Musicians Who Stormed Off Stage During Live Performances

Musicians Who Stormed Off Stage During Live Performances

“The Show Must Go On” is the name of a fantastic
Queen song, but it can be a difficult motto for some acts to actually follow. Sometimes bands’ concerts have technical difficulties,
and other times performers have personal problems. Here are some musicians who stormed off stage
during live shows. In 1992, flaming mayhem ensued in Montreal
after a concert co-headlined by Metallica and Guns N’ Roses, a band notorious for triggering
riots. It all started when Metallica frontman James
Hetfield was injured during a pyrotechnic mishap and had to go to the hospital. As a result, Metallica had to call it a night
far earlier than planned, leaving their follow-up act with a choice to make. Guns N’ Roses could either start their set
early, or make the already bummed-out crowd just wait. They chose the latter option, making the crowd
wait for them for over two hours. For whatever reason, GNR’s notoriously thorny
vocalist Axl Rose just didn’t want to be there. For one, he’s rumored to have thought cities
that started with the letter “M” brought “bad juju” — a fear probably reinforced by Hetfield
being injured at a show in Montreal. He also reportedly had issues with the equipment,
though he didn’t ask for a roadie’s help in solving his problems. Instead, after nine songs, he abruptly exited
the stage, no doubt wishing someone would get him out of Canada and take him directly
down to Paradise City. His bandmates were bewildered, but rightly
surmised that he wouldn’t return to the stage — so they left, too. “We had just stopped the tour cause I had
throat problems. Came back, and I realized I’m gonna hurt
myself. I told Slash, two more songs, if we can’t
get it fixed, I gotta go.” Outraged concertgoers then tried to take out
their frustrations by bringing Montreal to its knees. An estimated 10,000 people rioted by looting
stores, starting fires, and overturning police cars. Lil Wayne may not always make the best decisions,
but he’s a pretty smart dude all the same. As a child, he was a straight-A student, and
he established himself as a grade-A rapper at age 12. He nearly threw it all away, though, when
he accidentally shot himself in the chest. But instead of dying trying, he survived and
thrived. Now, Lil Wayne is a hip-hop institution, and
if he can’t stand somebody, he might just go after them mid-concert. In 2015, Wayne took aim at his former record
label Cash Money and its owner, Birdman, who discovered and mentored him. Wayne sued for $51 million because the company
allegedly withheld money from him. He also roasted Birdman and company in the
song “Coco (Freestyle).” He wanted to perform that track during a gig
at Florida’s Nova Southeastern University, but the DJ accidentally played the O.T. Genasis song “Coco.” So Wayne responded with great vengeance and
furious anger, cursing at the DJ and chucking his microphone before running off stage. Marilyn Manson’s gimmick has always seemed
meticulously designed to antagonize. He needles mainstream society, with album
titles like Antichrist Superstar, and album covers like the one for Mechanical Animals
that features him as a naked androgynous alien. He mocked the image-driven fickleness of fame
in songs like “The Dope Show,” while simultaneously gaining fame with his own carefully constructed
image. But while his persona feeds off others’ psychological
discomfort, sometimes the more prickly person he really is underneath has peeked through. In 1999, Manson abandoned a show reportedly
after discovering someone had placed a smiley face on a stage prop. After he angrily rushed off the stage, unruly
concertgoers swarmed his tour bus, fought police officers, and committed trespassing,
leading to 23 arrests. Fast-forward to 2018. This time, Manson was on the mend after a
different prop-related incident, when a gun-shaped stage prop he was climbing on fell down on
him, fracturing his leg in two places. He was still wearing a cast when he returned
to the stage months later. But he unexpectedly left that stage after
just a few songs, allegedly because he felt a lack of love from his fans. Witnesses say he kept demanding applause and
seemed incoherent. Many in the crowd felt cheated, while others
simply worried about his health. It takes a lot of confidence for a band to
name an album Dookie, and in 1994, Green Day was full of it. Confidence, that is. Despite its name, Dookie doesn’t stink. In fact, the album propelled the band to superstardom. Nearly 20 years later, the band was full of
even more confidence — too much, perhaps, with Armstrong leaving a festival audience
wondering whether he was paranoid or just stoned. Armstrong’s onstage eruption occurred at the
2012 iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas. Usher played a set right before Green Day,
and the band reportedly had to wait longer than expected to go on stage after the R&B
singer’s performance ran long. Armstrong seemed to think Green Day’s time
was cut as a result of the delay, because when a digital signal indicated that they
only had a minute left to play, he flipped out. After basically calling the band’s time allotment
a load of dookie, he and his bandmates trashed their guitars and stormed off the stage. Later, the singer denied that the slot had
been shortened and blamed his destructive outrage on drug and alcohol abuse. Mariah Carey has compared herself to the prim
and proper Mary Poppins, and it’s not hard to understand why. Though she doesn’t travel via magical umbrella,
her voice is like a spoonful of sugar, and that dynamic vocal range has made her a megastar
among megastars. She has more hits to her name than some professional
boxers. So when ABC wanted a musical heavy hitter
for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest on December 31, 2016, Carey
seemed like a sure bet to knock the show out of the park. Unfortunately, technical difficulties rained
on her parade. After a rendition of “Auld Lang Syne”, Carey
tried to sing her Grammy Award-winning hit song “Emotions.” But she couldn’t hit the right notes, and
she seemed to be at a loss for lyrics. The exasperated singer explained to the audience
that a proper sound check hadn’t been conducted. Equipment problems reduced her to dancing
in small bursts and seemingly trying not to explode. A third song brought another malfunction,
so Carey walked off, and ABC kicked off 2017 by dropping the ball twice. Oasis’ hit song “Wonderwall” is, according
to a quote from Noel Gallagher, “about an imaginary friend who’s gonna come and save
you from yourself.” If that friend really existed, maybe they
would have been the one to save Noel from his brother and bandmate, Liam Gallagher,
