Nightwish Reaction by 7 Aeons (Phantom of the Opera) 🎲

Nightwish Reaction by 7 Aeons (Phantom of the Opera) 🎲

Hey, Hey, hey, hey Welcome to Ink Dice, I’m your host, Ink Dice Welcome Brazilians, come in Mimi, say “hello” So, I got a LONG list of requests and with the little time I have, with a day-job and everything, I’m going to the best I can I haven’t done a Nightwish reaction for quite awhile Ever since I’ve made my first reaction… in my other channel “7 Aeons” So, with that in mind… Today I’m reacting to “Nightwish – Phantom of the Opera” And some of you have asked to react to the first original singer from Nightwish, Tarja and so, I will do that Very classic song indeed and I’m curious to see what they do with it Put some metal elements to it and I’m sure it will be magic Alrighty then, let’s react! One, two, three, four! Wow, they’re crying already!? What is this power!? It’s a very nice voice Very different from Floor Jansen Johnny Depp on the guitar Very nice as well! It’s the best beard in the business Very nice harmony right there The contrast, oh the contrast From his raspy vocals and to her very clean operatic vocals Wow! Wow! Okay! Yo! Yo! Wowowowowow Cherry on top! There it is Bravo Wow, it’s like heaven and hell Wow! Okay, okay Okay, so there’s a very noticeable difference between Floor Jansen and Tarja Their tone is different, they’re style is a little bit different as well and somebody said that Floor Jansen knows how to do some screams, I haven’t seen it yet So the drummer was definitely bringing that upbeat energy into the song and it made it dance-able in a way, in a good way I don’t know why everyone looked like Johnny Depp I think there were two Johnny Depp there and that was before Johnny Depp, was Johnny Depp… right? Maybe Johnny Depp copied their style.. you know what I’m saying… but the Johnny Depp on the keyboards was very excellent I don’t know how many people can make the keyboard be “metal” but he’s one of them Also, the guy with the sweet, sweet, viking beard He was rocking out too man His vocals was very raspy, totally the opposite of Tarja Which it was very clean, so they harmonized very well Overall, I’m glad I’ve witnessed it I haven’t seen that many variations of this song Well, thanks everyone who recommended this Thank you Aeon Army that came from my first channel and I’ll see you next time Hah! Subscribe and hit the bell button, and blah, blah, blah You need to sound more excited! Hey guy, uhhh, subcribe! Is that better? Yeah, actually

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  • Another excellent video. So much fun. Really love your style and editing too. As for Floor's growling, usually people request the "Baltic Princess" Nightwish Cruise version of "Yours Is An Empty Hope." I would say the "Vehicle Of Spirit" version at Wembley Arena displays her growls a lot more clearly.

  • daniel barroso says:

    Ola tudo bem?Teria como reagir nightwish storytime…
    Sucesso pra vc e pro teu canal q cresça a cada vez mais….

  • Diana Francisco says:

    Wow what a beautiful performance!! Gosh this is rocking ON !! Might be my favorite version to date !! Thank you Ink Dice !! Great commentary/reaction as well 🙏❤️

  • Misericórdia…..sua reação de Tarja me deixou arrepiada dos pés à cabeça até agora….não canso de ver….obrigada por me deixar feliz….amei e amei…..

  • Wow! This group, these singers are a total discovery for me and what they do here is just incredible!! Their two voices (operatic and metal) together, it's really awesome!
    Thank you for this reaction.
    From France 🇫🇷

  • This is Tarja's signature song with Nightwish and defined the bands style during her tenure. However, for a real good song with her operatic vocals over the band's symphonic sounds try Sleeping Sun ( and if you want to hear her metal sound then try Wishmaster ( Tuomas the keyboardist is the man behind 95% of the songs (over 100 in the catalog) that NW is known for. Marco the Viking bassist has a great voice not just this raspy style he used here, The Islander ( will show that. Again you need to play their LIVE versions as the studio work while excellent just doesn't have the same energy or stage presence that these shows render.

  • Luciene Maria Nascimento says:

    Muito bom, adorei! Gosto muito mais da Tarja do que da Floor mas são estilos distintos de cantar, porém minha preferência será sempre a Tarja. Fico aqui imaginando essa música no vocal fantástico do Dimash, nossa, dá arrepio só de pensar! Bom, desejo muito sucesso nesse seu outro canal, adoro esse estilo de música também, então aguardo um react do Mercyful Fate, será que cairia bem por aqui?

