【ENG SUB】完美关系 15 | Perfect Partner EP15(黄轩、佟丽娅主演)

[Perfect Partner] [Episode 15] Then do you still want to have businesses with Mingtong Holdings? Of course I do. But I don’t want to earn money against my conscience. My dad told me as a PR consultant, benefits follow with the reputation. We cannot do anything
that will damage our reputation just for money. Your father came to grief just for it. He was framed. So I need to retain the reputations for my father and for DL. But DL needs business now. The adverse impact would be huge if you do this. It’s my responsibility. So, I need to know your attitude. I have no idea. President Jiang. Director Wei. Stella is waiting for you. I know. That’s it. Dong Xiaopeng not only conducted a hit-and-run, but also forswore. His behavior is a serious illegal act. So this is not only about public relations, I don’t think we should hide the truth, we should leave it to the lawyer. So I… I suggest to suspend the out-of-court settlement. Tell the truth to the victim’s family, and ask Dong to confess his crime. Will you ask your client to confess? Are you giving up Mingtong Holdings? It’s hard for me to do this decision. I feel that DL is becoming a charity now. We are pursuing justice and maintaining social morality. And the result? We have justice. But we have no clients. Is it wrong for us to maintain justice? Shouldn’t we do it? Yes. You are completely right. I understand now. We are not doing business now. We are thinking about social ethics everyday. I am wondering if I am making money or doing the good. I have no right to judge right or wrong. Because I didn’t handle it. But I want to know, we choose justice each time and abandon our client, and stand on the right side. But, we lose our business, and the credibility of DL. After the case of Pengkun Fund, it’s been a hard time for all of us. I also know how much pressure President Jiang is suffering, and how much work you are doing. But now business is everything for DL. So, I think you should stand on the side of DL. Doing the good is alright on social morality. But it’s not the right attitude for DL. We have no money now. But our client violated the law. Are we hiding the truth for money? Yes. I know we should focus on our business. But are we doing business against our conscience? If we consider the justice of every business, and judge ourselves over and over again. It’s a waste of time. We can suggest our client to confess. But it’s none of our business to push them. Investigation is not our work. We have performed the contract and finished our duty. I have done a lot for this case. Your worries are reasonable. If we give up Mingtong Holdings and Dong Xiaopeng, we will lose trust from many clients. But if we help Mingtong this time, it would also be us to be accused when the truth comes out. We will be called cheaters at that time, and we will lose our fame. Shu Qing said that we have been through a hard time. Our reputation has been badly affected. So this is not only a crisis management for Mingtong, but also for DL. We should reverse our public image by this issue. And tells everyone that DL cares about justice. As for profit, what we can earn from this case is limited. Of course we would suffer a lot losing Mingtong, do you still remember New Face? I believe that many clients would be like New Face, who would let DL deal with their business faithfully and lawfully. Let’s vote. I defy. I agree. I agree, too. Weizhe, your turn. Stella was right. The truth will come out one day. Liu Dong, the witness, has already admitted that
Lawyer Yan made perjury. I’ve got the testimony from Liu Dong. If we continue to hide the truth, we would be the accomplice. You still have time to regret. Why should I regret? You may lose your long-time friendship with them as soon as you step into this house. Are you ready for telling your mom about it? I think, she will understand. Isn’t it a little bit selfish? Your mom will regret introducing Dong Tianhui to us. And asking us to help Dong Xiaopeng. They were asking us for help, but we are now putting him into jail. It’s praiseworthy to have the courage for truth, but it’s the most brutal part to face the truth. Are you sure you are ready for the consequence? What do you mean? Are you asking me to give up? If you don’t want to tell the truth, why did you find Liu Dong? It’s different between finding the truth and bringing it out. Who hide the truth is the accomplice. Remember it. This is the surveillance video, This is the testimony from Liu Dong. Dong Xiaopeng not only conducted a hit-and-run but also forswore. he lied to all of us. Auntie Tianhui, he violated the law. Jiang Dalin! What are you doing? My mom paid you for helping me. But you want to put me into jail. How did I offend you? Jiang Dalin, ask yourself. How much business Mingtong gave you these years? How much did your father earn from my mom? And my mom and yours are the friends for