who infamously bashed Noel on the head with a tambourine mid-concert. And that’s just the start of it. The brothers Gallagher often fought as bandmates,
and Liam clashed with everyone, including, and perhaps especially, the fans at Oasis
concerts. Liam has walked out on shows more times than
we can count, with one instance in Glasgow in 1997 leading to a violent revolt. The band had just finished playing “Wonderwall”
when someone lobbed a bottle, hitting bassist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs and prompting the
band to storm off. Enraged fans rushed onto the stage and broke
windows. Then in 2000, Liam angered a Swiss crowd at
a festival. The singer hurled insults at the crowd, and
the suddenly not-so-neutral Swiss started hurling bottles and cans their way. So Oasis took a short break, only to return,
then leave for good after two more songs. And in 2017 a post-Oasis Liam bailed on a
concert again, blaming unspecified voice problems. However, many assumed he’d reacted to a pro-Noel
Gallagher sign in the crowd. Hoping to save the performance, fans reportedly
chanted, “F— Noel.” Kanye West Psychologists disagree on whether mental illness
is a key ingredient of genius, but some studies and anecdotal evidence suggest a link. One person who certainly seems to believe
in the connection is rapper and producer Kanye West, whose albums The Life of Pablo and ye
have been explicit about his own mental struggles — and triumphs — in recent years. A man of many extremes, West has reportedly
been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which is somewhat fitting since he’s a generally
polarizing figure. His songs and artistic persona are full of
bold claims and contradictions. He once accused President George W. Bush of
not caring about black people on live television; years later under President Trump, he put
on the red hat and started ranting that slavery, quote, “sounds like a choice.” And when it comes to performing, he takes
plenty of time to go on off-the-wall tirades, sometimes working himself up to the point
that he abruptly leaves the stage. In 2016, during the height of both a contentious
presidential contest and a rollicking album rollout, Kanye went off during a concert in
Sacramento. He had gotten through two songs before he
began criticizing Hilary Clinton, and he also accused Beyoncé of pulling strings to win
the 2016 MTV award for Video of the Year, for which West was also nominated. And he implored her husband Jay Z not to have
him assassinated. Afterward he stormed off stage. The concert ended after 30 minutes. The lyrics to Puddle of Mudd’s 2001 single
“Control” read like a rough draft of 50 Shades of Gray: The Musical. There’s a bunch of butt-smacking, chains,
and an unhealthy-sounding romantic dynamic premised on domination. So it’s a tad ironic that vocalist Wes Scantlin,
who co-wrote the song, has a love affair with handcuffs that seems to be built on a lack
of self-control. Scantlin’s been arrested for a variety of
erratic shenanigans, including attacking a neighbor’s patio with a buzz saw, riding a
luggage carousel at Denver International Airport, and vandalizing a home he previously owned. In 2016 he had a two-hour standoff with more
than 30 police officers during which he brandished a rifle. That same year, Scantlin also had a one-sided
showdown at a concert in Ohio. Things were going surprisingly handcuff-free
when he halted mid-gig to spew profanities at a random man in the crowd, whom he accused
of the hard-to-commit crime of stealing Scantlin’s house. Then the angry singer walked away. In 2017, he stormed off again while performing
“She Hates Me” in Dallas, glaring at drummer Dave Moreno before leaving in a huff. English singer-songwriter Peter Frampton has
delighted audiences over the years with romantic classics like “Baby, I Love Your Way” and
“Show Me the Way.” His much-beloved 1976 live album, Frampton
Comes Alive, rocketed up the charts to become the best-selling album of all time before
the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack surpassed it. People cherish Frampton Comes Alive so much
that a copy of the album briefly upstaged the actual live Frampton, and he didn’t take
it very well. In 2017 Frampton was performing at Treasure
Island Resort and Casino in Red Wing, Minnesota. Alas, a cameraman ruined his mood by filming
a member of the crowd. A woman held up a copy of Frampton Comes Alive,
which showed up on the video screens. The roughly 8,000-person crowd unleashed roars
of approval, interrupting Frampton’s guitar solo. Then the camera focused on the cover of the
woman’s copy of I’m in You. A visibly vexed Frampton leaned into the camera
and let out an expletive. According to one eyewitness, the fuming musician
got into a, quote, “camera tug-of-war” with the cameraman before leaving the stage. Then the video screens went black. But Frampton ultimately returned to the stage
after he had the screens shut off completely, and he even threw in an encore song to boot. Indie pop rocker Rufus Wainwright wears his
politics on his sleeve. He uses his music in fundraising efforts to
oppose Republican politicians and makes politically charged songs like “Going to a Town,” which
contains the line “I’m so tired of you, America.” He later used the song as a critique of Donald
Trump. So when he performed it with the Minnesota
Orchestra in December 2017, the audience likely wasn’t surprised that he slammed a GOP vote
on tax legislation, remarking, “We have to fight for this country.” However, this bit of political grandstanding
was an unpleasant surprise to Manny Laureano, the orchestra’s chief trumpeter, who later
wrote in a blog post that he knew practically nothing about Wainwright before taking on
the gig. The Star Tribune reported that Laureano stood
up and, quote, “swung his arm in an exasperated gesture, put his horn down and walked off.” Laureano called this characterization an exaggeration
but acknowledged leaving in protest. He considered Wainwright to be, quote, “angry”
and “self-indulgent.” He also said he deemed his comments unacceptable
during a time meant for togetherness. Laureano also expressed his frustration during
a radio appearance, saying: “This was not an inclusive moment.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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  • Went to see Cold Chisel perform about 35 years ago and Jimmy Barnes stormed off stage after he pelted the audience with ice cubes from the container holding his vodka and a few audience members hurled them back at him…..The band stopped playing then Ian Moss deciding the show must go on started singing…..The guy has an amazing voice and the crowd loved it causing Jimmy to come back on stage with his tail between his legs 2 songs later…..A lot of us were disappointed he came back Ian Moss was killing it.