  • I'm here for two reasons – Nightwish & Mimi. Happy to say that my expectations were fulfilled. P.S. What's your all time favorite artist/band?

  • Nice. Try to react "ninety one – men emes" it's kazakh group, and they do good stuff. I'll wait for it. 😀

    P.s don't forget to turn on lyrics.

  • Cornelius Antonius says:

    I am glad you chose this one to react to, There is lots of stuff where Tarja shines ✨🎶👌 Floor Jansen growling ? The song "Disdain" with the band "Revamp" live at "Graspop" 😎🐱‍👤👍

  • Eduardo Acosta says:

    Johnny Depp you said ? Did you notice the little Jack Sparrow doll tied to the keyboard set ?, yes, there must be something intentional on the look, and Tuomas is admirer of all fantasy movie and story. Also an admirer of Hans Zimmer the composer of the Pirates of the Caribbean's soundtrack, that's why we all find so similar Ghost love score to the movie's main theme.

  • Thank You again. Excellent Choice and like Your style, doing reaction'. Keep em' coming. Tarja was my first Love❤ and Floor will be the last 💝….And Marko of course. So so much talent in one band…Tuomas, Emppu, Jukka and now Kai and Troy. All together: Flawless

  • Great reaction! 😊

    I would like to suggest you to react Wintersun – Sons of Winter and Stars or Time both are live rehearsal at Sonic Pump studio. Please and peace! 🙏😎✌️

  • Очень нравятся ваши реакции.что-бы вы не говорили у вас очень классно получается.все очень точно , смешно и тем немение , деликатно.как бы сказать: когда вы шутите ,то это очень изящно.спасибо вам.вы классный.👍

  • She has been fired just after this concert. Thomas has been blamed for this and as consequence he wrote the poet and the pendulum un which he is committing suicide (in order to avoid the real one) you must hear that song!!!!

  • If you liked the bass player's raspy voice, then this song will surely floor you (Ha see what i did there…. nvm). The song is Nightwish – While Your Lips Are Still Red. In this song it's only the bass player singing but not with a harsh voice. You will probably be surprised lol.


  • DarkBloodstone says:

    excellent video. ive seen youe video on your other channel for Floor and loved that video as well. Really love your style man, and i cant wait for your next reaction video. if i make a few suggestions for a few bands / artists for your attention when you have the time of course,
    Sabaton – swedish pagans, or , Bismarck
    dragon force – through the fire and the flames
    Beast in Back – from hell with love

  • For more metal, try also these guys: LORD OF THE LOST – Loreley (Official Video) | Napalm Records

    Sorry for this not being live. But please take a peek anyway.

  • Yaaasss Tarja was amazing, I was very sad when she left Nightwish :/ there are so many other great songs with Tarja 😉

  • Thank you for this reaction, first of all. Her name is pronounced 'Tarya' btw.
    Some background info: This live performance was from their tour 'End of an Era'. The name was chosen because it was the last tour of them together. The separation was anounced beforehand. So people were crying because they knew, that this will be the last they will ever see a Nightwish performance as they know and love. Many feared that with Tarja leaving the band will change tremendously or even disband (there was no new singer and even after the tour it took them some time to find someone. They were aiming for Floor, but she was pregnant and didn't plan on returning anytime soon after the disbanding of her own band. They got Anette for some time, but that was doomed to fail from the beginning). Most people were not aware that Tarja separated herself long time ago from the rest, like practicing separately and even recording. She was always a a solo performer and there have always been frictions.
    One of the reasons might be because the 'Jonny Depp at the keyboard' was more or less the boss. Except for a handful of songs, all compositions, texts, arrangements, etc, were done by him. The drummer was also the manager of the band, and he has by now retired from stage (after suffering from insomnia) and is now the band manager. The epic beard guy (bass) also sings on several songs AND often plays a second guitar part. The small guy with the guitar (some people gave him the role of the elf in the band) is the single guitar player and stage anchor. Tarja was the singer and front face of the band, wich is now Floors job. And she actually fits better into Nightwish than Tarja (even though she is a head taller than the guys) as a group. With Tarja, as amazing as she is, it always felt like Nightwish and Tarja or like Nightwish and a guest singer. She is now doing her own thing, the music is different, less metal, more cinematic, more fantasy and fits better with her. And the new songs, that keyboard-guy composes, are bringing Floors voice out much better.

