Clarity | 2015 Drama | Dina Meyer | Nadine Velazquez

Clarity | 2015 Drama | Dina Meyer | Nadine Velazquez

[dramatic music] [soft piano music] [chattering] – You know what?
Just one second. – Hey. Can’t you be excited
for your sister? – I won’t ruin
Princess Maggie’s day. – What did she ever do to you? – I took my earphones
off alright? Leave me alone. – Maggie’s home. – Alright shh! Wait wait. Shhh. [door creaks] – Mom? Guys? – [Mom] In here Maggie. – [Group] Surprise! – Dr. Jameson. – Thank you everyone but
I’m not a doctor yet. – Oh that doesn’t matter to us. We’re just so proud of you. [glass clinks] – Speech, speech. – Speech! – Umm, I don’t know how
to, how to tell you guys how much I, [dramatic music] how much, – Maggie! Oh my god. Maggie. Maggie honey. Mal, Malcolm do something. – Jason, call 911 right now. Maggie Maggie! Maggie listen to me Maggie! [dramatic music] [machines beeping] [door clicking] – Excuse me. Can you step outside
for a moment? [door closing] I don’t know how to say this. – Just say it. Just tell me the truth. – She has Alport Syndrome. – What is that? – It’s a disease of the kidney. It’s hereditary. If left unchecked, it
slowly deteriorates the kidney’s function. It’s quite rare. What’s even more rare
is how aggressively it’s attacking Maggie. Does your family have a
history of kidney disease? – No. No. That’s irrelevant. Is she gonna be okay? – Well that depends. – On? – On getting a new kidney. From a perfect match. – Oh god. – You going to be alright? – Yeah thank you. [dramatic music] [crying] – What happened? – She’s dying. – Look at me mom. What’s wrong with Maggie? – Her kidneys. – What about them? – They failed. – They both failed? How is that possible? – Maggie needs you. – What do you want me to do? – Find her family. [Mexican folk music] [Mexican folk music] [metal clanging] – You alright? – What are you doing? – I don’t know if this is
the right path for you. – Now look we don’t
have time for this. Let me have the folder. [dramatic music] I don’t understand. What is this? – The truth. – It can’t be. It can’t be! It’s as if she didn’t exist. – What do you mean? – Life just goes on and
if she dies in here, it’s as if she didn’t exist. When you and I die even
the memory of her dies. – There are people who love her. – That’s not what I mean. I don’t know how
this is going to end but I do know that we’re
doing what’s best for Maggie. – Okay. Well once we start this,
there’s no going back. – Just bring her here. – And if she won’t come? – Then she doesn’t have to. We just need her kidney. [rock music] [singing in Spanish] [Mexican folk music] [door wrapping] [dramatic music] [skin smacking] [dramatic music] [chains rattling] – Hello sir, I’m Malcolm. – I know who you are. – I spoke with your Captain. – Come in. [dramatic music] – Where’s Carmen? – I wanted to meet
with you first. What can we do for you? – I think you know why I’m here. – I know a lot
about you Malcolm. I know who you are. I know where you come from
and I know what you did. I just don’t know what you want. – I need to speak to Carmen. Alone. – Well that’s not
going to happen. – You know why I came to you? Because it was the
right thing to do. I don’t think
people like you know what the right thing
even looks like. – Oh yeah? Well look around, because
this is what it looks like. – I am looking around
and you know what I see? I see a person in a place
where he has no power. This is Mexico. We don’t live our
lives by your rules. – You’re right. Sorry to have wasted your time. – So that’s it? – Oh, no sir. I have a deadline to
keep and I will keep it. I will speak with her. I thought maybe I
would get your help but I don’t have time for
this so perhaps your captain can help me. – If you go near her, – What will you do? What will you do huh? ‘Cause I know things too Omar. I know that you have three kids. I know their names. I know what school they go to. – If you even think about, – Oh but I am thinking
about it and I will do it. You know I will. I mean you said so yourself. People like me are
capable of anything. [dramatic music] – Wait. I’ll bring her. – Carmen. – Gracias. – Hello Carmen. – Pleasure to meet you. – So what is it you want? – I want Carmen to
meet her daughter. [dramatic music] – She’s beautiful. – [Malcolm] Yes. – She’s a woman. – What do you want from us? – Maggie, Claridad she’s sick. And her mother wants you to
come to meet her right away. – Is it serious? – Yes, she’s dying. – You have some nerve. Carmen and I have
started a new life. There is no need to
bring up the past. – Isn’t that for
Carmen to decide. – I’m her husband. I decide what is right. – I’ll go. When shall I be ready? – As soon as possible, tonight. – Thank you, no. You keep it. – Carmen. – Don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure she gets
