Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 16 | 30th November 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

leave me alone you will fall now I didn’t wow, you didn’t fall… you are completely walking now… now… now you will papa ice cream let’s go … take this… it’s alright come… go & run there… run, run come… shall I tell you the truth? I’m proud of you you are world’s brave papa really! you kicked him, and his chair fell down yes… he tumbled upon, he was shivering you always keep smiling like this then I will see everyone you keep on seeing everyone the same way,
and I will stay smiling you have become so clever, haan oh, Yes! and you have asked the teacher, “will you marry me?” naughty boy shall I talk to her for you? if she said “yes” then? Roomi…. you have become so naughty talk to her… she is very pretty or shall I talk to her? you will talk to her? what will you say to her? I will say, “Marry my father, my father is the best father” come on, get off what is it now? I am just looking, you are looking handsome
dashing… take care of you you too… bye, bye bye!
take care of your self one minute… one minute shall I tell you the truth?
if I was little grown up, I would have married to her shut up, Roomi! angry? yes… alright sorry…
sorry…. ok… bye, bye bye… what happened to you? nothing… something has happened, else no one gets hurt tell me Shehwar, it seems you have fallen face long come on tell me Shehwaar…
my heart is sinking first of all you decide
that for whom else, does your heart sinks? Shehwar! for God’s sake, tell me… what has happened? I have fallen face long, while doing reconciliation between you and your son you had a fight? fight? who will had a fight with me? that scoundrel, suddenly attacked me I wasn’t expecting this anyways, I’m not much hurt it just bled a little give me water what about Roomi? if I tell you the truth, I feel pity on my condition the girl who was dying for me, till yesterday she is yearning today, by missing her son can I know, where do I stand? he will not meet you I had a word with the lawyer till the time, Roomi doesn’t want to meet you,
you people can’t meet and please you also have some control on your motherhood because of you, I can’t have meeting with that low-class man again & again means what if he grabs my collar? then say,
what will be my respect then? so, after 2 days, this is his answer what! he scared you away to the Chairman of Shehwaar Chemicals? he fought, & went away? So what shall I do? shall I go to him, along with the police? Shehwaar Chemical’s chairman has come to fight with a rowdy If I wish he wouldn’t be found till morning I’m quiet, just because of you when have I said, to stay quiet for me? if something happened to that scoundrel
the first doubt will be on you police will say clearly this girl murdered him, along with his lover and… media…. if media gets such kind of news then, they will exaggerate it to the extent…
that Trump will also get to know your son is also enmeshed in his trap he taught his son, not to meet his mama we would also be angry a bit he would have said… alright, I won’t meet her what are you looking at? try to understand such things happen in such situations but you have said, that it is MY threat and YOUR THREAT means something you will get him murdered by me alright, let me do something he will bring along his son to you I can’t even meet anyone, in this condition what will I say? my lover’s ex-husband has beaten me? sounds so cheap… why are you not playing & sitting here alone? I’m resting so, when is your meeting with your mama? I know… right now, you don’t feel like meeting her
but eventually you have to meet her she is your mother, right! she loves you so much I’ve seen in her eyes I also love her so much… have you not seen that? my papa also loves her so much,
that also you didn’t see you haven’t seen anything alright then…. let’s talk about something else what? you know, papa had called and he was saying, that he has become very brave he surprised me yesterday how? you know that bad man, my mama’s husband my papa had beaten him he use to threat my papa a lot don’t you like it? I really liked it I know… previously, three of us lives in one house and now, 3 different houses it all happened, because of that bad uncle this all happened because of your mama I’m sorry….
I didn’t mean it I know you are right No…
I just said like that… let’s talk about something else what? you get your father married yesterday I said this to him, so he said “SHUT UP” he says “shut up”, once in a year
when he is very angry but, where did you get this idea from? just like that… I’ve seen a girl for him…
she looks so good with him he has also seen her by face but he didn’t get convinced
he scolded me who is that girl? I know her yours? yes… is she very beautiful? very much so, why didn’t he get convinced? teacher, because his heart has shattered he won’t get married now Umm… Shall I talk to you papa? why are you laughing? just like that
he will scold you come on… you just see, he won’t scold me
let me speak to him you are laughing again? teacher, I am going to play please, stop it because of you,
a low-class man has raised his hand on me because of your son, I didn’t take any action against him and if you’ll stay angry with me… So, where will I go? if you are so helpless, being Shehwaar Ahmed then tell me,
where shall I go? helpless means? I had thought, that he would have got scared after listening to your threat being scared, he would have got Roomi to meet me and he will request me…. and say
keep him with you and you have got your nose fractured, by him you will get him murdered by me I want to meet Roomi for that, even if you do anything if you try to threaten me, today on wards or if you try to come in between me & and my son so, I will drag you with your tie and I will strip you bare, in front of everyone … for sure what are you thinking? I’m thinking wrong you talk to him make him understand he has got the lenience, because of you or your son else, a person gets murdered in Karachi in just thirty thousand only. say that, I’m his mother
it’s my right to meet him just stop this poor people’s attitude
else he will be found in some sack what are you saying? if you wish to meet your son, then request him for you, I’ll also bow down I shall go to meet him? yes… go till then, I’ll get free from office issues too then see, what I’ll do with him what are you looking at? your gaze seems, it is cowardliness in making a request…so what? no problem it’s alright…. just for you I just want to see you happy but one thing is for sure, Mehwish I will not spare him four thousand was decided alright… he is leaving, because of his wife obviously, a man’s head gets down being ashamed and it is difficult to face people on daily basis but Mr. Sheikh, this cannot be understood all of this happened, suddenly one day, we got to know that his wife is leaving and now we are getting to know,
