Ishqiya Episode 3 | 17th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

By the way, you’re three minutes late brother Azeem I’m sorry, I was stuck in traffic It’s okay, just be on time at the wedding ceremony Greetings uncle Greetings dear son, everything okay? Are you going to make him stand outside?
Ask him to come inside Oh yes, please come in dear Why? Weren’t you going anywhere? What is the matter dear, how can I go anywhere now? Let’s talk If you were going to invite him you could have at least informed me about it so I would have prepared accordingly The drawing room is a mess. It hasn’t even been dusted I haven’t invited him, I already told you Then who invited him? How would I know? I invited him Why? What’s the harm in meeting him once, what could possible happen? We can just sit and have a little chat Now go sit with him in the drawing room and talk. And you go and prepare tea, I’ll go and bring Hamna You go ahead Yes I am Why are you always sitting so depressed at home? Come on let’s go downstairs,
put on some decent clothes Why? Is this fine? Wear this okay? Father is calling you downstairs since brother Azeem is here. Wear this, okay? Hurry up, get up, what are you doing? Wear this, alright How is your business coming along dear? Thank God uncle Is Kashif doing fine? Yes What about you? Thank God everything is fine I’ll be right back What’s the matter dear? What are you doing? I’m sitting with Azeem Okay fine but now you can leave I should go back then? What? You mean I should go back and sit with Azeem? No, go somewhere else. Just don’t sit over here with him. Go and check on mother What do you mean dear, what are you talking about? Hamna is coming father. She won’t be able to talk in front of you, she’ll be uncomfortable. Try to understand I have told you before this is not a right thing to do Okay you can scold me later. But right now please go Go You have no idea how difficult it was for me to get rid of Mr. Siddiqui. The things I have to do for you people.
Hey look, she’s here Greetings Greetings, please have a seat Yes please Wow, I didn’t know our carpets are so pretty that both of you are continuously staring at them Listen both of you, for God’s sake please talk to each other. Don’t ruin my plan okay? Okay? I’m leaving. Thank you I know meeting like this is awkward But since I have this opportunity I will let you know a bit about myself I’m a very simple person. In the modern world I would be considered a very boring person I don’t have many friends, and I prefer staying at home after work. I don’t have many activities I’m straight forward And I’m very emotional about my relationships I can assure you that you would
not have any problem in my house And I would only have one expectation from you.
That you would give me respect That’s all I should go now Are you done talking? Did you two talk? Did she even say anything? This girl has really gone too far this time. Is this the way you invite some one to your home?
This was a very bad thing done by Rumi Only she had the guts to do this. Although, there was nothing wrong with what she did If this isn’t wrong then what is it? Keep your voice down, what’s the matter with you You should be glad they didn’t meet outside secretly. They could have done that too, couldn’t they? Besides that, they are getting married after two days, it’s important for them to talk to each other and understand each other And there’s nothing wrong in doing
this inside your own house Well they could have given us some importance and told us what their plan is So that you would refuse.
May be that’s why they didn’t tell us The number you have dialed is not responding The number you have dialed is not responding The number you have dialed is not responding Hi! Oh Hi, good to see you.
Finally your suspension finished Okay, where’s Hamna? Hamna didn’t come Bye Hello! Where are you? I’ve come to university after seven days. I thought you would be hear waiting to welcome me, but there’s no sign of you over here Hamza, I have to take father to the doctor.
I’ll talk to you later Hello? I’ve told them I would take a proposal to your home, at least It would allow me to give an introduction Hamza’s please, this is not a joke for me It’s not a joke for me either Hamna But daughter trusts me that I would not make a wrong decision for her In fact, I want to do all this to wipe of these tears coming from your eyes Do you want to help me? What do you think? Then please give me some time And I would only have one expectation from you,
that you would respect me This is cheating.
Outsider’s help is not allowed over here What? Cheating? Outsider?
We both have the same DNA I understand everything, and I would like to tell you that I’m not at all afraid. Madam, be very careful, please don’t try it, you’ll be disappointed Hamza, I’ve decided on marrying you and Alishba Raza why isn’t the Wifi working? I’m talking to you Hamza Isn’t Raza at home? Hamza? I think you people should change your decision. Because I am not going to become a part of this business deal of yours What business deal? Yes, you and uncle Khawar are business partners and Alishba is his only daughter, so doesn’t that make it a business deal? Shut up Hamza Is this what you think of me?
Whatever I’m doing is for your own good Oh for God’s sake mother please, spare me from the good that you’re doing What’s wrong about Alishba? It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s about my life, and only I am going to decide on that, no one else So don’t parents have any right? No they don’t This is my life and I am the only one who has the right You are only refusing because
you know very well that…. Oh come on mother Hamza? Just give it a thought Father I have already given it a lot of thought. I can give you people time to think, all you want But my decision is not going to change no matter how much louder you can scream at me Khalid you can tell him. If he is going to be stubborn then so am I. His marriage is going to be with Alishba only Where are you taking me? I have to show you something Check it out I haven’t seen Mr. Siddiqui so happy in his entire life And you are the reason for this happiness So now you also be a little happy. What’s the use of making this gloomy face? Look, I know you’re worried about his health.
So am I But if he can be so strong for us then can’t we do as little as smile in front of him? You know how to smile right?
That’s what I’m talking about You know what I think?
Your mother in law seems like the grumpy type And brother Azeem also seems like a mother’s boy. So just keep him tightly under control okay?