    Btw, their live performance of 'Yours Is An Empty Hope' is a great example for that. There you can hear her actually growl while epic beard guy sings.

  • I do love Tarja. Her vocals was what got me into Nightwish in the first place back in the day. Floor however makes every song her own and adds spice to it. I love both. I suggest either romanticide waken 2013 (if you're feeling a metal vibe) or poet and the pendulum Wembley 2016 (if your want another song of floors amazing range) as your next reaction to Nightwish. If you're going for poet and the pendulum I would do some research on the song to understand and appreciate it for all it is. Amazing reaction again!

  • For Floor's Screaming check out either Nightwish Yours is an Empty Hope from the Nightwish Cruise or ReVamp Disdain live at Grasspop. Revamp is Floor's band before joining Nightwish.

  • Been to their concert before Tarja (Tar"y"a) was removed from the band, they were truly amazing then and with Floor they continue the epic game. Sadly I dropped off their bandwagen when they brought in Anette, did not like her style or singing, she was not Nightwish in my books. But as you have now done 2 of the 3 singers, review Anette Olzon in Nightwish (unless you already have), you have a fun style which is enjoyable to watch plus a super cute mascot!

  • Sambre MetalheadFR says:

    Good choice, you're a man of taste. If you want to listen more keyboard metal, you can do it with Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater :

  • Julia Van Blarcom says:

    If you want to hear Floor really growl, then check out the song 'Distain' with her old band Revamp.

  • One of my fav reactions from you, I've seen lots of reactions. Nightwish is certainly not a fav band but this reaction was. Hugs. Btw dud you ever do reaction to My Chemical Romance? You should

  • ната нааата says:

    I apologize for being off topic …. I really like your reaction to Dimash! He is definitely an "alien", I really love how he sings !!! You might want to watch this video video published 03/27/2013 …. here he sings with his parents is still a boy. It is clear why he is so talented! Genes and his enormous work !!!!!

  • Татьяна Дмитриева says:

    Крутое выступление, но к своему стыду я уже слышала эту прекрасную вещь, не помню кто, но тоже было великолепно исполнено. Кто бы подсказал.

  • Oi pessoa interessante e de bom gosto musical (Tarja e Dimash: imaginei uma colab agora). Curiosa quanto à sua história: bandeira coreana e brasileira juntas? Gostei mais ainda.
    PS.: Não brigue comigo mas quando vc passou pelos recomendados, eu olhei de relance e pensei: "Gente, quem é esse Sebastian?" Mostrei seu video pra minha filha e o que ela disse? Nossa! parece o Sebastian! Bjos cariocas.

  • Judit Garas-Puskás says:

    I loved it with Tarja's song, but Floor Jansen is perfect too. I'll never get tired of Nightwist, even when I'm 100 years old 😀

  • This is my first favorite version of this song, the second, surprisingly is the Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat Dolls,. .

  • I love this version of the song because Tarja was actually classically training to be an opera singer when she went to the audition with Tomas (Keyboardist). Once they heard her singing thats when they decided to give the songs more of a symphonic tone to the pieces.

  • Henk and Floor !!!
    Some put it this way !!!

    '' Tarja is one of the worst frontwomen i've ever seen or heard. Disgusting artistry, weak charisma,lack of work with the audience, ugly vibrato, unique but terrible timbre of voice and poor pronunciation. The technique of academic vocals is weak for opera, and for metal is useless. . The rest she sucks. She is not a metal singer. She's just a vague singer''.

  • a business or other says:

    Ink Dice regardless of your music opinions I'm voting for you as the next President of the Republic of Finland. You'd do a good job. Roll the d20 and pour the ink.

  • a business or other says:

    Fair warning: this is what you have to deal with as Ink Dice, President of Finland:

    We were never easy.

  • That has to be the coolest way I have ever heard the Phantom of the Opera done; and I am a fan for life of it…AWESOME STUFF!

  • Thank you for your reaction, always nice to see you react to other stuff. I recommend you taking a look at the japanese band Dir en Grey, their singer is known for being amazing and I would love to see your opinion on them. The song I recommend is Tousei, live at Nippon Budokan, there is even one with subtitles in english from periXreloaded channel.
    Love your stuff, keep going.

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