Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 550 – Full Episode – 19th February 2020

– Yes. Karuna. Mr. Murari, if you want tea,
then you’ll get it after a while because I am peeling peas. Forget the tea,
I don’t want it. Listen. You just get ready.
We’re going to see a movie. Great, Mr. Murari! You’re spending money
and taking me out for a movie. Are you all right?
– No.. I collected donation from everyone to go for a movie. Talking nonsense.
You always keep saying that I never take you out
for movies. Now that I am taking you out,
you’re talking nonsense. Yes, Mom.
You should be happy that dad is taking you out
for a movie. Exactly.
Khankhan! Sir, it’s Pancham.
– Oh, yes. Okay, listen. – Yes. I.. Handle the customers.
Okay? I am going to see a movie
with Karuna. – Okay. And listen. Even Ms. Pintu
is coming with us. – Why? What!
Me? W-Where am I supposed to go? W-What am I supposed
to do between you two? You guys carry on. Then even I’ll go. You both
can’t enjoy without me. Right? You can do everything else,
but not study. That’s not fair. Will you leave
your lovely daughter like this? Listen. Just consider this
as a test. You just have to show whether you pass or fail. Dad, the test
is day after tomorrow. And even she’s going,
then why can’t I go? She’s going because Tantan
doesn’t take her out. Pancham.
– Okay.. Fine. Yes, sir.
You are right though. We can’t afford to see
movies in theatres. We just manage
by seeing the posters. But no problem, sir.
You guys go. We don’t have any problem.
– But I have a problem. I-I mean.. I mean..
Listen. You go to see movies
every now and then with Sunita but Tantan’s schedule
is so packed so he can’t take her out. Poor lady stays alone at home
for the whole day. Oh, sir. I am not very
fond of movies. If Pintu doesn’t want to go,
then let’s take Elaichi. No.. I can’t take her along.
She’ll stay back and study. At least, she’ll touch
her books. Dad, you don’t have to use
my studies as an excuse, please. S-Sir, whenever I go
for a movie I don’t feel good
without Pancham. So, if you don’t mind,
then we can take him along. Yes..
Of course. If you want, I can take
everyone in the neighbourhood. Who will look after the shop? Stop it, Mr. Murari. Sir, I’ll look after the shop.
Please don’t worry. Please go
and watch the movie. Ma’am, you guys go.
I’ll stay here. I also have to give a facial
to Ms. Sunita. Mrs. Pancham,
I’ve bought the tickets. Money will be wasted. Let’s go, Pintu.. Really? – Okay, sir, I’ll look
after the shop. – Yes, go. Who will peel the peas?
– Let’s peel and then we’ll go. Then who will eat the peanuts? I’ll eat them,
you peel the peas. So, Pintu. That’s great. Mr. Murari
is being so nice to you. What have you done?
He’s taking you for a movie. I don’t want to see any movie. I was going to have a ‘Chaat’
with Sunita and everything went wrong. If I don’t go there,
Sunita will get angry. He’s forcing me to go
for a movie with him. Yes, man.
I can understand. Okay, fine. At least,
one of us will enjoy. Actually, I’ll get to spend
some time with Elaichi. It’s just you who has been
enjoying so far. I haven’t got anything. You’re having fun
and I am suffering. Okay, don’t worry.
God is watching. You’ll be rewarded for this. Leave it, man. Even you
couldn’t settle yet let alone me. You just stop being sad first.
Hear me out first. Tell me. – You are going
to see a movie, right? – Yes. Come a bit late. What do you mean? Do
you want me to crawl and come? How late should I come?
Tell me. I mean, just come slowly.
Give some excuse. I’ll spend some time
with Elaichi. Try to understand. Oh.
Great. You want me to tolerate
the movie and tolerate Mr. Murari
and Ms. Karuna just so that you can
have fun here? Hey, I am not going
to have any fun. Understood? I just want to sit
with Ms. Elaichi. I want to talk to her.
She’s my wife. Won’t I feel
like doing that? I am not a kid.
I understand everything. I know what you will do here.
– Hey, listen. We will just talk.
