Development Stage

. Hello, how are you? Now,
I would like to teach you about the introduction
to the practice of Vajrayana. There are three practices,
three paths. This is the main practice
of the Vajrayana. Now, the first one is
what we call “development stage,” the second one is what we call
“completion stage,” and the third one is
“the path of liberation.” First, I would like to introduce you
a little bit about the first one, the development stage. The development stage is working
with images. What we call
“taking imagination as the path.” Without imagination
you cannot make plans for the future. This is why in Vajrayana
we use imagination as a path to see your true nature, to develop your wisdom, purify your obscurations,
negativity, you know? ignorance, kleshas, ego, suffering,
pain, and so on. You can use this imagination
to see your true nature, and purify all the suffering, negativity,
illusion, delusion, and so on. Actually, imagination
is some kind of a concept, but you are using concept
to go beyond concepts. The main practices
in the development stage are three. The first is clear appearance, the form and color
of the deity or buddha. You imagine yourself having
the clear form and color of the deity. The second is the symbolic meaning: why does this deity appear like this? What is the meaning behind it? All of these symbols show enlightened
meaning, enlightened qualities. All of these enlightened qualities
manifest through the symbolic meaning. That’s the second one. And the third one is pure pride
or vajra pride, You feel the presence
of enlightenment. That’s finished. Good luck with your practice!
Thank you!

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