  • Don McLean left the stage right in the middle of "American Pie" when I was in College. <way back machine engaged… getting out my old man voice> I think it was the spring of '87, I was a sophomore at St. Bonaventure University and there was an annual concert held outdoors at the school every year. Back in those days Bonna's was a pretty hard core party school (in the playboy top 10 party schools in 85 iirc). When I arrived there were strict alcohol limits like "no more than 3 quarter kegs in a dorm building per floor at any time". The spring concert was a yearly multi-day bash that was keynoted by a pretty rowdy rock concert. Nearly the entire school turned out for it and the expectation was that we'd be entertained by something hard. This year that "something hard" was Don McLean singing a bunch of folk music.
    Now we all love "American Pie" and I went to the concert looking forward to that song… but I (and I'm guessing almost everyone else) didn't know that other than that one song… EVERYTHING else Don did was old folk stuff… slow and plodding. As the night wore on the crowd grew more and more salty with the music, and when Don started American Pie the crowd went MENTAL. Beer started flying in huge arcs of fluid through the concert spotlights (it was raining beer)… then the beer BOTTLES started flying (guy next to me took one to the head, he wasn't impressed). Then all the stuff flying started getting aimed at the stage. Don maybe got through half of the song before something careened off his mic stand and he delivered some choice comments about the excellent qualities of the audience and departed in haste.
    And that was it… I never did hear a live version of American Pie in full (I'd not have suffered through a whole Don McLean concert for it though anyway so… yea…) I went to my dorm room and passed out… woke up with a nasty hangover and the entire campus smelled like stale beer.
    Good times… good times…