Don’t you know your friend? I know, that’s why I am saying. You’re not as innocent
as you look. Anyway, it’s fine. Someone should enjoy. Forget that and tell me
what you’ll say. What’s there to say?
I’ll say that I am feeling dizzy and not feeling well,
so I need some fresh air. What nonsense is this? They’ll take you to a doctor
and you’ll be exposed. You’ll get us caught.
– That’s true. Hey, that’s okay.
You don’t worry. I am a pregnant woman
as per Mr. Murari. I’ll manage it.
– Yes, manage it, please. Please grant me a few moments
with Elaichi. Granted. Not just few,
but plenty of time granted. Go, Pancham..
Live your life. Let’s go..
We’re here. Mr. Murari.
– Yes. When will the movie start?
– It’ll start in a while. Oh. Then let’s go inside.
Why are we here? You were in such a hurry
at home. Yes..
Just a minute. Mrs. Pancham,
please bring Samosas. Wow, sir!
You just said what I wanted. Sir, I think I should bring
Kachoris along with Samosas. Oh, Mrs. Pancham. You’re going
to become a mother soon. Do you want your child’s
first words to be ‘Chutney’ instead of mom? Mr. Murari,
I was not saying for myself but for you guys. Ms. Karuna eats both samosa
and kachori. Let me go and bring samosa. Sure, please bring it. Listen, Karuna.
– Yes. I will feel pain in my stomach
after sometime. You understand it, okay? How do you know that
your stomach will pain? Oh, God!
Did you eat junk food? I am doomed. Stop crying. You can cry later at home. What are you saying? I am unable to
understand anything. Listen, I was saying that I met Dixit He told that Elaichi.. How do I tell you..
I am unable to say it. Then leave it.
Let’s go. Shut up!
‘Leave it’. Listen to me.
He was saying that he saw Elaichi
and my servant Tantan hiding inside the bathroom. I am feeling scared now. Is Tantan brainwashing
my daughter? I don’t understand what to do. I have to find out the truth. Listen, do you know anything
about it? What are you saying, Murari? Are you doubting
your own daughter? It’s not about that. I am only concerned
about my daughter. What if Pancham brainwashes her? How can he do that? Elaichi is a smart girl. She will not do
anything like that. I know that she’ll
not do anything. That’s why I brought
everyone outside so that they
get some time to talk and hide. And when we
suddenly go there we can catch them red handed.
We can catch them. Do you understand? If we don’t find anything then I will not spare Dixit. But, Murari..
The film.. The tickets will be wasted. Is the ticket more important
than your daughter? I haven’t bought tickets. Mr. Murari, I brought samosas. Shall we go
and watch the movie now? Yes. Karuna.. I-I am feeling
pain in my stomach. It’s troubling a lot. It’s okay, Mr. Murari. Sometimes it happens. It could be acidity.
Don’t worry. I will bring soda for you. No, Mrs. Pancham.
Soda won’t work. I think we should go home. Come on, let’s go. Elaichi, did you call me? What happened? Dad is not at home. Yes, I know. Even mom is not at home.
– Yes, I know. In fact,
Pintu is also not at home. Yes, I know. Do you know what that means? We both are the only ones at home. Elaichi, it’s obvious that we will be alone,
if nobody is at home. You don’t worry. I will not let anybody inside. Oh, God!
I am not talking about that. Then what? I was thinking about you. Elaichi, why’re you scaring me
by saying this.. Oh, Pancham!
What’s there to be scared about? Can’t you see that we have
a chance to be together after a long time? Don’t you think we should ignite
the flame of love and just go with the flow? What do you think? Yes, Elaichi.
We’ll do it today itself. Oh, God!
Stop! Pancham, y-you’ve failed
in the test. What test are you
talking about, Elaichi? Test of character, Pancham. I agree that we’re married but we’re still not allowed
to do all that. Really? Elaichi, if you can make fun
of everybody I can do that too. I was just kidding. Really?
– Yes. Hey, come fast!
– Fast.. Mr. Murari,
you’re walking very fast. Look at me.
I am pregnant. Don’t you know that
I can’t walk fast.. You are not understanding me,
Mrs. Pancham. If I reach late
then I will be in trouble. Murari, what if
something happens to her? You are not understanding,
My stomach is upset. If I don’t reach home, then.. Okay, do one thing. You come with Mrs. Pancham. I am leaving. Why is he going so fast? Murari.
