North Koreans react to K-drama “Crash Landing on You”

North Koreans react to K-drama “Crash Landing on You”

What’s the hottest items in the Jangmadang? Wow you can see a huge social class gap here! NORTH KOREA IS ALL ABOUT SOCIAL CLASS Hello everyone, I’m Jun Hyeok Kim from Pyongyang Hello. My name is Noel Kim and I’m from Onsong in North Hamgyong province, North Korea I’m from the countryside I’m Chanee Park from Suwon, South Korea Today we’ll talk about the drama everyone is talking about Crash Landing on You With millennials from North and South Korea we’ll review the drama and share our opinions and discuss how accurately they depicted North Korea You can find my name on the closing credits of this drama Really? Yes I was one of the production consultants Are you bragging? Is it bragging? There’s a scene in the Jangmadang market a North Korean merchant lifts up the curtain and and reveals a whole collection of South Korean goods Do they really like South Korean stuff? Oh they love it They go crazy for it What’s the hottest item in the Jangmadang market? Cosmetics! One of my father’s friend brought me smuggled cosmetics from China and it was from the brand “Man holding flowers” What’s that? (sings the song commercial of the cosmetics company) Ah it rings a bell I was thinking…It came from China but why does it have Korean characters on it? Then I tried it and it was so moisturizing If you put on makeup before you become an adult, you will get scolded from the elders so I tried not to do it but I couldn’t help but put wear makeup when my mom was not around And then I bragged to my friends saying “I’ve put on ‘Man holding flowers’.” What about you Junhyeok? Did you ever go to the Jangmadang? I did go but I didn’t go there to buy anything I was more there for the food for vendors that sold good ‘rice with fake meat’ Since I was a student, food was what I was looking for like how South Koreans go to street food markets to get dukkbokki Fake meat? Do you know what it is? Nope One thing I wish the drama shed more light on is North Korean foods like Dububab and fake meat witth rice Yeah I agree What’s that? Fake meat refers to plant-based meat Oh you should have brought them as props They are so good Jeez They are so good So it’d be great for vegetarians.. Yeah it’s totally for them They can go to eat… (What are you talking about? Where would they’d go?) And so? Have you been to department stores? I am so curious The Pyongyang department store? Wow you can see the huge social class gap so clearly here! Haha social class I never … (have been to department store) NORTH KOREA IS ALL ABOUT SOCIAL CLASS I am so curious to know if there are really department stores Of course there is Deasung, Nakyon, Pyungyang Jaeil department stores… There are loads of them So amongst a couple department scenes, having a casual conversation with foreigners while shopping is a bit exaggerated Are there many foreigners? There are many foreign tourists in Pyongyang especially Chineses and Europeans North Korea’s tourist industry is surging But department stores are basically for the elites of Pyongyang You can really see Gucci and Chanel in the show window There’s even Montblanc Are those brands really popular in North Korea? Like Gucci and Chanel? Everybody knows Gucci and Chanel. Wow Chanel made it there Recently a department opened in Gwanggyo, Suwon and people were dying to know whether there will be a Chanel store or not Because there’s a saying that Chanel would never open a store in the Gyeong area Then CGV IMAX was set to come in Well it’s becoming a rich town? Becoming? Are you looking down Gwanggyo? So Chanel ended up not opening a store Well one thing I do want to make it clear is it’s not like Chanel itself opened a store in North Korea Don Ju brought them from China and re-sell them in the department in Pyongyang and price it twice as much People still buy them because there are only limited ways to release their capitalistic desires Don Ju? Don Ju is a relatively new concept It refers to people with new money Oh new money? Yeah the saying What about you Junhyeok? Did people refer to you as the son of who and who? Well yes My father worked at a household name company and also ran businesses like hotels and boat restaurants Hotels where Junghyeok Lee and Seri Yoon stayed in the drama… I am also curious because I’ve never been to Pyongyang Are rooms in those hotels really being tapped? Yes, there are rooms with monitors Hotels are clean and decent Of course it’s not in line with our standards like the Four Seasons or anything Do those buildings look like Hanok? No, they look like buildings from the USSR Very classical You feel like you are in East Europe I’ve never met foreigners in North Korea Well we do have motels but they are… Illegal Well everything is illegal in North Korea It’s not easy to bring up a different topic 1…2…3 There’s a scene where Seri wanted to take a shower but there isn’t unlimited warm water so she made a steam shower with plastic sheets Do people really take baths like that? That’s how I took a bath basically my whole life especially in the winters when water is scarce So for example if we have water from 7-8am in the morning, we’ll store it in the big clay jar and use it over the course of day But water easily becomes cold in the winter so we put plastic sheets over the tub so keep it warm I used to do that all the time It’s a legit steam shower Well yes So I became reminiscent of my childhood during that scene That’s how I really took shower when I was young My mom used to wash me inside that thing He’s from Kim Il-sung University Huh? He IS an elite? You can think…Junhyeok is Joonhyeok Sorry I can’t do that Be quiet

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  • This is awesome. I was really curious as to what Northerners thought about the show and if they used the writers used ex-pats as a resource.

  • Please do a reaction video for the North Korea and Dandong scenes in the new Treadstone series — they seem really accurate…

  • Thank you for this! I've been wondering not just about how realistic the drama is but also how North Korean viewers would feel about it. Can we have a part 2 (3, 4…) please ? ๐Ÿ˜€ I'm curious about so many things. Car ownership and the number plate thing. The social structure of the village. The distribution of South Korean/Foreign media. Rich kids travelling abroad. Are there things missing from the depiction of daily life? Do you think the drama romanticizes or exagerates certain aspects of life in North Korea?

  • Bryant๋ธŒ๋ผ์–ธํŠธZachary์žฌ์ปค๋ฆฌ says:

    I really love that you guys made a video about this drama! Seeing your reactions and talking about it because North Korea is so closed off and many of us around the world no nothing but few bits of info! Thanks again for providing us with this valuable video!

  • แ„€แ„Œแ„‹ says:

    ๋ญ”๊ฐ€ ์ข€๋” ์–˜๊ธฐํ•  ๊ฒŒ ์žˆ์„๊ฑฐ ๊ฐ™์€๋ฐ ์˜์ƒ์ด ๋˜๊ฒŒ ์งง์€ ๋Š๋‚Œ? ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹

  • When I was watching Crash Landing on you, I can't help but cry on those scenes where the north korean squad were so shocked and happy about things they experience the first time when they are in South Korea, I mean, how are they so new about it? why are they kept isolated by their own government from the rest of the world? aren't they also humans like us? they should enjoy everything in this world like the rest of us. From Internet to high tech doorknobs to wonderful city lights at night, I can't help but cry on those scenes, why is the NK government so cruel to their people, please set them free from the selfish law. and you know what is the worst thing I have read today due to my curiosity about NK? that is South Koreans are actually really not allowed to go or set foot on North Korea, I MEAN, WHYYY???? shouldn't you be the two strongholds of your nation since both are koreans by blood? I have no idea about the history of North and South Korea quarrel but it really makes me feel so sad. ๐Ÿ™ I hope it will be changed in the future, God Bless them

  • I had to turn on my caption, and started looking for vids like this after watching Crash Landing on You cause very curious about the accuracy.

    Well I wish peace and union on both north and south. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow, this was so interesting. I was wondering how much of what was shown portrays real life in North Korea. Beyond thankful for the insight!

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