  • One of the biggest one was at the MOntreal Stadium (The big O). Pink Floyd was touring and playing the *Animal album*, but the fans wanted *Dark side of the moon*, Roger Waters spit on the crowed and stormed out. There was a riot and with that in mind, Pink Floyd took this experience to write their iconic album *The wall*.

  • Green Day cussed out their lack of time because of Justin Bieber, and NOT Usher. GnR exited the stage in Montreal after3-5 songs, not 9 songs. A lot of mistakes here and this is isn't the first time i correct you in your videos.

  • "Marylin Manson feeds on other's discomfort". Whoever wrote and edited the script for this, needs to get the moralist stick they have stuck out of their ass. Ignorant ass Republicans have infected everything.

  • Also, what’s with fans throwing things and getting pissed when the artist leaves?? I’m mean dude, you’re throwing glass and water… not only are you endangering the performers, but your ruing equipment and most likely hitting someone else with your terrible drunken aim

  • I saw John McLaughlin with the Free Spirits (Joey DeFrancesco, Dennis Chambers) back in 1995. Toward the beginning of the second set, DeFrancesco's monitor died – I could see him pointing to his ear and mouthing to McLaughlin, "I can't hear anything". McLaughlin stood strumming while roadies & techs swarmed out of the wings to try fixing the problem – at one point, DeFrancesco was on his hands & knees holding a flashlight for a guy with a soldering gun. Chambers just looked embarrassed. Finally, fed up, McLaughlin began singing, "I've got 10 seconds to play/Let's get it fixed", and when the 10 seconds were up he stopped playing and headed towards backstage. DeFrancesco stopped him, & walked him over to Chambers. The three of them klatched for a few seconds, then took their places. McLaughlin & Chambers jammed for nearly an hour while DeFrancesco added fill where he could. It turned out to be the best damned show I'd seen to date. Serendipity works in mysterious ways……

  • robert swearingen says:

    I hate this video! Im sure most ppl click on it expecting to see footage of the artist(s) storming off stage!!??!!??

  • Sloan Champion says:

    I saw that performance with Green day the time was cut short…they did have their time shortened by the previous hack act, he asked SEVERAL TIMES if that was correct and never got a clarification…these acts go by monitors and time boards during performances and that's all he had to go on

  • If you guys have a minute listen to this song. It kicks ass.

  • When I went to see Willie Nelson, he walked on stage, realized his certain guitar wasn’t there, immediately walked back off the stage, and didn’t come back to play for another month. Freakin diva man

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes says:

    No true musician "storms" offstage unless physical injury. If you’re just pissed play and settle later.

  • How many times is this fucking video gonna be made? Its the same video every time. Nickleback walk off, Guns and Roses, GreenDay.. It's always the same video…

  • I remember Dave Mustaine from Megadeth in Toronto stormed off stage swearing" nice frickin' guitar" and left. Thanks Dave.😋🙄🇨🇦

  • Cheesey McCheese says:

    Stupid video. Thumbs down, im sure everyone expected video of the musicians storming off stage not just you narrating what happened according to reports

  • Sorry but the only colored man who doesn't just make me cringe in disgust and who is not sewer trash is Jesse Lee Peterson

  • Wow, dude gets payed to do a job by a musician, and then doesn't do the job because he didn't like the other guys politics lol. And they say librels are snowflakes

    Also the guitarist and drummer for Ween once stormed off stage in torronto because they're lead singer was so fucked up on ecstasy he couldn't sing the songs right

  • Your videos sucks….no actual video of musicians walking off stage, just your lame ass commentary of said videos. You suck…..