that Mr. Danish is also leaving why she left him? she didn’t left him… she ran away she did a setting with her boss, where she use to do job Oh… just understand, money has the power to attract someone Mr. Danish is coming God knows very well, Mr. Danish
we feel very sorry, as you are leaving from here it feels a family member is leaving brother, please forgive me…
if there is any mistake from my side ever Oh.. no, no… sir you were an angel person but, if there is any mistake done by us
so please forgive us No.. no nothing like that you didn’t tell
where you are going I’ve not decided yet I will keep the stuff at my friend’s place maybe, I’ll go abroad but I will meet you, myself for sure, Mr. Danish
we will keep meeting yes, by God’s will I fought with you
I quit friendship with you please forgive me please… no, no… brother Danish the fight started because of me fault was also mine even now, I don’t know whatever wrong I had uttered please, forgive me by God’s will
we’ll keep meeting brother, thanks a lot for the love given by you take care of you call me, if you have any work alright stay blessed, sir Danish bye! show this clause sure and discuss with the lawyer I’ll do that, and will report to you Sir! call stock exchange why? what happened? sir, the share has dropped by twenty five rupees (Rs. 25) twenty five rupees? (Rs. 25) means… has the market crashed? no sir…. market is raising by 14 points *phone ringing* Hello! I’m going where are you going? to meet Danish then go..
why are you calling me? what is this happening? and what about strike? sir, the strike is going on since 2 days means, the work has stopped? obviously sir, since no one is working…
so, how will the work will be continued? why? their salaries was revised I had ordered to raise the salaries no sir, you had ordered strictly,
that I won’t even raise one paisa oh man! from where have you studied? now, I’ve said to raise and call before raising, that it is raised alright sir… go… listen, madam listen, madam if you want to meet Mr. Danish
so, he is not here anymore not here, means? he has gone, after selling the flat what! where has he gone? he didn’t tell… no even to me no one knows? No, nobody knows here *phone ringing* has it stopped? who got stopped? I am talking about the strike are you alright? who is this speaking? what? I’m asking
who are you speaking? this is Mehwish speaking, Shehwaar Oh! why didn’t you tell? Say, what is it? Danish has gone from here, after selling the flat gone… he ran away, being scared today GM called he said, salaries are being raised end the strike I said… really! send me in writing revise the salary of each and every individual show me the difference from the previous salary if we’ll approve, then the strike will end today the shares has dropped by Rupees twenty five I’m just saying… Mr. Chairman… go ahead & invest the amount that is in the account I’ve also invested he will buy the share of 4.5 lacs I’ve also invested whatever was in my account, and whatever I could invest after selling my wife’s jewelry.. all invested I’m just saying… Mr. Chairman… go ahead & invest the amount that is in the account I’ve also invested he will buy the share of 4.5 lacs I’ve also invested whatever was in my account, and whatever I could invest after selling my wife’s jewelry.. all invested now, stop it you have been drinking since eight’ o clock you know for the first time, I’ve experienced the loss in the business those scoundrel, union people … won from me I experienced a loss of 13 crores, 20 lacs and this will be done, every year once, the salary is raised then it doesn’t gets lessen you have raised the salaries only so, this is not the loss in business, Shehwaar technically…. it is a loss sweetheart the more the salary is raised the less the profit is and then, stay fearing from their strike just sit & think…. that when will be the next strike alright, just relax sleep… how shall I sleep? I’m also worried you are also worried how shall I sleep? and that scoundrel, your ex-husband he ran away, after getting scared you didn’t meet him, nor had a word with him how will you meet you son, now? I can understand I can understand the pain of a mother I know, what you are suffering from you don’t need to get worried about me I’ve left this matter on my God No, No…. don’t leave it on God God doesn’t gets happy with the women,
who demands divorce so, whatever you’ll do just stay away from God you’re drunk Shehwaar no, I’m not drunk I’m absolutely fine and… I’m planning to go for a trip… Um… let’s go to London, for 5 to 6 days and let’s forget, what has happened with us let’s get married, tomorrow or day after then we’ll go to London what happened? I think… I’m drunk I… I shall… sleep Hello! Salman Ibrahim yes, speaking…. and you? I’m Danish speaking Danish Akhter… oh man, how do you remember me, today? I’ve got a work from you first of all tell me… how are you, how is Mehwish? and I’ve heard you have a son how old he is? 6 years must be cute yes … and she… your beautiful & pretty? we’ll meet… then we’ll talk tell me, you work in stock exchange, right? work?… you are taking me very light
I’m it’s member I’ve bought membership with association of Ayesha you and Ayesha are together? but, I’ve heard you got married I’ve got married though but along with that, the love is also going on very bad…. I don’t know, to what you guys call marriage…
and to what you call love? oh, listen at least… I’ve got married to Ayesha then, say this now, am I allowed to love? very openly…. alright tell me… what is the work? let me come to you, tomorrow we’ll sit and talk there alright then, come tomorrow at 10 in the morning OK… done… bye! bye! and give love to Ayesha…. I’ve loved her a lot, I swear upon you can I get the tea? just 1 cup thank you… teacher… teacher…. hi! Roomi… what is it, say it…. did you talk to papa? talk about what? you were saying, that I’ll talk to papa to get married hmm…. that I’ll do… but first of all, show me the girl teacher, trust me
she is super cute you are kid, you don’t know yet face is not everything… come on… run
it’s time for Ms. Zara’s class if you want to see, someone running after the money so, come to stock exchange I’ve also seen this, outside stock exchange people run after money are you making money? I’ve left the job why? I’m here to make money are you fine, brother? yes, I’m absolutely fine Umm… No… there is something, that can be seen more on your face than before what is it? tell me… it’s the dust of previous journey I’ll just wash my face now, to remove it have you come on the bike? hmm… anyways… Umm… how is Mehwish & Roomi?
