Broadway 101: Theatre and Stage Door Etiquette with Beetlejuice’s Alex Brightman

Broadway 101: Theatre and Stage Door Etiquette with Beetlejuice’s Alex Brightman

Hi! I’m Alex Brightman. Join me and Playbill for
Broadway 101. I love that moment when the lights dim and the show begins.
But you know what moment is not my favorite? When the person next to me
takes out his phone to text, take pictures or even FaceTime during the
show. There’s also loud eating, talking. Don’t ruin the show for
people around you. You might think it’s not disruptive but it is. Ah, the stage-door.
A place where we get to interact with fans a little after party if you will
it’s supposed to be a fun easy and joyous time on both sides of the
barriers so here’s a couple tips on how to keep it that way
number one you never know who is a hugger you never know who likes to be
touched heck you don’t really know much of anything unless you ask so always ask
and if you don’t end up getting that hug don’t despair it’s nothing personal and
please don’t let it ruin the magical Broadway show you just experienced
number two manners matter if you push people out of the way to get an
autograph or a picture you run the risk of actually hurting people and it’s
stressful for us to try and play referee just say excuse me or pardon me or thank
you and all the other niceties you hopefully learned as a child number
three if we don’t remember who you are please don’t be bummed know that we see
hundreds if not thousands of people a week and it’s hard to keep track of
every single face we meet what you can do is give us context I met you two
months ago I told you about my school’s recital we talked about rare Italian
cheeses not only will that be more fulfilling for you it’ll also allow both
of us to relive a lovely memory together number four if we don’t come out of the
stage door it’s not because we don’t like you it’s because we have lives just
like you some of us have lives children dogs and some of us are unhealthy and
don’t want to get you sick generally speaking just follow the
golden rule treat others as you would want to be treated

91 thoughts on “Broadway 101: Theatre and Stage Door Etiquette with Beetlejuice’s Alex Brightman”

  • OMG YESSSS this is 100% etiquette that everyone should know and I love how Alex is doing this but he shouldn’t need to. But I love that they let alex to do it!

  • Hi guys! I’m sorry if you’ve seen this before. My big sister is a musical theatre student, and made a channel to upload covers of songs she’s working on. If you want to watch them search Sophia Matteucci.

  • "Some of us have WIVES, children, dogs", Um what about those with oh say "HUSBANDS, children, dogs"? There are Women and gay men on broadway or is all straight men and lesbians?

  • it’s a shame that people can be so inconsiderate and rude during and after shows, especially because a lot of this stuff is common sense.

  • I remember going to go see Beetlejuice and waiting at the stage door. There was a girl who shoved me to get closer to the railing. It was late and I was so exhausted to even yell at her for it. There are people out there who really don’t know their basic manners. I was so annoyed that I left the stage door without meeting the cast.

  • When I stage door if someone is behind me I offer to pass there playbill to the actor/actress or even move over for them to take a picture. We are all there because we love the show so why not treat them like we are all friends

  • Don’t touch Meh food says:

    Also another note: NEVER sing while the actors are singing, yes you may love he musical SOOO much but it’s rude, this girl on tik tok went to the waitress and during Never Getting Rid Of Me she sang super loudly like she was in a concert, please don’t sing, you can lip sync or do it in your head but remember other people payed to watch/hear the musical
    Side note: unless it’s apart of the show were the actors/musicals let you sing in a certain song

  • This should be played before every show because I have so many bad stage door experience and a terrible act 1 of phantom experience because of the people behind me not knowing theatre etiquette

  • It's truly sad how much this video is needed. If you're going to a Broadway show or any show, these should be common sense. But thanks to Alex Brightman and Playbill for making sure everyone knows these rules

  • I'm seeing the show on January 25th and I couldn't possibly be more excited, it'll honestly be one of the best possible ways to start 2020

  • I work at the stage door and this is great. Esp that last tip.
    Actually, in addition to the last tip, don’t ask the ppl working the stage door if someone is coming out. Esp don’t yell at the poor, sleep deprived college kid working the stage door cuz he definitely doesn’t know and he’ll write a YouTube comment abt u two years later, Karen at Chicago

  • I was at waitress and the old people behind us were talking SUPER loud the whole act 1. I’m not sure if they still were come act 2, and it personally didn’t bug me too much, but my dad sure didn’t like it.

  • I’m a short fourteen year old and when I went to Beetlejuice, this like 5’7/5’8 middle aged woman pushed me out of the way to get autographs – multiple times because she kept going back to talk to her friend.