there and back safely. You have my word on it. – Your word means nothing to me. I’m coming with you. – That’s not such a good idea. – Either I come or I see
to it that she doesn’t. That woman is my family. And my family means
everything to me. – That’s all very admirable, but not necessary. – It is if you want her to come. – If you wish. Just make sure that
you and her are packed and ready to leave
at five o’clock. – That’s three hours. – I didn’t ask you to come. – I’ll be ready. [dramatic music] [birds chirping] – Hi Mags, it’s me Cary. Please wake up so
everyone stops crying. Do you think she can hear me? – [Sharon] Yeah I do. – Why doesn’t she get up? – She will soon hunny. She’s just resting now
because she’s sick. – I’m not a kid anymore
mom I can handle it. She is dying isn’t she? – Listen to me. Your sister is not gonna
die Cary, do you understand? Do you understand me? – You’re hurting him mom. – Sweetheart, oh my god. Cary go get the nurse. I said go get the nurse. Hunny, oh sweetie
how do you feel? – I’m tired, sore and
my arm hurts very bad. – Which arm? – The one you’re sitting on. – Oh god. – I’m just joking mom. – We’re gonna get you
outta here soon hun. – Considering I’m only leaving
this place in a coffin, I prefer later
rather than sooner. – Shhh, don’t talk like that. – I’m not dead yet
and I’m also not deaf. I heard you and the
doctors talking. – Sweetheart, I should have
known about your condition. – How could you have known? – Hunny I made so many mistakes. Now you’re paying for them. – I don’t remember you being
this dramatic my whole life. What’s goin’ on? – I have to tell you something. – I’m adopted, I don’t care. For better or for worse, you’re
my mom and always have been. – How did you know? – I’m not deaf. – How are you feeling? – Tired and very sore. – That’s from the
drugs and the dialysis. It’s good to see you up though. Is there anything
I can get for you? – I could use a margarita. – Me too Maggie. – Let’s go get one. I’ll meet you
downstairs in five. It’s gotta be happy
hour somewhere. – Sounds great. It’s a date. Doctor will be here
in a few minutes. – He was handsome. – He’s not my type. – Oh no, what is? – Anyone with a
compatible kidney. – Where do you
find your strength? – I guess I’m never bothered
much by the little things. – Hunny this, this isn’t a little thing. – To you and the people
who love me it isn’t but in the end aren’t we
all just little things? – This is not your end. – I appreciate your optimism
mother but I can feel it. – No you don’t understand. Malcolm found your
real mother hunny. She’s flying here with him
right now and she’s gonna give you her kidney. – What? In less than two days, Malcolm
just found my real mother? – Cary could you please
wait in the waiting room? – But mom I wanted to her
– I understand but this is important. Please wait in the waiting room. You can talk to her
when you get back. – Alright. Mags, you promise to be
awake when I get back? – I promise. – Hurry up mom. – I am very excited. This sounds like
it’s gonna be good. – I don’t really know
how to tell you this so I’m just gonna say it. – Ooh, now I’m worried. You never have trouble
telling us what you think. – Maggie.
– Wait! My real mother is
Kris Kardashian and we’re gonna be
on a reality show? – Maggie stop it, please! Your real mother didn’t
put you up for adoption. You were taken from her. You were kidnapped
and sold to us. – Why would you do such a thing? – Hunny I know it
sounds horrible but you have to believe
me I didn’t know. I never knew. I was 24 years old. Some idiot doctor told
me that I was infertile. I was devastated. And then one day
your father came home and brought me a
book with pictures of these young children
who all needed a home. He told me to pick the
one I wanted to adopt. And hunny I chose you. – You didn’t think that
seemed a little suspicious? – Yeah maybe I did. Maybe I just didn’t want to know because three weeks later
hunny you were in my arms and I didn’t care
where you came from. Your father arranged
the whole thing. He did it out of love for me. – Can you leave my room? – I never lied to you. You have to believe
me when I tell you I just found out myself. – Just give me a minute okay? I need to absorb this. I don’t know what to think. – Maggie? I’m glad you’re up. I’d like to examine
you if you don’t mind. – Sure Doc, but can you
make my mother wait outside? – [Doctor] Certainly if
that’s what you want. – It is. – It’s fine. I’ll just be in the waiting room just around the corner. – So I’m thinking about
grabbing a movie later and I might have a
date with that nurse, so if you could just
hurry this along. – Well I’ll do my best. You mind sitting up for me? There you go. Take a deep breath. Again. [coughs] [crying] alright let’s finish
the exam shall we? Good. – Speak english while you’re
in this country please. – [Omar] Why? – English. – Okay, why? – I don’t want to attract
attention from these people. I don’t want her family
