servant, a girl whom he has set free from bondage…
    Yoùng girls name is Lana…
    Ĺana: master kenobi, whats wrong…
    Kenobi: i sense danger… i must send you away from here to keep you safe…

    They then pack up her things, he brings her to the city, finds a rogue pilot to get her to safety…
    Lana: (with tears on her cheeks) will i see you again…
    Kenobi: fate will determine that… i will find you again… may the force be with you (he gives her a kyber crystal in her hand) and they parted..
    And then Episode 4 Luke encounters Ben…
    Episode 5 happens Ben already a force ghost…
    Episode 6 happens…
    Then in a far planet in the outer rims… Lana, now a grown woman… a beatiful woman… still living alone, surviving… but strong with the force… not a jedi though… still yearns of seeing master kenobi again…
    Kenobi finds her again… she then runs to embrace him… but then… kenobi is a force ghost…
    When they are face to face… she knelt with so much tears in her eyes.. saying how much she missed him… how she also tried to find him many times… escaping the clutches of the empire… and how much she loved him…
    That is when kenobi felt it in himself how she did feel for him through the years as episode 5 and 6 happened… as she grew into a woman… she did love him… but now he is a force ghost… alive and in his prime… a little aged… but strong with the force…

    This is when a very intresting thing happened…
    As kenobi willed to embrace her in his arms… the force…
    The force allowed him to be in his own body again… in the flesh… without deterioration.. in his prime strength… aged and wise as he was back in episode 4…
    Ow these two embraced each other with so much love and longingness…
    This is when Rey happens… Rey is a kenobi…
    In the next few years.. kenobi teaches Lana about the force on how to use it… she succeeded and greew strong in it… but a new threat arose from the ashes of the empire… the new order… kylo… snoke…
    Kenobi once again packs up to take his wife and child to safety… but as they are now trying to flee, kenobi started to be transformed back into a force ghost… it is the will of the force… he then tells Lana… it is better this way… as he disappears he whispers to lana where to go…
    As they both knew that a jedis son/daughter will always be a threat to the sith…
    When they are safe kenobi departed from them now to find Luke…
    Lana, knowing the danger at hand decided to use the force on Rey to hide part of her memory… to keep the sith from knowing her identity… that is when Rey being left in jakku happens…

    Still at the start of Episode 8… Rey finds luke… Luke not wearing a robe… his hair short as in the end of rotj… wearing a similar outfit as in ROTJ but not black in color… color is grey and dark grey… his green light sabre at his side… Luke is now a grey Jedi…
    he accepts the lightsaber brought by rey… he now wears 2 sabers at his side…
    And then a new story unfolds….
    Wait till you see Luke unleash the force… 2 lightsabers in his hands… starkiller style… when kylo finds him and corners him…

    OKAY, Im not a very good story teller but add up to this these things that come in your mind… make it a very good star wars story… ajcjrvf31

  • OMGO pleeease guys! can we stop playing mind games and conspiracy theories brainstorming about what happened or could had happened when we are staring at a REAL CLEAR garbage movie, movies and trilogy. Now it doesn't matter if JJ had an extra month, year or even Baby Yod… This film and THE OTHER TWO were trash because they didn't plan anything plain and simple and it's everyones fault from JJ to the audience for giving him a pass on that line by line copy of A New Hope just cos "oh he was just doing a refresher movie to get everyone on the same page about SW" Yooo the last SW movie before TFA was just in 2005 not the 80s so we all bit into that apple cos the excuse for TFA wasn't really needed it was BS.
    Can we please let this space horse just die! For the past 2 years I've heard nothing from G&M and TFM that "OMG I just want this to finally be over and stop being a thing, honestly I don't want to talk about Disney SW anymore" yet now it seems they've got some petition trending to release the JJ cut come on seriously…?? So now JJ was the hostage and they actually really want to keep this space horse alive?

  • Ricardo Luján says:

    Anakin is the one and only chosen one. And like Jake Canavale said, the title of this movie doesnt make sense!!thanks 4 the video.it is so good to see that we are in the same page about disney bashed Star Wars. I suscribed!!

  • Ricardo Luján says:

    I'm sorry but i'm pissed off. Reylo is stupid. I mean. Let's recap. Kylo killed Han. After that has hurt Finn and tried to kill Rey. HOURS LATER, she is force skyping somehow and flee from Luke's rock because she thinks she can turn kylo good but in the end of TLJ she realizes that he is the asshole that was all along. Since the bginning of these movies. Come on!!and now we have to believe that after they fought a lot and SHE STABBED HIM HE HAS TO DIE BY FORCE REVIVING HER??.what kind of sadistic love story is this??. BULLSHIT

  • Disney has "LOST" its chance,
    no HAKUNA MATATA for Star Wars
    Money is more important than quality, that is the philosophy that destroys our world

  • Oh, BTW if Disney ever tries to tell you that Skyalkers won, because Rey snatched victory for them by accepting their last name, because it is spirit not genes that matters and so on, Please remind them what George Lucas once said when asked by fans why Luke was hiding on Tatooine under his true last name. There is Lots of Skywalkers in the Galaxy! Did you think there was just like one woman in the Galaxy by that name? No! Names do not have magical power in Star Wars universe. So Rey's last name doesn't mean shit except for maybe emotional value. Anakin's line is gone. Palpatines on the other hand… who knows how many children did the immortal empy pulpy have!

  • Rey injured Kylo some many times before actually kill him ,idk what the fuck u saying him turtured her when she did much worse but yeah the love story needed some previous development

  • The JJ cut? The quy who had his chance to steer the direction of the DT!

    Instead he wanted to setup a 🤬“Mystery Box”, where nobody knows what is going to happen in episode 8. We know what Ruin Johnson did with that sh*t!!!

    The only cut of this film that I want to see is the George Lucas cut of episode9!

  • what to expect from Disney
    concerning future Star Wars?
    Star Wars that look & feel more
    like the Blair Witch Project
    than early Star Wars…

  • Hey Viv, I just saw the movie today (Star Wars) and I totally agree with your vídeo. Its a complete mess, non sense!

  • Unless you get someone clever to take over star wars is going nowhere I mean what are you going to do in the new movies someone comes from a shandy planet meets a mentor dies and blow shit up how many times are going to see this is the emperor going to back again in the new movies after rise of Skywalker

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