  • I’m going to go way out on a ledge here and question the motives of anyone who claim to be for “inclusivity” out of one side of their mouth, while simultaneously defending a politician who calls anyone who criticize him as “an enemy of America” …

    People are fucked in the head.

  • Dookie Slang for shit in America or something ?..We don't say Dookie over here. I always just thought it was the name of there Album.

  • I remember one day when I was about 17 I went to a rock concert down at the Royal Canadian exhibition to see Alice Cooper live on stage Zahn played that night but Alice Cooper wasn't there so what happened was Afters on played a guy came on stage and said Alice Cooper is going to appear tonight everybody was stunned the next thing I know in the Gold section I was way up in the grey section but the guy down on the gold through a whiskey bottle at the microphone announcer explaining Alice Cooper's going to be here I want to connect it on the guy's face the whole bottle shattered then the steel cage came down on the on the Bandshell and then the kids got up and they started ripping down the steel cage that was protecting the band's instruments once the kids Brooklyn to screen down then the kids entered onto the stage and ripped all the band's instruments

  • Then I started to get up and I start walking for the exits in the police started to come up through the exits and then next thing I turn into the crowd and I could see all the RCMP coming in on horses with billy clubs and there was swinging and hitting kids

  • Then I started to get up and I start walking for the exits in the police started to come up through the exits and then next thing I turn into the crowd and I could see all the RCMP coming in on horses with billy clubs and there was swinging and hitting kids

  • So I started heading down to the end of the concert area all I could do was jump over brick wall into the exhibition and there was a cop chasing me so I went ahead and I threw a watermelon at him at the stand and what a connected on them it just exploded all over them I took off into the crowd and got to the front of the exhibition Stadium and I can see the kids overturning Coke trucks ripping the whole front end of the exhibition grandstand apart I couldn't believe what I was seeing just because one guy did not want to show and this was Alice Cooper's fault and still today he owes me a concert and that night I almost got myself killed by a strange cop with a nightstick and I never meet Alice Cooper I'm going to sit down and going to squirt out with him cuz the only reason why you didn't show and I found out later he was on the island with his manager getting high on cocaine and other elusive drugs this was not fair to me I don't do this s*** if you're going to be there on stage be there don't be messing around with drugs you got a show to put on and Cooper you almost got me goddamn killed I'll never forget this night it was a hellhole of a concert that never happened Alice Cooper you can kiss my ass you're ignorant sob am I ever going to tell you off when I see you and I know you worked at Q107 you probably took the chicken way out and Pruitt corded yourself so that way you don't have to face this when the time comes there will be a time Cooper and one lifetime happens I am going to bawl you out for that you owe me concert money that I never went to see but let me tell you on played better than you did and whatever happened to Zahn after that nobody knows Yours Truly TCB third son of Elvis Presley that son of a b** that dirty old son of a b** when I get my

  • Lol Wayne is a smart dude are you kidding me he can't even write his own song he is literally garbage at guitar on top of all that he's a damn dope head

  • Van morrison but it was 💩 anyway. I think someone shouted something at him. Nice songs but boring to watch. May as well sit at home listening to it.

  • I was at a Green Day show a while back and lost my shoe. About 30 minutes after that, I saw it nail Armstrong’s guitar. It messed him up playing and messed something up on the neck of it. Dude took it like a pro, though. He didn’t say anything, he just walked backstage, grabbed a different guitar, came back out and picked up where they left off like this happened to him all the time. Never saw my shoe again though.

  • Joshua Traffanstedt says:

    What a bunch of bitches. Like we dont all have to put up with shit at work. The only difference is these people are making thousands of dollars a night while it takes the rest of us half a god damn year to make that much and put up with even more shit than they do. Spoiled ass, pampered, baby mother fucks.

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