to see us as Mexican. You made me learn english for
a reason and I want to use it. – But I am Mexican
and I’m proud of it. – I am too but being Mexican
can be a crime in this country – [Omar] Is that
why you can’t sleep? – I can’t sleep, I can’t. – Well you need to try. I don’t want to have your
daughter seeing you like this for the first time. – English please. – What is wrong with me? Maybe we should go home. Maybe she’s going to
be embarrassed of me. – Your daughter is dying. I don’t think she’s going to
care what your hair looks like. – What is wrong with my hair? [dramatic music] – You know the first
time I saw you, I knew you were the most
beautiful woman I had ever seen? – That was 20 years ago. – I still feel the same way. Only now, you’re even more
beautiful on the inside. – Thank you for coming. I don’t know how I could have
done it without you here. – We’re in this together. – Malcolm. Are they here? – Yes. In a hotel close by. I figured I’d let them
rest and then go get them in the morning. – Wow, that’s good yeah? You did good Malcolm. – I did what I had to do. – I just can’t believe
how quickly they came. – Yeah well I’m glad she chose
to come in the way she did. The alternative would
have been messy. – So she’s ready then? – Not exactly. I didn’t tell her
about the kidney. – What? Malcolm, the process
has to start tomorrow. We don’t have time. – Look she knows almost
everything already. I didn’t think she
would come if I told her about giving us her kidney. – But why not? – I guess you didn’t
read Maggie’s file. Maggie’s illness
comes from her mother. If she gives Maggie her
kidney, she may die herself. [dramatic music] – Oh god! – God is not a part of this. You have to be strong. – Did I do the right thing? – I don’t know if you did the
right thing or the wrong thing you did the only thing. – I mean at what cost? – Sharon, you didn’t know. – Didn’t I? I always knew there was
something wrong, even in my gut. I may not have done
it but I certainly turned my head from it. – Okay, then knowing
what you know now and the woman that you’ve
raised, would you do it again? [birds chirping] – They’re here. Hello. We are so happy you’re here. – Thank you. – Thank you for coming. Please come and meet my family. These are my boys,
Cary, Jason and Taylor. – Hello. – Taylor. – On behalf of our whole family, we want to welcome
you to our family. – Thank you. – Are you ready to go upstairs
to meet your daughter? – Yes of course. – Good, come with me. Carmen, before you go
in, I was wondering if I could have a word
with you in private? – We don’t keep any secrets. – Okay um well, I just
wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, how truly sorry
I am about all of this. I only found out two days
ago myself when we first started looking for you. I can’t imagine what it
must have been like for you. – I think like watching your
daughter die in front of you. – Maggie is expecting you. She’s um just
through those doors, 2nd door on the right. – I’ll be right here. [soft music] – You can come in. I won’t bite. – Hello. – I don’t know what to
say, you’re so pretty. – No I am not. You are. You have become such
a beautiful woman. – Now I guess I’m not. – You are, I can see you. – Where are you from? – Mexico. – I’m Mexican. – Yes. – Well. – I have a picture of us
if you’d like to see it. – That would be nice. – You were two years old. – Can I ask you a question? – Anything. – Do you still know my father? – No. I don’t. – Did you get divorced? – No, I was young. – I see, I was a mistake. I guess that makes sense. – No, no, don’t ever think that. If you were a mistake, then
my whole like was a mistake. – I don’t understand. – Can I ask you a question? – If you tell me
who my father is, I will answer your question. – I don’t know who
your father is. – Oh geeze. Too many lovers? – No, I was a virgin. – Then tell me please. Don’t make a dying girl beg. – When I was fifteen years
old, my mother had just died. I had no family or friends. I was on my own. I needed to take care of myself so I got a job as
a maid at a resort. It used to take me one hour
bus ride to work each way and I told them that I
was 18 years old and, because I looked older
they believed me. And the people were nice to me. Other than my mom,
nobody was nice to me. At first I loved working there. It was so beautiful. My job was to clean
and prepare the rooms. I met so many people from
so many parts of the world. Most of them so nice to us. We were never supposed
to go into a room if someone was still inside. They would always tell
us to leave the door open when cleaning the room. [speaks Spanish] Housekeeping. So I went into room 505 and it was a mess like you can’t believe. Empty alcohol
bottles everywhere, sheets covered in dirt. I was so focused on
cleaning the mess. I did not here the door close. – What’s your name baby? Don’t be shy. What’s your name. – Carmen. – That’s a beautiful name
