Conan Joins SADO OPERA  – CONAN on TBS


On my last night, I
was invited to perform with a local Berlin band called Sado Opera and a lot of fans showed up. I’m here with the lead singer, guitarist, frontman for Sado Opera. Your name, sir? My name is Colonel.
Colonel. Colonel, it is very good to see you. What are you trying to express
with the band Sado Opera? We trust in open sexuality
which helps people to feel both of their sides. You want me to show that
I am both man and woman? Am I gonna need to take my penis and push it back underneath so- No.
Tuck it. No no no, I didn’t mean
to hide your male side but I don’t criticize this. What if some people- No, if someone else, if someone else wishes
to tuck then we, yes. Sure, everybody are
free to do what they want. Do what you want kids. This is a public service
announcement from Berlin, from the Colonel and Conan. If you wish to tuck, tuck. (audience applauding) Hey, were you a mime once? No no no. You never did that? No, I didn’t. I also don’t criticize but
I don’t really like it. If you don’t like mimes that’s cool too. If you’re a mime that likes
to tuck your genitals back to become a woman, that
is fine with us too. Everything goes. Anything you want to do as long as you’re not hurting
someone else, do that. Yeah, by the way, you meet another lover and your new lover has
some different preferences. Right.
Can you imagine if somebody offers you anal sex, for example? Pardon me? You’re not gonna try and
penetrate me during the show? What if they penetrate you
after you play the guitar? Oh, that’s fine.
Okay? Who knows I could be
penetrating other people. You know? Well, you don’t really look like a person who can really
penetrate other people. I’m sorry. You’re so kind and so sweet. It’s a compliment. You look very very nice. That’s a compliment.
Very very nice. I look like someone who
couldn’t penetrate others. (audience laughing) It’s a compliment.
Well… That’s a compliment. I mean- The less you say, the less
you say now, the better. Okay. You should probably go change
and get ready for the show. Yes, of course. (upbeat rock music) Ladies and gentlemen,
let me introduce to you my younger brother, Conan. (audience cheering and applauding) [Crowd] Conan! Conan! Conan! (upbeat rock music) (audience laughing and cheering) All of the Conan fans that came all the way to be here tonight. Thank you! (audience cheering) Thank you very much! Let’s all have sex tonight after the show! (audience cheering and applauding)

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