1. MELOVIN  . Lviv . Opera 17.12.19 (English and Russian subtitles) #melovin

1. MELOVIN . Lviv . Opera 17.12.19 (English and Russian subtitles) #melovin

We will talk with you. I tell you Lviv! What do you tell me? I hope that this conversation will be all tonight. This song is from the new octopus album. And she’s about real friendship. This is what I did not know in childhood. And what I really dreamed about was just to have friends. I remember how I bribed children. I gave them sweets so that they would just talk and be friends with me. I know what bowling is at school. What is it when they tell you that you will not become anyone. That you have no future. That you are nobody. What are you a loser. That you will never do anything in life. But the friends who I now have in my life have come. This is my team. Each artist has songs about love. And it doesn’t matter whether it was love, or just a dream. And it doesn’t matter whether you were in a dark room or not. When you just feel a sense of love, then you are capable of so many amazing things. This is a song that can tell everything itself and does not need to say anything, just listen. Thank you for being real. Thank you for the opportunity to come to you. Thank you Lviv! There is one song in my repertoire. My music, not my words. I made music. And thanks to God. This is the only song in my repertoire in which I do not know the words. I just can’t remember them. I studied . I put them under the pillow. I prayed to God. I lit incense in the dressing room before each performance. It didn’t help. Therefore pipiptor to help me. You know her well. I believe that need to be honest. You don’t know, you don’t know. Please, this is the text. No secrets. This is a list of tracks. There is nothing else. Friends . The song is called Шлях. I want everyone to sing. I will also . But with my friend. Is everyone ready? Yes ! I didn’t want to sing her. But all for you ,Lviv . Lviv, you are fantastic. This song is sung once a year. After tomorrow St. Nicholas Day. Right ? Therefore suitable. Can I sing her? Right ? The aura of the opera house works wonders with all the musicians. Applaud all the musicians. They love you very much. Did not sleep at night. Well .. I haven’t learned a word yet. Your applause to the conductor and musicians of the orchestra. Thank you Lviv for such a welcome. Thank you for the first time and not the last time. Thank you that Lviv is the top of my favorite cities. Thank you for I going to the streets of Lviv alone. Just thank you . See you .

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