for a beautiful girl. Don’t be scared Carmen. This can be fun for you too. – Please don’t hurt me. – Well that is up to you. If you fight me you
will get hurt very bad. Look at me, no crying. Do you understand? Good girl. Take off your clothes. – I am so sorry. I wish that it was something
romantic or foolish. I am so sorry. – So, I’m a kidnapped baby who
was the product of a rape by a nameless, faceless animal. I bet looking at me laying
here, you wish you had just aborted me. – No, not for one moment. I loved you. You changed my life. I still love you. – You don’t even know me. Shit, I don’t even
think I know me anymore. Can you just give me a
minute to process this? [soft music] – I may not have seen
you in the last 20 years, but I have always been
with you right here. I was always there. You are not a mistake. You were the one good thing
that I had in my life. [weeping] – You okay? Come here. – She is a wonderful woman. You did a very good job. – Thank you. – I think we should leave. I think me being
here has upset her. – Okay.
– No, no, you can’t leave. – I think it is the
right thing to do. You are her family. We are not. – But you are, you
are her family. In fact, you’re her only family. We need you to stay. – I appreciate it Sharon but
the poor girl in there is dying She should not have brought
up all of these emotions. What she needs is peace and love. – No, she needs something else. – What do you mean? – She means Maggie needs
the love of her real mother. – No Malcolm. We don’t have time
for this game. Would you please just
sit down and hear me out? Maggie is dying. Now it could be tomorrow. It could be a month from now. However, there is something
that can save her. A new kidney. – I knew it. – From a perfect match. – Omar please. – Carmen, you could
be that match. – Why didn’t you tell
us this before we came? I knew you needed something. – So what you’re
saying is, she can live if I give her a kidney? – If you’re a match, yes. She’ll live. We just have to run some
tests, see if you are. – Well I’m sorry,
she can’t do this. Carmen we have to go. – Omar, stop it. – No. – What is this? – She got her kidney
disease from me. I have been taking pills
for the last 20 years to slow down its progress. – So you understand what
she’s going through? What’s the problem? – The problem is, she
gives Maggie her kidney, she could threaten her own life. – Even if she is a match,
giving her a bad kidney isn’t necessarily
going to help her. In fact it may kill them
both, do you understand that? – Okay can we just do the
test to see if she is a match? Otherwise this is
all for nothing. – I will take the tests. – Thank you. – Omar, Omar. I’m just going to get tested
to see if I’m a match. – Omar please. Please speak in english. – Just because they
took her away from me doesn’t mean I am
not her mother. – And what about
your family at home? Are you not their mother too? – Omar how dare you? – These people are evil. Can’t you see what they’ve done? – I don’t know Omar. I don’t know about what
they did or did not do. – I don’t know
about all that Omar. I don’t know. – Hey, I’m sorry. I just don’t want
to see you get hurt. [soft music] what if you’re a match? Then what? – I don’t know. Please, come with me. Please. – Carmen the doctor is ready
to do the tests when you are. Oh Omar I don’t think
you can go back in. – Yes I can. – It’s alright, if he
wants to go let him go. [birds chirping] – Can I sit? – Absolutely, if you
don’t mind the smoke. – I didn’t know you smoked. – Yeah neither did I. I just started two days ago. – Does it help? – If I didn’t smoke I would be eating five
gallons of ice cream. – Can I ask you a question? What would you do
in my position, if the roles were reversed? – I would do it. – What about your
other children? – They’ll live. I mean isn’t that all we can
really ask for in the end, that our children grow up to
live long and happy lives? It’s a burden us mothers carry. My husband, Maggie’s father,
and all the other men and their actions that brought
us two mothers together right now. What are we left with? The final decision
and the burden. Are the results in? – Not yet, but your daughter is
requesting to see you. – Me or Carmen? – Both. – Can you guys come sit with me? I just wanted to ask
you both a question and to tell you something. – What is it sweetheart? – I was wondering if
it would be alright if I could also
call Carmen “Mom”? – If it’s alright with Sharon
then it’s alright with me. – [Maggie] Mom? – If that makes you happy. – Okay good. I was worried about that. – What was the thing
you wanted to tell us? – No one every tells
you what it feels like but you can feel it. You can actually
feel death coming. I don’t know how long I
have but it isn’t long. Mom, I don’t wanna die. – Oh, honey. You’re gonna be okay. – And mom, you have been
