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morning YouTube is just about 5:20 a.m.
on Wednesday February 12 and today is an audition day so I thought I would take
you guys along with me to kind of see what some of the audition season is like
here in New York yeah I’m exhausted and I’m running out before hours of sleep
right now because I got off work around midnight and got home around 12:45 and
fell asleep around 1:15 so I’m very very tired but I’m gonna take his with me as
much as I can on this crazy audition day with some open calls and see what
happens but whatever happened so come along yeah if you’re new here hello my
name is Tori cyclic I make new videos every Sunday for sick Sunday with other
videos throughout the week feel like what you see you like this video down
below and subscribe like down there as well you can also follow me on Twitter
and Instagram and description at TS that’s sixty nine five now let’s get
into the video I am very sleepy right now my hair is a
bit of a mess but we’re gonna fix that but follow you back and I have to go get
dressed and then we are gonna head out because this morning in particular we
have an early sign up for an audition the Sun sets at 7 a.m. and the god of
the stick till 10 so I would like to get into an early age group instead of being
over number 300 on the list like I was yesterday for an audition
so we’re gonna head out early today and then there’s nothing called kind of
happening at like 9:30 is so I’m gonna go sign up for that one as well also got
this adorable kitty being adorable right now and I want to stay snug for him but
I have to go alright Karpin wish me luck on my
auditions now just after 5:30 and I’m heading to
the Train I’m also gonna be trying to get to some dance classes as well I know
I’m gonna pop tab I might go to another and I’m between so
I just see what happens well it’s just 6:15 right now and I was
ended up being able to sign up for the other audition I’m going to on that list
back there at 5:20 and I’m already number hundred twelve alright this is
getting pretty ridiculous right now now we are off to go wait line at the garden
studio for that audition that I can’t sign up bring you guys a little closer select to
recap what has just happened this morning so I went to go sign up at the
audition at the growing studio that’s happening over there
I’m in the 1130 group which is not too bad but considering I woke up and got
there at 6:15 I was hoping I would have been in like the 9:30 or 10:00 o’clock
group but it’s fine and then ran over here to live liquorice videos to figure
out what was going on with this other audition which I have just realised now
like earlier that it’s a singing call first and I don’t have any singing
clothing with me so I have like this keep her job or good and see what
happens but then there’s a million and twelve people here and then they decide
they’re gonna type by headshot in this line that we’re all waiting in I think
I’ve seen from the club’s before this because it is purposely put sanity here
and now I found a studio to sit in for just a moment and compress and like take
a second to breathe because like wow it is just absolutely insane today but
making it through I’m full levy with this nice cool makeup here I have my
clothing on so I’m ready to go with whatever I need I just I’m just really
curious as to what’s gonna happen with this day and we’re gonna see what
happens but yeah if you ever want to audition in New York during audition
season welcome to the inside it is locked honestly I am so tired
right now when I’m running on according to my sleep tracker 3 hours and 50
minutes of sleep at the current moment so we’re gonna see what happens with
today video and I’m keeping positive because we don’t really know whatever is
gonna happen during audition season but yeah I feel like I’m just running on a
lot of like adrenaline exhaustion right now I do need to get something to eat
for breakfast I brought some granola bars with me and I have cash with me so
I’m gonna buy lunch probably out today but I need something like I don’t drink
coffee but like I’ve thought about it seriously getting a coffee today this is
what audition season is all about grinding even when you’re so so tired to
get seen and booked a job but I’ve got a bad audition so now I am
heading back over to the growing studio for the ones that I actually have the
time slot or because I need to grab something to eat because I’m starved
they got some Starbucks we’re gonna eat now
for this audition an iced chai latte and a treats effects and much but I’m like that audition I got cut
from it which is fine probably trouble with the combos loosely
but now I’m running at 12 but it’s currently 11:50 so let’s do that we’re trying to buy online online body
there’s like no way to do it so I made it we’re never like late class period
it’s 12:05 currently I’m gonna wait for Danielle and Taylor
there in class right now so we can until we’re done
see the only actor like we tried we tried earlier I think I’m
gonna figure out that acrostic later as well
if I came downstairs to the low level at steps which is uptown once I ran from a
bit down to half town I try to get a paper class where I am going to work on
my audition Journal I talked about this all I knew I’d like to be an audition
Journal this entire action scene to keep track of things with a lot of shoes are
going and things like that I made a little video on this because they’re
really helpful for like keeping track of my auditions I don’t know but I’m gonna
write everything from the last session I just went to and that probably hit back
upstairs and yeah just hang out until my god you can look here we can also look there really have guys feel like that that was
great I still don’t know if I’m looking at the
ring I say you look at the less it was it was not great but I got to watch
everybody have fun but now taking a nice walk I’m gonna go to get out of class
you were gonna go hi yeah I’m good it may be easy to run oh yeah content is
thrilling content I know I don’t need there let’s see my Picasso Sarah Edwards I do
and I’m a work study as well all right I’m all signed up for class and take a
class with someone that I’m taking class was before she something for somebody I
have to be possible before but it was like why not you never know I would you
take cost with new teachers but now I’m gonna grab some lunch because I am very
very hungry I’m gonna go to my favorite polka plays put the bar and after my
class that I’m going to at 4:30 of our dance that said then and going to that
and then I’m going home snuggling with the cat snuggling John that lunch was so good that I literally
almost forgot to film something of it no I’ll go back to Revit incident I am
playing which one go while I walk all right done with class it was good my
brain is starting to shut down it cuz I’m running on what’s the four hours of
sleep so a little bit hard for me to focus on things so there’s really good
class great noisy very slow very sexy and now I must watch out try not get hit
by a car I am finally home after a very very long
day of auditions and classes and things like that I’m so tired
I am my brain is really fading during popped up I was really struggling with
the combo because I’m so tired but now I’m home I’m gonna eat some food and get
ready to go to bed and that’s all I have for you guys today so thank you guys so
much for watching I hope you enjoyed following me along on and I couldn’t my
brain to stop pressing following along with me I hope you guys enjoyed
following along with me on a crazy audition day let me know if there’s
something you’re interested in seeing more of because audition season is still
going on so I can definitely fill more videos like this and was there anything
else you like to see on my channel as well let me know about that and the
comments down below thank you guys so much for watching
dftba and I will see you guys next time

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