years. We were classmates in primary school. Why are you doing this to me? Why? Are you done? How much did Ye Donglie give you? Nothing! Because you made a mistake, and you’ve violated the law! Just confess. Why? Who are you? Are you a judge? I can pay more for a lawyer and new testimony. They can prove my innocence. Your tragedy is due to that you believe money can deal with everything. I hesitated before I came in. But after I heard what you said , I think you need a lesson. You are a legal illiterate. If you don’t learn from your mistake this time, you will make mistakes far more severe later. President Dong, that’s all, you can make your decision. Let’s go. Weizhe! Stop! Auntie Tianhui, I am sorry. Dalin, Dalin! Jiang Dalin! Xiaopeng! Is it 110? I am Dong Tianhui. I am confessing for my son. Mom! Mom! Go ahead, Madam. Are you there, Madam? Are you okay, Madam? Hello? Please go ahead, Madam. Where are you? I am at Dianshan Lake Resort. Liu Dong, the witness, finally offered his testimony to the police. Ye Donglie doesn’t prosecute Liu Dong. Lawyer Yan made fake video evidence. Although no substantial damage was made, it still constituted a crime. He has been given criminal sanctions. At last, Dong Xiaopeng was sentenced to two years in prison for making Ye Yongfu serious injured by hit-and-run. He needs to compensate for all the medical charges, lost income, and mental damage compensation. Congratulations. Thanks, master. Anything to conclude? Of course. I am sorry to my mom and Auntie Tianhui. Dong Xiaopeng is to blame. Don’t you feel sorry for me? For what? As a partner, I am looking for interest here. You made the case of New Face accidentally, and earned your money. Forget the commission fee of Dong Xiaopeng, you lose a big client, Mingtong Holdings this time. Don’t you think you should compensate? But you voted yes. I didn’t force you. Why should I compensate? It seems I was wrong. Correct counting keeps good friendship. We are just partners. If you still want me here at DL, you have to compensate me. Because I have to let you remember. Do you know much I would get from a case of crisis management? It took me so many time and so much work. And you don’t pay me. Are you kidding me? Then how much? 300,000. I deserve it. Can I give you the end of this year? I don’t have enough money. Interest accrued. Stingy. Dong Xiaopeng has been arrested, Dong Tianhui has claimed to resign her duty. She also apologized to you and your father publicly. I’ve seen the news online. You get what you want. Are you happy? It’s not about happy or not. I just need the truth. I am here to apologize to you on behalf of my company. This is what I want to give you personally. Dong Xiaopeng has been arrested. I received the first reparation from Dong’s. So I don’t need your money. I mean nothing. I just want to help you. Your father needs a lot of money. I am block-headed. So I don’t need sympathy. What do you want to do next? I don’t know. I will see. Your father needs to be well looked after now. You need to find him a nursing assistant to take care of him. Now you are about to graduate, you should find a good job. Your father needs you the most now. If you can’t get through it, he has no one to rely on. If you want to show filial, you have to be independent first. I have found a nursing worker for you. Actually this is not for you, it’s for the payment of the nursing worker. Thanks! I am terminating with you now. What? We have an agreement. If you violate my professional code again, you can’t be my student anymore. No. If I lose you, I’ll have a tougher time in the company. I would be helpless. You can’t see me being bullied here. You can’t be like that. Although you seems pathetic, you have your way. As long as you make your decision, no one would affect your mind. I am too tired to be your teacher. I am not your teacher, I am your nanny. So from now on, I am never your teacher. We are just partner and boss. I will apologize to you. You have a big heart. Don’t cling on this trivial thing. Trivial thing? You are messing so much business! I am just like an eunuch who worries about the emperor’s business. Are you an eunuch? What? No, no. Sorry. My fault. I swear I would never do that again. I will mind my business and earn money. I will compensate your loss. One more time, please. Master. Keep this in mind. Don’t ask me about the moral rules or truth. No, no. Never. You are my master, so I will listen to you. According to your attitude now, I will say yes reluctantly. The probation period will be extended two months more. Probation period? I need to see how you behave. Thanks, master. Stella, please. What? I will tell you when you get there. Come on. Stop asking. What? What? Can’t you say it in the office? Stop asking. Why? I am busy now. Forget it, forget it. You have to listen to us today. What are you doing? What is it? Come on. What? What’s this? Here. Stand here. – Don’t move.
