– [Narrator] Grease is
a classic singing movie about greasy teenagers. It begins with a triple X porno scene. Sweetie pie Jorn Travolter and beautiful Oliver
Neutered Junk are in love. They are massaging each others mouth holes and pointing at some turds that are floating in the ocean. (funky music) The problem begins on
the first day of school. Jorn Saravolta is no longer a sweetie pie. He has transformed into a horny car man who likes cigarettes and hitting his friends
in their testicles. His friends ask him if
he got his wiener wet during summer vacation. One of them is 45 years old. So then he starts to sing a song about how he met a sexy queen from Austria. He sings: do, do, do, do, do summer lovling hat me a blast. But on the other side of
the school, Oliver Newton is also singing a song about
how she met a sexy king. Her part goes: summer loving stepped on a cat and her friends replied: tel mee mork, tel mee mork did his dingledoo stink? Unfortunately, the couple broke up because Olivia ate one
of those floating turds and Travolva thought it was disgusting. Sand—Lee is depressed so she joins a female gang called the Pink Ladies because they all love the singer, Pink. The girls and the gangs names are Rizzle Dizzle, French
Fries, Tooth and Albert. They try to cheer her up by inviting her to an underwear party where
she puts on a nightgown and smokes exactly one cigarette. Meanwhile, Saturday Night Fever gentleman joins his own gang called the T-Birds which stands for tiny birds because they all have teeny peenerses. All they do is eat salami on the bleachers and fix a car called the
Greasy Gassy Lighting for some reason. They all shake their tails and do a lot of pointing to celebrate the lovely car, while singing a song. One guy does a flip on it. Grease lyning go greeze lything. Finally, Let’s Get Physical woman gets over her summer love and starts dating a jock boy called Chunk. They go on a date to the
Pulp Fiction restaurant so of course John
Traveling Travolta is there because he is filming
a movie, Pulp Fiction. Uh-oh, now Johnny is jealous
and he wants his queen back. He wants her back so so bad that he tries to impress her
by joining a sporps-team. He tries ballotball,
wrasling, and even babeball. He wears gray sweatpants that
reveal his important penis. Sand-pee says she’ll
date him one more time at the Pulp Fiction restaurant but their friends come by to ask: tell me morp, tell me fork. I swear if they say: tell
me schmork one more time, I’m going to lose my damn mind. Here is a list of thing that happen next, Rizzle Dizzle is with child and she throws a cup of vomit on her baby
daddy, Canned Knuckles. French Frey dyes her hair pink because she is having a crisis and travels to another dimension where a lot of silver Marge Simpsons are dancing and then a little angel man tells her shes a loser with no job. The next thing that happened is I fell asleep and when I woke up, a pervert is introducing a TV show where a bunch of teenagers on Adderall are dancing like weirdos. There was too much movement on the screen which caused my circuit board to overheat and shut off. When my circuit board was repaired, all of the teenagers were having fun at a carnival. They’re all playing fun games like Cream the Teacher, where they throw a comb at the teacher. The traveling supermarket basket ride, and the vomit ride. The movies finishes positive. Olive Oil is dressed in latex, because she has become a Dominatrex person and Trabalabalaba says: I got chills they’re multiplying I don’t even care about those turds you ate earlier. It’s actually electrifying. Then they fly away in
a Greasy gass ass car while singing: llama, llama, llama alpaca ding dong.

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