– Yes. I lost my earring. What?
You lost your earring. It was worth Rs. 15,000. How can you lose it? I didn’t intentionally lose it. It’s lost somehow.
Just find it? How can I look for it?
What if I lose my reputation? It’s okay.
Let’s go. Don’t taunt me later. What are you saying? It’s about Rs. 15,000. How can I leave like this?
I won’t go. Do one thing.
Look for it. Hold on, Mr. Murari! Ms. Karuna, tell us something
about the design or anything about it.
It’ll be easy for us to find. Design..
Actually, it was.. I am wearing the other one. It’s the same design. Murari, search for
every single bit of it. Are you both crazy?
Every single bit? My eyes are not binoculars that
I can search every bit of it. Search it over there. I will search here. Look for it. Try to search for every
single bit of it, Mr. Murari. What am I supposed
to do with that? Hey, Mister!
Step aside. Ma’am, please move away. Elaichi, your support only
matters to me. Leave it! Don’t try to impress me. Elaichi, I am not trying to
impress you. We’ve met again
after so much difficulty. I don’t know what
will happen when we tell sir. I wonder whether he’ll
agree or not. I am worried. Be quiet. My dad
isn’t a ruler that he will
punish you severely. Just a second.. So you mean you’re
the princess and I’m your love? Of course,
for me you are. Mr. Pancham, I know.. Nothing is more important
to my dad than my happiness. Maybe he’ll be a
bit angry upon hearing this. A bit? Okay.
He’ll be very angry. And you may
get beaten up too. Beaten up? Yes. Can’t you
get beaten up for me? And I am
totally confident that when dad knows about the son-in-law
he already has he will
treat him really well. Why are you laughing,
Ms. Elaichi? I am scared and you’re
scaring me even more. Found it?
– No, I didn’t. Find every
small bit of it. Found it now? No, I didn’t find it. Search for
every small bit. How will the small
bits be visible? Mr. Murari, I found it. Found it!
Wear it and come on, soon. Wear it on
the way. Come on. – Yes, sir. Go a bit slow. Be careful. To be honest,
even I do not know how dad will react upon finding about us.
What will happen then? But I can tell you
one thing for sure. I am here with you. And I will be
with you on that day too. And this is
my promise to you. I do believe that you
will surely save me. Why won’t I save you?
I have a plan for that. Is it?
A plan to save me as well. Wow!
– Yes. Once I save you
from my dad’s anger. – Yes. Then you will be
indebted to me for life. I will
take back that debt little by little,
throughout life. You know why?
Because our lives are in a mess. Even I will
collect back the debt. Is it?
– Yes. Let’s
get married first. We’re already married. I mean in
the presence of sir. After that,
I’ll collect the debt. I hope no one is here. Walk slowly.. Mr. Murari! – What
happened? Why did you sit down? Mr. Murari, I think I’ve twisted
my ankle and I can’t move. Try to get up. Okay,
let me lift you back up. But how will I lift you? What shall I do?
Help me here. Don’t lift me.
Lift her.. What are you saying, sir?
You know I am pregnant. And doctor has denied
me to lift heavy things. Mr. Murari,
lift me up. Hey! Karuna, I can’t call
a forklift here to lift you. You make fun of me in such
a situation. I’m so unfortunate. I am not
making fun of you. Listen to what
I have to say. You put a bit
of effort and so will I. You can get up
if we both put effort. Isn’t it? So you put
half the effort and so will I. You can get up
with the combined effort. No, sir.
– Yes. Half the effort
won’t help. Both of you
put all your effort. Only then can she get up. She’ll fall down again
if you put just half the effort. So the work will be
done if you put in all effort. You are right. You put in your
best effort and so will I. Okay? Come on. Ma’am.. Oh, God!
– Come on. Hey,
where are you going? You’ve left me alone. Sir,
please help me get up. Come on. Oh, God! Stop there! What happened? You’re all
back so soon? Didn’t you
like the movie? We never went in the
theatre. Sir had a stomach ache so we came back
right from there. So you
missed the movie. Where is Khankhan? He’ll be in the shop,
right? He wasn’t in the shop. Khankhan! Khankhan! Sir, it’s Pancham. Sir,
you’re all back so soon? Do you have any problem? No, sir.