with me my whole life. You being here has
meant the world to me. [rock music playing quietly] – What honey? – This song. How do I know this song? – You used to get so excited
when you would watch it on TV. And it is also your name. I mean the name I
gave you wasClaridad. – What does it mean? – Clarity. At that time, I didn’t know
what my life was going to be. And you gave a girl
like me perfect clarity. I knew no matter how hard
it was, I had to keep trying for you. – Would it be okay if
you called meClaridad? [machine beeping rapidly] – Maggie.
– Claridad! – Nurse, Nurse! Listen to my voice honey. Honey, honey listen to my
voice, stay with me baby. Stay with me. Nurse! [soft dramatic music]
[machine beeps rapidly] – [Nurse] Maggie,
Maggie stay with us. Jonathan, prepare 10
CC’s of Atavan stat. Maggie, it’ll be alright. [dramatic music] – Where’s Carmen? – She went for a walk. – Oh. [clears throat] – You know, even if the
tests come back positive, there’s no way Carmen is
going to risk her life to save your daughter. – Well I think that’s
Carmen’s decision. – Really? Would you risk
your life for 15%? – 15%? – It’s the chance she has
to live if she ever damages her good kidney. – How do you know that? – The doctors told us. – The results are in. – I’m Doctor Mason. Doctor Conway asked me to
share the results with you. Carmen you’re a perfect match. – Oh thank god. – Now if you decide to
proceed, I will be the surgeon. So we need to discuss
what happens next. – So now that she is a
match, can you say for sure that Maggie won’t
reject the kidney? – No, there is no certainty
with this type of thing. We only have the information
that’s in front of us so we have to act based on that. – So she could still do
this thing, risk her life, and it not help anyone? – That possibility exists
and especially with this type of procedure and since
your condition could deteriorate we will need to have
extensive waivers of liability from you Carmen. – But you can say with
certainty that Carmen is putting her life at risk
by doing this procedure. – I can tell you that
there is risk involved with any procedure,
particularly this one due to its nature. – Can I ask you a
question doctor? – [Dr. Mason] Yes Malcolm. – Can you say with absolute
certainty that if Maggie does not get this
kidney, she will die. – Yes I can say
that with certainty. When, I don’t know but she
will have no quality of life. She is at the end stage. If we don’t do something
now, it’ll be too late regardless if you
have a kidney or not. You all have much to discuss
so I will leave you to it. Take as much time as you need
and Carmen, I just want to say I’ve been doing
this a long time. This is a decision that
should not be made by anybody but you. You are giving a gift
of life to someone. In the end, it should be your
decision and yours alone. Have the nurse page
me when you decide. – Thank you Doctor. Can I have a little time please? – Okay look, that’s
precisely what we don’t have. We need to know. – This isn’t a used car. This is a life and the
life of another person. – Omar please. – So she needs to take her
time and decide what she’s going to do so that
your daughter can live. – We will give you time but just know that we
are in this together and I will do
anything for Maggie. Anything you need, anything
your family needs, anything just – Okay Sharon. Let’s give them a moment. We’ll wait outside. – Carmen, I have never begged
anyone for anything in my life but I am begging you. She’s your daughter too. – [Malcolm] Come on Sharon. – And you can decide
whether she lives or dies. – That’s enough Sharon. – So what do you think? – I hope she makes
the right decision. – And if she doesn’t? – Look, look at everything. Look at us. Look at the children. Look at the last 20 years. Just think about this
moment right now. This situation. Why do want to do this? I’ve asked you a dozen
times and you don’t give me a straight answer, why? – Because, I chose to bring
her into this world. And now I get to choose
what happens to her. – I can’t watch you die Carmen. – I was already dead
when you met me. Do you remember
that first night? I decided when you left
for work that morning that I was going to end it. – Why didn’t you? – Because, I found
someone who looked at me like I was a person. Like it meant something to him. – So why throw it all away? – I am not throwing
anything away my love. I am giving someone that
I never gave anything to, a chance at life. I owe her that. No matter where she is, she
will always be my little girl and I can’t turn my back on her. – So why play these games? Why not just tell them that
you’ll go through with it and be done with it? What if I take you out
of this place right now? And I drag you to the airport? – You’re too good
a man to do that. – This isn’t fair Carmen. – I need you to do
something for me. It will sound extreme but