– Good. Stella! Happy birthday! I am confused. I don’t know whether I am right or not. Because I think one should pay for his mistake. But now it not only affects our company’s profit, but also affects the friendship between my mom and Auntie Tianhui. Am I stupid? I am talking to you. Sorry. A selfish idea came into my mind just now. What was that? It would be so good if DL has more troubles. Why? Didn’t I suffer enough? You would come to me much more often. I’m talking seriously! You are talking jokes to me. Okay, fine. No jokes. I think you are right. You said that Dong conducted hit-and-runs a lot of times, and his mother got him off with money. If he had met people like you at the very beginning, he wouldn’t have ended up like this. Ye Yongfu would not be like this now. This is what I think. If Dong Xiaopeng escaped this time, I can’t imagine what would happen next. Yes, exactly. They care about nothing, except money. They think money can buy everything. They might do something terrible with no fear. Do you have discrimination about rich people? Actually, Dong Xiaopeng is not like this before. Sorry. I forgot you were friends. I mean nothing else. I was just discussing this issue. I know. Honestly, I want to stick to the facts like you do. But I can’t. Weizhe is right. It’s hard to find the truth, it would be harder to disclose the fact. I can imagine that DL was strongly against your decision, right? You are wrong. Shu Qing and William Du were against it. But it never came to my mind that Stella supported me. Most importantly, Weizhe was on my side. He said that I was messing up. But he found Liu Dong and got the evidence of being bought. You are saying that Weizhe is the god. That would be a little exaggerated. But he is really fabulous. Oh yes, I almost forgot. It’s the second month of the second quarter, but some colleague is still far away from the goal. Don’t talk about the hardware. This is the first day of Fuyue Hotel. You are also not a new comer. Ask yourself, why you can’t make it today but made it before? Why you can’t do what others can do? As an old saying goes, It’s obvious to see who is skinny dipping when the tide goes out. Don’t forget, we have a lowliest place elimination system. Fuyue never keeps an idler. He relies on his wife, how can he do that? How can he stay here? He’d better resign. Tony! Tony! I know you were criticizing me on the meeting. Please give me some time. Some time? Do you know DL’s business with us is all gone? Yes. I know. But my wife cut loose from old ties when she is serious. You know she can cut loose from old ties, but still bring your lover to our hotel. Do you think others are blind? Don’t you know we are all aware of it? President Wang told me about it this morning, I was too embarrassed to say a word. Sorry, sorry. Tony, my bro. Don’t be angry. You know me well. Please give me one more chance. One more. Okay. Listen. Get your wife done, or, I’ll get you done. It would be so good if time could go back. Why? You still want to defeat me on the debate? Are you expecting me to admire you the whole life? Not admiration, but accompany. I hope I can accompany you my whole life. Just like today, you come to me for anything. I listen to your grievances and nagging. And getting old together. This is for you. You have given me so many flowers, isn’t it enough? Thanks. I want to give you flowers my whole life. You haven’t contacted me since that evening. I was nervous. I thought I had no chance. But today you asked me out. I am really happy. Let me know it when you are not happy. I am Ye Donglie. I know. Go ahead. I have something to ask. But if you have no time, I won’t bother you. No problem. Say it out. I got two offers. But I decided to start up business as soon as I graduate. But I don’t know what to do now. I have no one to ask. So, I want to know your opinion. It would be better to start earlier, you still have time to start over if you failed it. But it’s not cheap for a young man to start up, especially in Shanghai. The cost of living is high, and the transport and rent. Especially the start-up capital. I think it would be a little hard for you to start up now. It’s not like that. I can save on my personal life. As for the start-up, I won’t hire anyone, I can do it by myself. Second, I don’t need a house. I designed an APP. Oh yes! You learned this. Awesome! Ye Donglie, the children in poor families can become independent very early. I support your ambition. Thanks! It seems you are in a good mood. My colleagues celebrated my birthday just now. Today is your birthday? Yes. I would have forgotten if they didn’t tell me. Did you have your birthday cake? No. But they gave me an awesome party. Don’t you congratulate me? Happy birthday! Thanks! It’s been a long time since we planned to start IPO again. We need make a conclusion today. You are all here! Stop! Si Mingjing, wonderful! You played tricks behind me. Did you hear me? We are having a meeting now, can you leave? What meeting? You are all here. Judge this for me. Si Mingjing spread rumors just for divorcing with me. Now my company is going to fire me. Are you satisfied? Si Mingjing, do you have any conscience? How did I take care of you before? Are you bullying me? Listen, you can’t live a good life if I can’t. Go, go back with me. President Cui, calm down. None of your business. Did you hear me? – Go.