Why will I have a problem? Why are you coming
from inside the house? Sir,
actually I went to the washroom. I wasn’t feeling good.
I was in the shop all along. You were in the shop? How many ‘Lehngas’
did you sell? Sir.. It had been just
half an hour since you left. After you
left I felt hungry so I ordered a couple
of Samosas from outside and when I was eating I had stomach ache,
so I came to the washroom. And when I came out,
you were here and here I am. This is what happened.
In half an hour I didn’t
sell any ‘Lehngas’. Wow! Both of your thoughts and
bodily functions match so well. Even he
had a stomach ache. I see. Sir, I would like to say you must not control
your stomach ache,. Please visit
the washroom first. I am fine now. I don’t
know what happened there. Mr. Murari, I am never going
for a movie with you again. You wasted
everyone’s time. Elaichi. How much
have you studied? I completed
an entire chapter of biology. Let me just read it out.
Hang on. ‘An amoeba is a type of cell,
it is unicellular.’ – Hey, no.. I don’t understand these things.
– Then, why did you ask me? I asked just to find out if you
actually study in my absence. Sir, there’s no point
in asking her. She’s just not interested
in studies whether it’s in your presence
or your absence. Ms. Pintu,
I have taken up science. I may be weak in biology
and physics but I’m very good in chemistry. Murari, you’re just too much. Firstly, you didn’t take her
for the movie. Moreover, you’re interrogating
her like some police inspector. Exactly. I had a tough time
in finishing such a big chapter. My hands are hurting
by writing continuously. It doesn’t make
any difference to you. I was asking so that
you don’t fail this year. Not at all, sir.
You don’t have to worry. I have seen Elaichi studying
with complete dedication. Really? So, you were sitting
in the shop and staring at my daughter? What are you saying, sir?
I was just doing my work. But you yourself told
that Ms. Elaichi has her tests. So, I just thought
I’ll keep a watch on her. Because it’s important
that Ms. Elaichi passes. That’s why, I was watching her
and she was studying. Sir, let me tell you something. You take one shot
of asafoetida and carom seeds which will cool your stomach. I just hope your stomach
doesn’t burst like some balloon. Not at all.
I’m feeling better now. So, shall we go for a movie?
– No way. I’m not completely fine.
I said, I’m feeling better. Karuna. – Yes.
– Listen, I’m going to the room. Let me just lie down.
– The tickets will go waste. Thank you, Pintu.
You saved us by calling up at the right time.
Or else, we’d be in trouble. It’s good that ma’am told me
in the theatre itself. ‘Pintu, let’s go and bring it.
– Hey, hold on!’ ‘Hey, forget it. Wait..
– He’s in pain but still..’ ‘Pintu. – Yes.
– Murari has got a doubt.’ ‘He wants to catch Elaichi
and Pancham red-handed.’ ‘That’s why, he has brought us
for a movie.’ ‘Oh, I see! No wonder
a stingy man like Mr. Murari’ ‘who wouldn’t spend a penny
for others’ ‘is treating us with a movie
and snacks.’ ‘Hey, what do we do now?
– What else?’ ‘We’ll have to stop him,
somehow.’ ‘He’ll get to know everything
if he goes home.’ ‘Everything will be revealed.
– Oh!’ ‘Hey, come here!
– Okay..’ ‘Where’s the soda?
– They don’t have soda.’ ‘Let’s just leave then.
– Hold on, sir! – Yes.’ ‘Just a minute. Ma’am. – Yes.
– Well, I..’ ‘Okay. – Please hold this plate.
– Okay.’ ‘I’ll be right back.’ ‘What did she say?
– It’s between the ladies.’ ‘She went to the washroom.’ Life is full of problems.
– Yes. Sir feels he’s very smart. He has no idea
that we’re smarter than him. Yes, that’s right.
You definitely are much more cunning than him. Well, Elaichi,
I’ll go to the shop. Or else, that man
will start again. I mean, your dad. Hey! What shall I do?

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