it is important to me. For once, they are going
to have to pay a price for what they want. – Did she make a decision? – She has. Come inside. – Have you made your
decision Carmen? – I am going to do it. – Malcolm! [screams] [dramatic music] Malcolm, why is he tied down? Malcolm, Malcolm? I don’t understand, what’s, what’s happening here? – I have decided to
give Claridad my kidney. – Yes I know I think
that’s wonderful but, we should really to it because
we’re running out of time. – I find it funny that
you say the word, we. There’s no we in your life. There is no we in
any of your lives. – I don’t understand
what you’re saying. Please just say what you mean. – I will do it under
two conditions. – Okay. – The first is money. – Okay fine I have
lots of money. If that’s all you want, this
is, this is not necessary. – You didn’t ask how much. – How much? – Half. – Half of what? – Half of all of your money. – What? – I think you heard me. – You must be kidding. Do you have any idea
how much money I have? – No I don’t but I am
sure that it is enough. I’m wondering what is the
price you are willing to pay to save Maggie’s life? – You don’t think
I love my daughter? You don’t think I would
give anything for her? – There’s only one
way to find out. I don’t want all, just half. Don’t I deserve
that for my life? Or is the life of a Mexican
woman not equal to yours? – I never said that. I would do anything
for my children but this is extortion. – You can leave
any time you want. You leave and I leave, head
straight to the airport and go home to my family. – Okay, fine. You have my word. I’ll give you the money. – Call your financial guy. – Right now? – Yes. – I I don’t think Maggie
has that much time to waste while we do this. – Well then you better hurry because you don’t get
to our 2nd condition until the first
one has been met. Have them wire the
money to this account. – No matter what happens. Make sure Claridad
gets my kidney. – Okay. – [Sharon] No I cannot hold.
I need to speak with Todd right now. – We can still go home. Are you sure you
want to do this? – Yes. I told you I couldn’t have
done this without you. – Yes yeah I know I know. I don’t care if the bank
is in Mexico, just send it. Do it! Alright. Thank you Todd, I appreciate it. It’s done. What was the 2nd thing? What is this? – It is a way for us to
get in the same boat. I am taking all the risk here. I have a family too,
three boys just like you. And a husband who loves me. Why are we always
taking the risk while you rich people use
us, abuse us, and discard us like we are nothing? You never get your hands dirty. We pay the entire price
while you collect the prize. Your life never has any fear. If you shoot me, then what? – Then I’ll shoot him. – If you shoot him then I will
leave and Maggie will die. – What do you want? – I want us to share in
the sacrifice together. – And how do you
expect to do that? – Omar, please explain. – As you know, Carmen only
has a 15% chance of surviving if she gives you the kidney. – Yes I know. – So you know how to use a gun? That’s good. Pick it up. Open it. How many bullets are inside? – Five. – And how many chambers? – Six. What’s one divided by six? – I don’t know. Tell me. – Have you ever played
Russian roulette? – What? – My wife only has a
15% chance of living after this operation. There’s one empty
chamber in the gun, which means that you
have a 17% chance. – Alright, okay. – [Omar] Those are better
chances than my wife. – Okay, just we are all
under a lot of stress here. [metal clanging] – That’s just it. We’re going to make the
same sacrifice together. I am willing to take these
bad bets to save Claridad. Are you willing to take the
same risk to save Maggie? – What are you doing? Shoot them! Come on! Shoot Carmen in
the fucking face! Put one in his head too. – I can’t. [grunting] – What are you planning
on doing with this? – You better kill me Omar. Otherwise I’m gonna go to
Mexico and I’m gonna personally rip the kidneys out of each
and every one of your kids because they’re
probably a match. – You told me that if
the roles were reversed, you’d do the same thing. Well they are. You do this and I will
give her my kidney. – Please. I can’t. [crying] Please. – Come on Omar. – Wait wait wait. [weeping] [dramatic music] [gunshot bangs] [soft orchestral music] – Everybody, can I
get your attention? Umm, I just wanted
to officially welcome our new extended
family from Mexico. We love having you guys here. I also wanted to say
how much I love you all and appreciate all that you
have done for me this past year. It was extremely difficult but
I was able to get through it with your help. And finally, I would like to
ask you all to take this time to remember our loved one
who is no longer with us. She is gone but she will
forever be right here. – Cheers. [glass clinking] – Would you like to
propose a toast mom? [soft orchestral music]