– Just calm down. Aren’t you good at debating? Go, go home with me. Calm down. Are you clear? We are having a meeting. Go out! Listen, this is our own business, not yours. Get away from me. I am warning you, don’t mess up here, or I’ll give you a lesson. Si Mingjing! You’ll pay the price! Are you okay? I am fine. I told the property that if Cui Yingjun comes again, the guard should stop him on the first floor. If he insists, we will call the police. It’s not that serious. You are brave. Happy birthday. Thanks! Ye Donglie? Why are you here? Happy birthday! Where did you come from? From school. It costs about two hours at least, right? It’s almost half of the whole Shanghai. It didn’t come into my mind that it is so far. Happy birthday. You are here to give me a cake. You have to eat a cake on your birthday. So I have to be here no matter how far it is. Mom? Why are you here? Close the door. What? Linlin, I heard that you are starting IPO again. I think you have to wait after deep consideration. Wait? Why? This was on the schedule when father was the president. Now the shareholders are all waiting for the re-IPO. Some of them have found some organizations to invest. I can’t decide it on my own now. I can’t stop them without important reasons. You have to stop them. Because of your father. Why? The case of Pengkun is still unsolved. Your father’s suspicion is still not relieved yet. If you choose to start re-IPO now, CSRC won’t pass it. Maybe it would bring a bigger trouble. Most importantly, you can’t let your father draw any attention now. This is a durian cake. They only had this one left. I was afraid it would be too late to make one. So I bought this. Do you eat durian? No, I eat durian. I like durian. Stella, happy birthday. I wish you to be happy your whole life. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Ye Donglie, this is a public indoor place. We can’t have durian here. Sorry, I was not thoughtful enough. You have to eat your cake here. It’s quite good. This is my first to have durian cake beside the bund. It’s quite different. Eat some. Do you eat durian? I do. Many boys don’t like durian, but girls like it. I like durian for sure. And I think we should eat durian, not a durian cake. This is what I think too. You said that you got two offers, you are quite good. Thanks. You said that you made an APP? What is it? It’s an app use for face recognition. I will send you later. Fine. How long did you design it? About half a year. You are much better than I thought. I can tell you about this while you are eating. Actually it took me three months to design it at first… I just lost the business of Mingtong. And six months before, DL was about to start the re-IPO. But there have been no improvement since I came. Do you know it? I feel that I am sorry for Stella and other partners everyday. I want to help you, Dalin. I just took over Milux Milk Powder. Some things are not for me to decide. But if you need me in this program, call me. I will do my best. I am really happy to have your word. But it’s not related to our relationship, Milux Milk Powder is another issue. I don’t want you to do anything against the rules for me. How can you establish yourself in Fly-Joy Group? If I can’t survive, I would quit. I only need you. It’s just a joke. I am serious about it. You shouldn’t be involved in the Milux Milk Powder case. I don’t want to make it difficult for you. I understand. Have you arrived? You have given me three phone calls. I have arrived. Are you at school? I am. Go to bed early. Thanks. I am happy today. That’s fine. Go to bed early, good night. Hongwei? – Have you checked your Moments?