Keep smiling I’ll be right back I’m not in the mood to talk father, my mind is going mad Good, even I’m not in a good mood, so I’ll come straight to the point Look it’s true that I’ve given you the liberty to do whatever you want, but it doesn’t mean that you have the liberty to misbehave with your mother And especially not in front of me, you understand? Come on, quickly take your medicine, I know you’re going to forget about it later on Are you satisfied? For now Where’s Hamna? Hamna who? Look father, you have another daughter as well. You should worry about her now. Hamna belongs to someone else now Don’t worry dear, I’ve decided to get you married as well Really? Will she go to university? I don’t know That’s really surprising. You both live in the same room and still you don’t know this? That’s great Don’t be so sarcastic. She is being very moody these days so I try to avoid her. I’m going now, good bye How dare he touched you? Are you going to beat him up? I would beat him to death Greetings father Greetings dear Why didn’t you go to university today? I had to go father but I wasn’t feeling well today What happened? Should we go to the doctor? No father, it’s just a little fatigue that’s all I mean, get some rest, sit down Okay, do one thing dear, when you go to university take some sweets along for your friends Father that’s not necessary It’s necessary dear. Will you give the good news to your friends empty handed? We couldn’t invite them in the marriage ceremony but now we’re going to invite them in the rest of the wedding functions Get some rest. Let me know if you’re still not feeling stable, I’ll take you to the doctor okay Should I send mother to you? No God have mercy There’s no gap in the papers this time.
It’s going to be really tough You’re talking as if you’re going to make any difference in these last few days. You didn’t do anything all semester, what special are you going to do now Still, there should be a bit of relief.
One or two gaps are helpful Come with me, I need you for something important What happened, where do you want to go? It’s important Hello, it’s time for class, go to the class You take the class, I’m coming What happened Hamza, is everything okay? My life has so dramatically changed that even I don’t know who I am As if I’m two different personalities And now if I bet on what is left in my life, than I will lose all my relations including my father, mother and sister That’s why I let go of my past life You let go of your past life but you didn’t think of Hamza even once? I can’t call him my past My future doesn’t have any room for him My dear I know that whatever decision you’ve taken, you took it after thinking about it properly, and I’m sure your decision is correct But as far as I know Hamza, if he finds out…. Hamza should not know about this But for how long? It’s impossible Hamna, how long can we hide this from him? Sooner or later he will know the truth And I don’t need to tell you what Hamza’s reaction is going to be like It’s exactly why I am unable to confront him I know that no reasoning or logic is going to affect him I don’t have any other option other then to hide this matter from him for now I wish and pray that it turns out just the way you want What happened, is everything fine inside? Yes everything is okay. It’s just that uncle is unwell so everyone is tense about it Did you tell her I’ve come along? Yes of course I told her you’re with me and that you’re waiting outside What did she say? What’s wrong with you Hamza. This is not the time to discuss these things. Uncle is seriously unwell. Everyone is really worried about it I say we should get married. I’ll become uncle’s son in law then we can take care of him together Mr. Siddiqui your phone is ringing.
For once can you answer it? Give it to me dear Oh look, it’s your son in law’s Give it to me One second Hello son, what made you call me right now? Romaisa, please give the phone to uncle okay Greetings son, how are you? I’m fine uncle, what about you? How are you doing? I’m fine thank God Uncle I’ve called you to take permission.
Can I take Hamna out for dinner tonight? Yes sure son, there’s no issue Thank you uncle. I will pick Hamna at 8 o’ clock then That’s fine dear, good bye Good bye Oh wow Mr. Siddiqui, you’ve become very liberal isn’t it? He’s asking Hamna out for dinner isn’t it? So what’s the matter dear, they’re both married, she can go What happened? Now you remember their marriage? And when I arranged a meeting you were very upset about it? But you did arrange the meeting didn’t you? So now I will do what I want. Now go and tell Hamna to be ready at 8 o’clock I will just die delivering messages from here to there, like a pigeon. God have mercy, what sort of people I’m living with What are you thinking? Nothing Don’t want to discuss it? No, that’s not it I’m feeling strange, my heart is not convinced How will I understand if you won’t tell
me what’s the matter I think the issue with Hamna is serious It’s not just about her father’s health And why do you think that? I don’t know I’m just feeling weird. We have fought before but we never had so much distance between us Look, you’re having a misunderstanding. Relation with parents can be like that. You don’t care about the rest of the world Relax, why are you getting worried? Chill Looks like you didn’t like the food? What? no, it was nice Do you always stay this quiet? No Good Actually, I brought you here because the other day I kept talking about myself. I didn’t ask anything about you You already know everything about me Really? I only know that your name is Hamna Siddiqui And now I think the time has come that I should learn a bit more about you. Like what are your hobbies.
Do you like to read books or do you like to travel? Yes I like reading Good Anyways, what’s the big deal about knowing each other, we have our whole lives to do that One very important thing which I want to say to you Our present and future are what’s important. I don’t have anything from my past which I need to tell you and neither will I question you about your past Because the more we indulge in the past, the more complicated it will get. We need to move forward, together What are you doing Rumi? Tell me, what did you people talk about?
Is he romantic or not? Why are you feeling shy from me?
Tell me, did you discuss baby names? Rumi please leave me alone, I’m very tired Why are you tired?
You went for dinner, not to plough a field Okay tell me what’s are you planning for the honeymoon? Okay fine, now that you’re married you’ve stopped valuing your sister. Fine Hamna Is he a cheapskate? Didn’t he even give you a gift? Hamna at least tell me, is he more of the Bashir Dar type or the Rehan type? Hamna? Sociology is about our every day lives.
Our relations with family and friends Sir may I come in? Yes come in

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