100 thoughts on “Clarity | 2015 Drama | Dina Meyer | Nadine Velazquez”

  • Yvette Bergmans says:

    loved the movie!!! for once a not hollywood action bla bla bla and of course …. loved the ending!!!! Thank you poster!!!

  • I have an idea about the ending.
    I think thie rich lady killed not herself but her husband who was guilty as hell. That was accepted and biological mother gave her kidney to save her daughter and then she died of kidney failure. The rich lady somehow escaped prison maybe because she was rich. The end.

  • Here is my thought on who died, I dont think the real mom was sitting at the table. The writer wrote some clues just hear me out: before the shot the mexican lady ask for money maybe to insure her kids have money and secondly the real mom has 15 % to live from surgery so dying before would make it eaiser. Why have the adopted mom kill herself in a public place makes no sense. Lastly listen to what the girl said at the end the perosn we lost is in my heart. The only mom who taught her that was the real mom. Kinda confusing

  • This is like reading a literature set book your creativeness makes the ending.
    According to me,the second condition is that Malcolm gets shot,he would have killed the Mexican couple especially after taking half of their money.
    The real mother Carmen dies,the daughter says she is gone but will always be with them at heart which is what she taught them.
    She asks at the end if the mum would like to make a toast so that's the American mom.
    That's my thinking.

  • Banteilang Nongrem says:

    All the sacrifice of carmen omar and the american mum went down as a flop in the end of the movie when carmen seem like she is selling her kidney to save maggie even though the dialogue was very good but dosen't match up with the sorrow and pain when clardad was taken away till she first met maggie

  • One hell of a good movie!! Love the how the real mum played games with the fake mum
    Well written but the end was pretty stupid to keep us in the dark. Never got to see the other father or who was the mother survived!! How stupid!

  • This too shall pass, Amen! says:

    The biological mom died, it was easier for the adopted mom to shoot biological mom so she would have no choice period! The Mexican family is set for life anyways.

  • Jean-Pierre Radu O'Callaghan says:

    Amazing movie, but terrible ending !! I mean the ending didn't really give any "clarity" to the story !! I don't know what the makers were thinking when they made that shabby ending. Did the adoptive mother die ? Did the real mother live ? And what happened to the adoptive father ? Was that the real mother who was about to make the speech at the end or was that the adoptive mother ? Disappointed with the ending. It was a real let down from an otherwise great movie !!

  • The rich lady was told to kill her husband and Carmen died giving her kidney to her daughter. At the end of the movie if you look closely at the hair of the woman that is sitting down in the chair in the end of the table. The color shows clear who is sitting there. It isn't black or straight It's the rich woman's hair. If you go in the beginning of the movie you will see how she sat in that chair also her color of her hair and the complex of her skin color

    Carmen and the husband was afraid that there 3 boys were gonna be killed by the rich husband so he had to be killed per Carmen and the husband's request or else no kidney.

  • The foster parents were devils
    Especially when they knew Carmen too had kidney failure but proceeded with the surgery. They were egocentric couple

  • My husband and his first cousin (moms were twins) had Alports, both had kidney transplants. Its an X linked disease, passes from mother to son, then son passes to daughter who passes to grandson. Not usually affecting the females.

  • There is a weird part of Hell that comes with Consolates. I am thankful not to know any more than that. Not everything is all bad. We all know where we belong. People over here in America, namingly Big Spring, Tx. look really ridiculous trying to sell me to other countries and stupid trying to feed me to Hell. The stupid shit will stop.

  • She was wrong when she said it's perceived as a crime to be Mexican in this country. It's wrong because it's the poor who are persecuted in America. Doesn't matter if you're Mexican, black, white, Asian. Doesn't matter, your race. If you're poor you are shunned, ridiculed, fined and driven from your home.

  • Great movie what a twist at the end never would have imagined made for a brillant moral point… she shot Malcolm…still egocentric though….