– No. Cui Yingjun slandered you in his Moments. The rumor has been widely spread. One night of love is worth a hundred of friendship, but you are crueler than the White Bone Demon. Don’t take it as respect when others call you Empress Dowager. Actually people are cursing you an evil demon. You’ll pay for what you did to me. I suggest you to move to a safe place. What are you worrying about? Cui Yingjun went to your company, now he is slandering you. I think he is mad. I don’t know what he will do next. And he is in the hotel system. Maybe he will find where you live from his friends. What can you do when he comes to you when you are alone? But where can I go except hotel? I have a vacant department at Linjiang international. You can live there. How can I live in your house? Why can’t you? It’s near to your office, and fully equipped. No one lives there, just move there. If you don’t want to, I can only get a room next to you. I have to be your side, or I would be worried. Then I will rent it, I have to give you money. No problem. That’s it. I will go back and make up your room. I will arrange it for you. And, lock your door. Save your money. Don’t be a money killer. She is, I am not. Hello, I am Tan Xinkai. Are you here for President Jiang? Exactly. I have an appointment. This way please. Her office is right ahead. Hello, President Du. Hello. It’s him. He has sent many roses here. So obvious? Her boyfriend can come to the company. Whose boyfriend? Amy’s. You have a boyfriend? What boyfriend? Don’t make jokes. Hello, hello. Louis, is Weizhe here? Yes, he is. This way please. Okay. – Hello.
– Hello. What day is it today? Girls are picked, boys are also picked. Picking day. It’s obvious they all have datings tonight. They are picking their friends. Is that woman the compere Wang Chu? Her figure is much better looking from the back. She must work out a lot. Don’t think too much. Didn’t you hear that? She is here for Weizhe. What about that man? I saw Anton lead him to Jiang’s office. He comes for President Jiang. Where else can he go to? So he was the one you called “boyfriend”. It shouldn’t be like this. He can’t be her type. Why? I think he is quite good. He is handsome and has good taste. What taste? You can see it from his shoes. He is not from a rich family, as for taste, worse than that. You see a person through one’s shoes? As for this, shall I invite you to dinner tonight? And I can tell you about it. Thanks, but I don’t need a pick-up. ♫ When the seed of time sprouts, ♫ ♫ the scenery outside the window can be seen clearly. ♫ ♫ The breathing is even and careful. ♫ ♫ Those burdens weighing on mind become secrets. ♫ ♫ When the memory is recalled gradually, ♫ ♫ there are so many trivial formalities in the world. ♫ ♫ My life is like a journey in the wind. ♫ ♫ Insignificant but gorgeous. ♫ ♫ Only powerless expression left. ♫ ♫ In the dream. In the dream. ♫ ♫ Flowers fall off in the rain of time. ♫ ♫ Listen quietly. ♫ ♫ The words have lost power. ♫ ♫ The bell ringing. ♫ ♫ The low whispering. ♫ ♫ Who left the traces unintentionally? ♫ ♫ The breeze is still gentle. ♫ ♫ In the dream. In the dream. ♫ ♫ Flowers fall off in the rain of time. ♫ ♫ At one slight stroke, ♫ ♫ the dawn turn the night over. ♫ ♫ Whether it is right or wrong ♫ ♫ doesn’t matter at last. ♫ ♫ There are so many beautiful stories in the world. ♫ ♫ Gentle but cruel. ♫ ♫ In the dream. In the dream. ♫ ♫ Flowers fall off in the rain of time. ♫ ♫ Listen quietly. ♫ ♫ The words have lost power. ♫ ♫ The bell ringing. ♫ ♫ The low whispering. ♫ ♫ Who left the traces unintentionally? ♫ ♫ The breeze is still gentle. ♫

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