  • Ugh this is so important. On my birthday, I got tickets to Be More Chill's fourth preview as a gift. I made sure to get to the stagedoor first to really get to meet the cast. I was really pumped. These four loud, really obnoxious fangirls pushed infront of me and totally ruined the experience and I didn't really get to meet the cast or anything. The show was still amazing at least.

  • also in middle school my theater teacher says:
    dress formal or business casual. (no ripped jeans, hoodies, etc.)
    refrain from singing during a show!
    do not take up a bunch of space, there are others around you

  • Hufflepuff Pixie says:

    I remember four years ago I went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang everything was going well until act two. During “Doll on a music box” {which is my favorite song in the entire show}the lady sitting beside me had her phone on and it started and she picked up and started talking

  • I love broadway but I'm always too scared to go to the stage door
    Or even ask anyone where the stage door is
    Social anxiety struggles

  • Ow… like, I get this should be obvious, but I just realized that I’m naturally a hugger and everyone else around me probably isn’t… and I’ve never asked…

  • “We’re people too”
    I believe he made that clear on Twitter when he said something about watching Beavis and Butthead Do America while waiting on some food.

  • They got the right person to make this video. Beetlejuice is one of the musicals EXTREMELY targeted to youth right now and getting people to see their first musical. Which don’t get me wrong, I love seeing people get into musicals but they just don’t understand sometimes.

    I do think people need to learn to follow (this goes for most situations). It’s obvious when you’re in a theatre with so x amount of people and no one is singing, you shouldn’t sing.

  • Saw Beetlejuice earlier this month and the people I was standing around afterwards at stage door were the rudest ive ever met. Going on and on saying how its the actors job to come out after every show and that they "owe" it to them. I've never been so angry in my life. I told them they did their job on stage for 2 hours and they don't HAVE to come out at all and they laughed in my face. I was honestly glad not a lot of the cast indeeded up coming out cos none of those people deserved to meet them the way they were acting

  • I went to see Anastasia on a matinee show and these three ladies behind me just couldn't stop whispering to each other, I even thought they didn't noticed that the show had started. But when one of them decided to start singing along was when I had it. I turned and loudly shushed them. It was the end of it.

  • I went to go see bmc in the summer, and this vid would have been great for the girls behind me. Literally singing all of the songs. Learn basic manners.

  • It's pretty sad that there has to be a video about stage door etiquette. I don't even like going to the stage door, I need time to process what I just saw.

  • "Don't ruin the show for people around you" THANK YOU. I saw Dear Evan Hansen on my birthday but had to listen to the couple next to me and the group in front of me talk during the show. Not only were they disrupting the night I had been waiting three years for, but they were also being rude to the actors that were performing such an emotionally draining show.

  • People at stage door rlly don’t have manners half the time huh
    I swear my experience seeing todrick hall and colleen ballinger at waitress stage door with at least 200 other people was easier than being 1 of 10 at moulin rouge’s stage door. Etiquette can really change an entire experience

  • I hope the young girl behind me who ruined my Hamilton experience in London last autumn by talking, eating loudly, singing and kicking my seat after telling her to shut it sees this ?

  • Wonder if this has anything to do with the little incident of the person filming the entire show from the 6th row a few weeks ago ???

  • So I came with my moms friend, and she is rlly loud and obnoxious. During the day o song, and the closing number, she started singing. A lot. Really loud too. It was annoying to me and so many others. It’s people like her who make such amazing shows unenjoyable

  • dominick lucido says:

    Wow I ask “can i give ya a hug?” To drunk people I just met at nightclubs let alone professionals jeez people step it up lol <3

  • Fortunately I had a great time at the Beetlejuice stagedoor, 11/02/19 matinee. Everyone passed playbills (there was even a poster) forward for people further back and I was there by myself and had a nice conversation with the girl beside me who made space for me to be able to get autographs. This was in contrast to the Waitress stagedoor the following day where 2 girls used their baackpacks to block people from moving forward to get their playbills signed. I am a tiny 5''4 girl. Go figure.

  • lets not ignore the fact that Alex sent out 4 tweets of someone who literally recorded the ENTIRE show. Even going as far as to point out where they were seated. Fucking legend alex, he deserves the world.

  • We have lives – I've seen shows in several countries and sometimes I feel like people do forget that acting is a job. It's their work. So it's like when you sit in an office 9-5 for them. You like your free time and being off from work, right? Well, they do to. But they also spend some extra time on the fans. We should be happy whenever they give us some of their free time!

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