  • Elisheva Rivka Leah Moshe says:

    Unrealistic. The gunshot means that the adoptive mother shot herself. In real life the biological mother and her husband would have been imprisoned for causing her to commit suicide by blackmailing. Malcolm would have been imprisoned for threatening to kill the Mexican half-brothers in order to steal their kidneys, in addition to his previous crimes.
    Maggie would never have forgiven her biological mother and her husband for causing her adoptive mother to kill herself. The end scene cannot be real.

  • Desiree Llaverias says:

    It was carmen who died. what was done to her it happens everyday in the world. the innocents in this case carmen gave her kids and husband a new life. was it fair the way she did it no. but what she went through its heart wrenching. But still what she wanted to do at the end wasn't fair.

  • One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Most of today's movies are pointless drivel with no substance or moral and usually very formulaic. This movie , intensely thought provoking, something to teach everyone.

  • Two clues that I think I know how it ended: SPOILER ALERT!!! ………………….


    I think that it was Carmen who died. 1) The phrase Maggie said, "…she will forever be right here." i.e. in my heart. And 2) She emphasized gratitude to them all for rallying around her for the extra support she needed to get better. Why would she have needed extra support from her non-biological family had it not been that her biological mom died? Plus, if the adopted mom died, her American husband would fight tooth and nail to get his revenge, cause that is just the type of person he is!!!

    In addition, the adopted mom is the only parent who could get her husband to sit at that table with the Mexican family. Also, Carmen wears flats, the rich mom wears heels. That woman at the end had on red heels. Moreover, if the rich mom had died, the father would actually get a chance to wear the pants in the household while at home and would finally sit at the head of the table, and not on the side with his sons; but where does he sit?….on the side with his sons cause he is brute & brawn in getting things done; but the rich mom calls the shots!! LOL!!!

  • It’s obvious that the birth mother Carmen passed away because Maggie was still alive after a year later and plus when she said in the ending that her mother will always be with her and she touched her heart as Carmen did when she told her sons that when she left to see Maggie in the US,it’s a must watch movie that you have to pay attention to the hints throughout the movie

  • I noticed all you women that are upset by this. Yet, you are very happy when a child is stolen from a man.
    Women denie ex husband's visitation all the time from seeing thier kids. And women rejoys in this.
    Nothing is done.
    So too damn bad.

  • Interesting movie. I had to laugh reading the comments at the number of people here that DEMAND some kind of fairy tale ending to a tragic story. As a writer, sometimes the ending that doesn't involve "clarity" is the right one to make the movie worth watching. This one definitely leaves you with something to think about later. Thanks for the upload!

  • Christine Logan says:

    I believe Maggie's real mom died since she only had a 15% chance of survival after donating her good kidney, Maggie's adopted mom shot Malcolm after hearing what he was going to do to Carmen's kids, and just the hand jester that Maggie made at the end when she touched her heart that is what Carmen said to her in the hospital. 🙂 Great movie.

  • Larry Olszewski says:

    Like how dumb was that? She tells the woman that her daughter is in the second door to the right and they go to the doors on the left. What's up with that????

  • I’m so confused. Was this a pro-life movie, an adoption cautionary tale, a commentary on women’s work and misogyny, an exploration of Trump era racial tensions at the border, a nod to gun safety, or a lesson in prob & stats centered around the recurring theme of 15%…? 🤔


    Someone saw adopted father at the table, someone saw high heels of adopted mother. To me, the bang bang with a knife on a glass looks like only an adopted mother would do. Does not look like Carmen thing. Also Mexican boys were very sad at the table, doesn't look like happy when Mom is at the table. I think Carmen didn't use her 15%. I think she shot Malcolm.

  • Good movie and uncommon twist. The end ? Think about it:. Brilliant idea. It's about time that a movie director makes the Americans think about all the wicked things they do in this world and their arrogant behavior thinking they owe it all…

  • FWIW, there is zero evidence that Russians ever played Russian roulette. The term was first coined by Swiss author Georges Surdez as a fictional anecdote told by one of his characters in a short story published in 1937.

  • Stupid ending. After she agreed to play russian roulette they should have stopped it. You don't play with people's lives like that, when there is no real necessity. How would the american woman's children, including Maggie, ever forgive them if their mother died? Very unrealistic.

  • I think that the real mother was as evil as the adopted mom if she was really a loving mom she would not have put a price on her sacrifice for her daughter she could not have truly given away her kidney when she only had one good one

  • Yeah… I dun like d ending of d movie at all. I really didn't c dat coming! It cud b ended in a more better n civil manner,,, wat a waste… 🙄😒

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