are they fine & enjoying? I’ve never asked Roomi but Mehwish is enjoying anyways… eat something you have just taken a sip of tea I’ll drink the whole tea Oh.. OK anyways tell me… how are you? I’ve to do an investment alright… how much is the amount? 78 lacs wow man… so it means, my friend has made the money I’ve sold my flat my father had bought it Oh… OK, OK come, let me introduce you to my portfolio he will tell you, which shares you should buy only of Shehwaar Chemicals Shehwaar Chemicals? means, you do all investment on Shehwaar Chemicals only? yes… has somebody said to you? I’m saying… in the last 6 days,
the share has come to Rs. 12.10 from Rs. 60 and in the future, it is predicted that it will drop in the face value as well it will not drop from the face value how do you know? gut feeling… really! now, you’ll tell us this? OK then…
not bad there won’t be a huge loss as well I told you, I won’t face any loss Mustafa…. tell me, how much is Shehwaar Chemicals? Rs 11.20 tell me to buy, whatever comes in 78 lacs Ch… my brother…just wait for next 2 hours this share will drop down in the face value It wont come tell him, not to wait…
just buy them OK… listen buy 7 lac shares… I’m saying… just buy how much amount? don’t look…
just tell me the amount 7.74 million rupees and your commission? shut up! this is cash cheque… what has happened to you? why you left the job? I thought everyone is making money so, have I gone crazy? and … this… who gave you the suggestion for Shehwaar Chemicals? so.. where I do breakfast in the morning…. at that cafe, somebody was talking I believed, after listening to their discussion rubbish! did you take Mehwish’s opinion? I don’t take Mehwish’s opinion anymore really! when did this happen? since the time, she took divorce from me what! what non-sense you are telling….
where is she? with someone else alright, I’m leaving now what are you saying?…
with whom? with the owner of Shehwaar Chemicals she is getting married to him oh, ho…today the priest of our university is here how are you? how are you? and how is your princess? Umm… Ayesha, I’ve to go somewhere where do you have to go?
come, sit here no… let him go…
don’t stop him today we’ll meet later…
alright…bye! what has happened to him? what shouldn’t have happened divorce happened between both of them between Mehwish & Danish? I don’t believe you… she is getting married to the owner of Shehwaar Chemicals *phone ringing* Hello! Hello! Hello! *phone ringing* Hello! there is a call coming from America on the landline number bell is ringing, when I pick up the call, nobody talks where is Deewan? he must be in somewhere in the house alright then… you keep the phone if the bell rings now, don’t attend why? I told you, not to attend *phone ringing* *phone ringing* yes…. it has come to Rs. 10.30 so? there is still time… just bare a little loss, and leave how much time is left for the market to close? 2 hours then ask from me, at the closing….
that what’s the price for share see you… *phone ringing* oh! man yes, Mr. Mushtaq? so it’s just 2 PM now, I’ll reach by 3 PM I’ll search…. OK… bye!
bye! come… Mr. Danish, you won’t get 500 yards furnished house, in this amount in Karachi again I can write & give it to you 1.5 lacs per month? yes… is this less? furthermore, you are asking for an advance of 11 months so, you didn’t like it? I liked it.. but…. it is very small… 500 yards house… is small? anyways… it’s fine confirm the deal after 10 days oh, you were saying that you are in a hurry I’m in a hurry, that’s why I’m saying this…. 50 thousand advance *phone ringing* one minute Hello! yes Salman? tell me the truth who told you that the share price will increase? remember I told you, some people were talking at the cafe why? what happened? RS. 2.50… sell it Danish… just sell it now oh man, who has given you the membership? when a share goes up, you say sell it
when the share goes down, you say sell it just wait & watch, what will happen next I will sell after 8 days what is the rent of this? 1.5 lacs per month… a furnished house of 500 yards? this is very less, Mr. Mushtaq

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